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Logo & Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design In Digital Marketing

Graphic design is a fundamental element of digital marketing. Providing the right content is one thing – but how the information is presented visually is another! Today, graphic design is one of the most important aspects in marketing campaigns, and it shouldn’t be looked over, by any means.

The two industries of graphic design and digital marketing can be said to be very intertwined. In more recent times, successful entrepreneurs have understood the importance of integrating the two previously separate industries. With the fast-developing technological space, having up-to-date and innovative visual cues can really drive your content to the top!


What is Graphic Design?

You may ask yourself: “What exactly is Graphic Design?” – well, it is the incorporation of art, design, and digitisation which can provide the sole purpose of embellishing any project to help provide solutions, solve problems, and achieve project goals, efficiently.

It takes advantage of unique situations in this technological age, it’s rare to meet a consumer who hasn’t been on their phone, laptop or desktop in any given day. There is a real possibility of captivating an audience through sounds, visuals, symbols, fonts – which as a result, has advanced the marketing industry further than ever before. So, graphic design can really take your ideas and materialise them into something tangible, while also being more effective and flexible.



What Makes Graphic Design So Fundamental?

To Show-case Your Company’s Personality! – Sometimes, through the digital space, it can be hard to communicate on a personal level. Organisations want to be able to reach out to their customers and make them feel special. Well, implementing graphic design features in your marketing can do just that! Utilising visual aids, well-thought out designs and much more can really home in your company’s personality – and therefore your brand. Words can translate emotions, but graphic design embellishes that much more. Not only that, but a well-developed marketing strategy coupled with graphic design can really make you stand-out from the crowd, leading to increased web-traffic and buzz.

Design Can Speak a Thousand Words. – Like mentioned before, consumers aren’t going to have enough resources to remember your company’s mission statement, the vision or aims. What they will remember is a logo. Why? Because a lot of your customers are visual learners. They will remember a picture, not a paragraph. Hence, design of your company’s logo, or website, and everything else in between, is so important and fundamental to your business success.

Enhance Those Sales! – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (i.e. AIDA) are a 4 step process used in marketing and to increase customer traffic. The utilisation of graphic design should be at all stages. However, the first step – Attention – is the first and a difficult step to overcome for a lot of even successful companies. Well, Graphic Design can help overcome that first hurdle. When customers are on their lunch breaks at work and scrolling through social media, something must really grab their attention or draw their gaze – and well-designed and developed visual aids can achieve that! The more customers at the first stage, the more there will be at the last: Action. What does that mean? Increase in Sales!

Influence and Maintain Consumer Trust. – As mentioned earlier, consumers have short attention spans. To be exact – as we are living in the age of information being available at any instant, anytime, anywhere. An individual will have about 8 seconds to judge your company, before scrolling past. This can really sound impossible, but it isn’t! If your company projects the right information, the right content, while it’s presented in the most captivating way – consumers will trust that your company has what they’re looking for. As a result, they will flock in.

Social Media. – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have millions and billions of active users, with many of them spending a good part of their day on them. The competition of digital marketing through social media can be high – and this can result in information overload. This highlights the effectiveness of using graphic design in your marketing ten-fold. In order to reach as many potential customers as possible, your company’s presence and its accompanying content marketing strategies are therefore very fundamental in this day and age.

Let us help you to steer your business towards greater success. Take advantage of a free consultation, whereby you can share your existing data in order that we can forge a new marketing plan for you.

Email us at hello@growthlytics.net to get started.



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Here at Growthlytics, we can help you develop and provide outstanding digital marketing solutions through graphic design. Want to find out more? Read on!

Graphic Design Services & Solutions

Utilising custom art and illustration

As mentioned above, personalisation of your content can be very beneficial. At Growthlytics we can help personalise your brand and imagery with specific graphic design tools. To be specific, we will custom your needs and goals to provide tailored visual art and design concepts.


Logos should be the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind when it comes to your business. So, our team at Growthlytics will help develop a creative and captivating logo, one that will stand out from the crowd and customers are left wanting more. We utilise a mixture of many different techniques – but one example is the use of a semi-flat design, where we draw from more out-dated techniques and reinvent new designs from them. Here, a logo that has a semi-flat design will utilise subtle colouring to add a slight dimension. This technique is more seamless and more innovative than more traditional techniques.

Transitioning the colour

Another graphic design technique we use at Growthlytics is colour transition, and it said to be growing in popularity in marketing. This term involves more modern designs and use of colour gradients, rather than more old-fashioned, flat designs.


In the coming years, typography will dominate the Graphic Design industry! Attracting customers has never been so essential, and the larger the font – the more attention. Leading designers are opting for more artistic effects that aim to wow consumers. Think massive head-lines, oversized fonts, and overall more variety in text formats.


Digital Marketing Services

The Process

We think it’s important to give our clients the best support possible. Why not explain our process here? If you’re interested, read on!

At Growthlytics, we don’t just produce results, we understand that stakeholder management is key in completing a project. So, our team will support your company along the entire project timeline. As with your company, the Growthlytics team will only be satisfied with work that is aesthetically pleasing, impactful and unique. We won’t be happy unless you’re happy.

1. We’re Good Listeners
At Growthlytics – we listen. We believe that nothing can start until we have received all your voiced concerns, goals, and tribulations. We then start by looking at your existing logo/ content (if you have one) and organise how to reach those goals you would have discussed.

2. We’re Goal Orientated
We’ll highlight those goals mentioned in the previous step. We’ll help set them – and materialise them so they become real. Assessing the scope of how much work there is and the practicalities are absolutely fundamental to reach the best success.


Design Process and lifecycle

3. We’ll Formulate a Tailored Strategy
From there, our team at Growthlytics will then take end goals and develop how we’re going to get there – by forming the right strategic plan. Our experts will create a step-by-step plan of action. It may be a rebrand, a completely new logo or a website redesign, but nevertheless, we work hard to ensure our clients reach their needs.

4. We work Collaboratively
Collaboration is a key factor in the success of a project. However, every company has their own style of working, not to mention different timelines, goals and needs. So, no matter how involved you want us to be – we’ll be on call to work as collaboratively as your company sees fit.

5. We Believe Creativity is a Core Focus
We hand-pick our designers for specific projects. Each with an amazing array of experience and skills in producing high quality visual aids for a wide range of businesses, we’ll find the perfect designer for you. Each designer is equipped with innovative technological techniques and expertise and are constantly updating their software skills.

6. We’re detail orientated
At Growthlytics, we understand that feedback is key when conducting a successful business. We enthusiastically invite feedback from previous work. However, we are confident to say that we usually get it right! When there is criticism, we don’t shy away from implementing improvements into our future work. This is also a constant process, as we encourage feedback from the first day of work – and ensure the process is improved immediately.

7. Final Stages
Projects may need physical printing of advertisement material, or uploading digital logos onto online platforms. We will supply the final product in any format your company requires. We support till the last stage – as we will also provide advice on the most optimal versions of the product on any platform

What To Get In Touch?

Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual.

Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company. Looking forward to speaking with you!


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