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Data Analytics

Efficient analytics can streamline your digital marketing strategy. Gain insights that allow you to make data-led decisions that increase business growth.

Analysing Your Data – For Websites and Marketing

Mention the words “data analysis” to some people, and they will switch off straight away! But when you’re running a business, there’s not much that’s more important in terms of helping drive the company forward.

At this point, we would hope that you at least have the Google Analytics code (or equivalent) installed on your website. You don’t? Then this has been a hugely useful 30 seconds of your time already. (You’re most welcome!)

Once added, it can then track the activity of your website’s visitors – but it won’t be able to backdate any data, prior to placing the code on your site.

Once added, it can then track the activity of your website’s visitors – but it won’t be able to backdate any data, prior to placing the code on your site.


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User Experience

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What’s included with a free consultation?

If you were to request a free consultation from us, one of our first questions to you would be whether you have any data for us to review. Those business owners among you who have historical data, have a big lead over those who don’t, because we can help immediately identify what is working and what isn’t. Improvements can be made within a very short turnaround, with a high likelihood that they will make a positive impact, and more quickly.

Let’s give you some examples;

  1. What age and gender are your prospective customers?
  2. What is the most popular time of day – and day of week – that people are visiting the website?
  3. Which countries and cities are you seeing the most success?
  4. How long do people stay on the website?
  5. Which website pages are the most popular / least visited?
  6. From which pages do most people exit the website?
  7. What percentage of people Add to Cart yet don’t make a purchase?
  8. Which marketing channel has contributed the most, to your sales or enquiries?
  9. What is the transactional value from each marketing channel?
  10. Do you have any broken web pages?



How is the information used?

With some of these, you may be wondering why they should be so important to review, so we’ll share some insights with you;

Age and gender – understanding the tone of voice you should be adopting in your marketing collateral is important. Words used for skateboard users would be different to those seeking an accountant.

Popular hours and days – do you know when is the best time to submit social media posts, or to launch email marketing campaigns?

Countries and Cities – hone in on the areas where you are seeing the highest engagement and sales opportunities. Confidently spend your marketing budget in the right areas knowing you’ll generate good results.

Engagement – how long people stay on your site is a signal to Google as to whether your site is relevant to users or not. The longer they stay can have a positive impact on your Google rank on the search results pages.

Web pages – knowing which pages contribute to generating sales and enquiries (and those that don’t) will help you discover which pages need improvement, and which pages you can promote more in your marketing strategy.

Marketing channels – whether it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing or other, you need to know which channel is providing you with the best return on investment. This means you have greater control over your marketing budget.

Broken pages – we come across broken pages all too often. This is when you may have changed the URL for a page, or hidden it from public view. There could be other underlying issues as well. This information can be found easily within Google Analytics in order that you can correct any problems.

Using data that is customised purely for your own website, will take away the guesswork and assumptions, of knowing what to do next to move your business forward.

In the wake of Covid-19, we’ve found an uptake in the need for monthly data analysis. These times are unprecedented, so it’s no wonder that businesses are online significantly more, to look for new ways to keep their business afloat.

Thrive, survive, or nose-dive – what are you experiencing right now?

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Why Leading Brands Choose to Work With Us


Maximise your digital presence online & get multi-channel campaign strategies tailored to your business objectives from our specialist teams


Digital marketing is also referred to as online marketing and describes how a company promotes its products, services and brand online.


Whilst a logo is a great symbolisation of what your business offers and stands for, it is only a fraction of a businesses material that overall creates a strong brand identity.


The insight provided by user journeys helps creators design websites that are intentionally structured to ensure a user reaches their ‘goal’ as efficiently as possible.

Quick Case Study

A business owner came to one of our Marketing Workshops a few months ago, and he wanted someone to look at his data. He knew that he was receiving more enquiries on a Saturday, despite not officially being open on that day. He realised that he would need to be available on Saturdays if his business was to thrive, but he didn’t like the idea of extra hours, as he wanted to balance his work and family life.

Fortunately, he had Analytics tracking in place for the last two years. After digging deep into the data, we saw that Wednesdays had a lower level of website visits, as well as lower engagement. We also found that Wednesdays did not contribute many sales leads either.

Keeping track of minute details is nigh-on impossible for business owners, and this was certainly the case here. He was surprised to learn this, but also delighted in that he now had a new working week – closed on Wednesdays, and open on Saturdays.

This is one small, but powerful example, of how even the simplest of data can transform the way you work, as well as improve your efficiency and impact.

Big corporations review their data in a similar way, but on a much bigger scale. They tackle with fragmented data sources as well as poor quality data.

Regardless as to the size of your business, our Business Intelligence solutions, coupled with our expert resident data scientists, will help to enhance your reporting capability, as well as preparing improved data that will track your levels of engagement and sales leads, more efficiently and with a greater degree of accuracy.

Our monthly data analysis and reporting adds genuine value to any business. Data provides the building blocks to any business that is looking for sustained growth, because without it, you’re relying on gut instinct over accurate and bespoke insights. Covid-19 has caused marketers across the globe to transform their approach almost overnight, so it’s no surprise that data is the one area that companies are turning to, and with some urgency.

Let us help you to steer your business towards greater success. Take advantage of a free consultation, whereby you can share your existing data in order that we can forge a new marketing plan for you.

Email us at hello@growthlytics.net to get started.


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