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Lead generation model

At Growthlytics, we can provide you with a lead generation solution through several marketing techniques. This includes social media and our flexible pay-as-you use model. Over the years, our agency has worked closely with clients to ensure they’re being delivered high quality leads for their businesses. Outsourcing your lead generation to us, you will be able to increase your sales and focus on what’s really important.

Offering a scalable and flexible approach means we can quickly configure our lead generation methods around the needs of your business. This ensures our services can be rapidly deployed to UK based home agents that operate via phone, email, text and live chat.

B2B Leads

Are you struggling to source leads? At Growthlytics, we do the groundwork to ensure you maintain a steady lead flow. This keeps your sales team motivated in order for them to do their jobs effectively and smash your targets.

B2C Leads

It wouldn’t be uncommon for marketers to lack time and resources when obtaining B2C leads. Gaining a steady flow of leads to feed into your conversion funnel allows your sales team to focus on what they do best.

Local Services

With the advancement of technology, lead generation has come a long way. In terms of online local lead generation, methods are not entirely different from more traditional lead generation techniques. 



Sales ensure your business stays profitable

To guarantee your high level of sales, it is important to understand how you can attract not only visitors but potential customers to your business in turn converting them into leads.

Making several crucial decisions along the way will define the success of this method and your business. Understanding what marketing channels to focus on and whether you will conduct this work in-house or through an agency is pivotal.

What exactly is lead generation?

So, if sales fuel your business, lead generation describes the fuel for your sales. In a nutshell, it is the process of increasing your visibility to attract customers to your business. This is done by creating a natural interest in your service or product.

Devising an inbound marketing strategy, ensures your approach will be tailored to potential customers whilst building a bank of qualified leads as well as finding new prospective customers. Sound too good to be true? Most lead generation strategies are more tricky to devise and less tricky to implement. The chosen strategy will dictate the effort, time and know-how needed to carry it out successfully.

Some lead generation activities need to be handled differently to others. Whilst sometimes it can be appropriate to use your in-house marketing team, most of the time this will require an external resource. Typically, that’s an inbound lead expert to join your in-house team, but sometimes it can involve a freelance lead generation company. They will drive traffic to your website and qualify some leads.

No matter which route you choose, the idea behind lead generation methods remains the same. This is easier to understand when you look at it from a customer’s perspective.

How are leads generated?

Old school marketing activities such as TV and billboards are outdated and not well received. Customers have been bombarded with these for years and will typically not pay a significant amount of attention to them as they’re overwhelming. In these times, there is no going back, as the buying and selling process has changed indefinitely.

Nowadays, customers much prefer seeking out necessary products or services for themselves. By pushing a product or service down a customer’s throat has the opposite effect than intended.
The most important way to convert a total stranger into a paying customer is to provide helpful goodies from the get go. By answering the burning questions of your audience subconsciously demonstrates your business’s value to the potential customer.

A business that uses empathy is also one of value. But taking the desire and pains of your audience and analysing these pressure points you are inadvertently creating a marketing persona. This gives the company a better understanding of their stereotypical audience.

A deeper understanding.

Guidance and intel such as this provides you with a deeper understanding of your customers and audience. This in turn allows you to tailor your content to their needs and answer their questions. From this, your potential customer reaches out to your rather than the other way round. This natural method builds the foundation of a deeper relationship with your audience, increasing their chances of conversion.

When pondering this topic, keep in mind the following key questions to ask yourself when trying to generate organic leads.

  • What problems do your audience face?
  • Are your audience aware of any potential solutions?
  • Where is your audience looking for information?
  • What are the goals of your audience?
  • What will please your audience?
  • What are the fears of your audience?
  • What would push your audience away?

By answering these questions are you placing yourself on a path to create engaging content. The more relevant your content is, the more visitors it will attract to your website. Then, some of these will choose to interact and stay in touch with you.


Audience Engagement

What type of content are my audience more likely to engage with?

Typically, your audience will be more likely to engage with specific types of content. The most widely engaged pages will include blog posts, infographics, webinars and research reports. In return for your valuable content and answered questions, your CTAs and contact forms will ask your audience members’ name and email address in return. Therefore, if your content really is that valuable, people will be more than willing to leave their details.

What does my business gain from this?

This audience member’s details will then land themselves in your CRM, where he will enter your marketing conversion funnel! Over the next few weeks, this ‘contact’ will be nurtured with even more valuable content in the run up to their inevitable purchase.

Your business’s investment into valuable content will always outweigh itself. With a dedicated promotional strategy, each potential customer will naturally take an interest in what your company has to say and offer, by themselves. When you generate solutions to your audience’s issues, you will in turn bring them closer to being a lead.

Which lead generation tactics are most common?

After reading through this page, we hope the larger concept behind lead generation has become clear. But, this leaves you with the dilemma of how to approach this for your business. Before diving in head first to your lead generation strategy, it is important to first consider: who are your audience? And which marketing channels are most likely to attract them?

It is only with this knowledge you will be able to create an educated marketing strategy for lead generation. The most important lead generation tactics not only for volume of leads but also for value of leads are often:

Content marketing. Answering the questions your audience are searching for.
Affiliate marketing. Letting valuable customers promote your product or service to others.
SEO. Maximising on your visibility online through search engines.
Online presence. Optimising each touch point with a customer for complete brand promotion.
Support of live chat. Providing solutions to your customers problems in a timely manner in turn receiving their contact information.
Email marketing. Using a personalised approach through your prospects mailbox to reach them directly.

Should your lead generation be in-house or through an agency?

Using an in-house approach may be best for your business if you have the time and resource to cover not only the work aspect but also the research. If this isn’t something you have the privilege of, perhaps an external team would be more suited to your company.

No matter whether you’ve owned several businesses before or you’re a first time start-up, a little help never goes a miss, and sometimes this can be exactly what your business needs to kick start the right visibility. If you need help with anything from the foundations of your CRM to shaping your content strategy, lead generation agencies such as Growthlytics are here to help! As part of the package, you wouldn’t just receive leads, but you would receive leads that are quality and qualified.



What solution is best for your business specifically?

The best lead generation companies offer several services which are tailored to help build your customer base. If you have an idea of which business area needs the most attention you can jump ahead and begin to build a brief and look through your options.

When looking for a lead generation agency, it is always a good idea to browse through the portfolio of agencies to understand what results they have achieved for other businesses. Since this discipline is one of the more difficult, requiring plenty of creativity, it’s important your efforts don’t stop there.

Creating an ideal customer experience.

Ensuring that each of your leads receives the warmest customer service possible is key. Word of mouth is one of the most successful recommendation techniques as people are more likely to trust people they know. It’s a natural, free method of communication!

For the very best customer support team, think about developing their training. Creating the best possible experience for your customers is more likely to create the best possible sales for your business.

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