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B2B Leads

Business To Business Leads

Are you struggling for time to source leads? At Growthlytics, we do the groundwork to ensure you maintain a steady lead flow. This keeps your sales team motivated in order for them to do their jobs effectively and smash your internal targets.


How to generate more B2B leads

Research has shown that prospecting is viewed by 40% of people as the most difficult part of a sales job. In addition to this, prospecting is a key factor in meeting targets and deadlines. To be able to do this aspect of a sales role effectively is a highly valued skill. Gaining qualified leads helps your sales team move forward and be successful.

It is important to have a grasp on the key B2B lead generation strategies and how to make the most of them. So, whether you need a brand new avenue of leads as a rep or you need a new lead generation channel as a digital marketer, look no further.

B2B Process Overview


Develop Your Website
You should be using online media to market to your B2B prospects as customers are now constantly online when it comes to researching and comparing products and services. This allows people to compare your products or services with others easily. So, it’s important that your website has valuable information, resources, easy to use and is personalised to your target audience to draw people to your products or services. Make sure to research top customers buying patterns too so you can adjust your website accordingly.


Educate Customers Through Content
Providing valuable content on your online platforms is essential for attracting customers and generating sales. This is because content should provide customers with valuable and personalised information about your products or services which drives them to buy your products or services.


Implement An Omnichannel Strategy
In today’s internet era it is vital that your business appears online. Although it is hard to stand out in such a competitive market of the online world. Therefore, businesses need to implement an omnichannel strategy. This is a cross-channel content strategy that is used to improve customer experience and build relationships across various channels, this can increase customer loyalty and purchases by 80%.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




How do you get b2b leads?


How do you get high quality leads?


What is a quality lead?


How do you measure lead quality?


What is the purpose of lead generation?



B2B leads for sales

A B2B lead describes a lead that has been qualified for a business sale. This means they have shown some level of interest in the product or service you offer. These types of leads are often collected when a consumer downloads valuable content off your website. Therefore, even if the potential customer hasn’t shown a direct interest to buy in your product/service, they may still be interested but in an earlier buying stage.

Acquiring these types of leads means you need to understand a business’s goals in addition to the needs of the individual. Therefore, with B2B leads the needs you must satisfy must be a good fit both organisationally and personally. In several ways, this increases the ease of prospecting, however it’s not as easy as it stands. Budget, stakeholders and gatekeepers can all stand in the way of gaining a B2B lead.

By using tried and tested methods of qualified B2B lead generation you will have more success. We have listed the top methods of B2B lead generation below.

Using a lead bot

Research has demonstrated a 38% increase in appointments booked within 6 months of using this tool. Bots collect personal information that allows a period of preparation to identify suitable solutions for a lead. Therefore, before you even pick up the phone to a prospect the prepared information allows a better rate of conversion.

The details of this technique include understanding which pages bots are needed on. In addition to this, understanding what you will say to this lead and how you will route them. The more organic traffic filtering through each page the better, so if your pricing page for example is a high converter, this would be an ideal place for a lead bot.

By using informal and conversational language, your lead bot will provide a high response and conversion rate. For example by using tailored and specific questions such as ‘Can I answer any questions about our pricing structure?’ as opposed to ‘How can I help?’ you will find a higher conversion rate.

Once these prospects answer the initial qualifying questions, the bot will be able to reroute the lead to a member of your sales team to initiate a conversation. This means your sales team can focus on what they do best. If you’re interested in setting up a lead bot, Growthlytics can help. Get in touch today.

Use Twitter to your advantage

Twitter chats are a useful tool in B2B lead generation. By meeting professionals through informal groups such as these, you will be able to join a certain trend of topic. This can be done by using an agreed-upon hashtag to browse an interest area. If you’re trying to sell a PPC tool fo example, by joining #PPCChat, the runners and hosts will provide a pre-approved discussion topic so you can share questions and thoughts.

These Twitter chats are hosted in the format of question sets. The host will begin by asking questions such as, in this example, ‘What’s your biggest challenge with your current PPC tools?’, then professionals reply with things like ‘spend’ or ‘keyword research’.

This is beneficial for two reasons, the first being gaining a deeper understanding of your potential customers issues and solutions. Accessing this primary information is extremely valuable. The second reason is then you can offer non-salesy valuable content. By providing these groups with knowledge, links and top tips you can begin to build a name for your brand in such social spaces.

It is important not to hard sell in Twitter chats. This could lead to your removal and eventually being blocked. By providing content based answers and contributions you will have a more beneficial effect. It can provide even more benefit to regularly listen and contribute to Twitter Chats such as these. This provides opportunities to network and build the founding of professional relationships.


Use Quora to your advantage

Approaching Quora in a similar way to Twitter Chats will also be beneficial in gaining qualified B2B leads, if you’re always providing value. Quora is a platform that is grounded in knowledge-sharing. Users ask questions and then industry experts from all over the world typically provide their expert opinions on each matter. The better the answer the more upvotes it will receive and the more upvotes received means the closers to the top of the page the answer will appear.

Generate more B2B leads by creating an account and fully optimise each aspect of your profile. Begin by answering some questions, but refrain from sounding salesy, the key here is organic, natural engagement. The more questions you answer, the better at it you will get. Also, pick questions that you have a depth of existing knowledge in, this means you will be able to provide more detailed information, thus gaining more upvotes.


To gain important information quicker, try re-wording some blog posts off your company’s website is relevant. It also may be appropriate to link to third party resources that answer any follow up questions your prospect may have.

Quora should be viewed as a platform that builds a rapport with potential customers. By only providing solutions to problems you truly are an expert in, you will build your credibility in this sector specifically. Once you have built this rapport, you may be able to build on this relationship further and connect on LinkedIn for example. If you’re interested in making the most of Twitter Chats and Quora, Growthlytics can help get you started.

Similarly to Twitter Chats and Quora, when you join LinkedIn group, remember not to spam the group with salesy messages and your offerings. By contributing valuable knowledge to areas that you know your target audience work in you can build relationships gradually.

Taking care not to spam such groups will only provide more benefit in the long run in terms of gaining more B2B leads. Become a contributing member and provide value whilst listening to the concerns of your target audience.


LinkedIn groups participation


Your email signature provides an opportunity to ‘sell without selling’ and is the most valuable part of each and every email you send. By adding a professional headshot, your business logo and relevant contact information, you will build credibility for your professional brand. In addition, by incorporating other important informations such as company awards, links to popular blog posts or a 5* review, you will further increase your brandability, in turn gaining more B2B leads.

In your email signature you should try and include as much valuable information as possible and regularly optimise it. If you need some guidance of how to ensure your email signature is fully optimised, Growthlytics would be more than happy to help.

Maximise customer reviews.
By gaining as many customer reviews as possible, you will provide your worth to potential customers. It has been reported that 95% of customers now read reviews online before purchasing a product. It is easy to get your hands on customer reviews. A very simple way to do this is to ask your sales team for a few words off happy customers. Most happy customers will be more than willing to contribute

Another method is even using ORM tools such as TrustPilot. You can run ongoing campaigns so more and more customers leave their feedback on such sites. By creating a large brand presence of TrustPilot or similar sites will help drive a lot of B2B leads for your business.

A final method of gaining customer feedback and reviews is paying for a vendor account on peer review sites. Such sites come with added benefits such as purpose built landing pages and industry specific insights.


Make marketing work for you

Having a strong relationship with your internal marketing team is crucial. No matter how close your sales and marketing team are, the importance of them working together closely is unprecedented and lucrative. There are several marketing strategies which a sales team and maximise on in order to gain more B2B leads. For example:

SEO: You can note down trends you see and hear from prospects and pass these onto your internal marketing team. This primary information can be valuable as it will help to shape your marketing team’s efforts. Such information such as keywords can be integrated into paid advertising strategies to increase your amount of qualified B2B leads.

Paid advertising: By your sales team sharing pain points that prospects are facing, paid advertising can be sculpted accordingly. If there is one area that is mentioned on a recurring basis, your internal marketing team can tailor paid ads to answer these key questions.

Content: In addition to the trends and pain points of your prospects it could also be useful for you to share common objections of concerns you meet when talking to potential customers. Your internal marketing team can shape these into blog posts or case studied that answer more targeted questions.

Here at Growthlytics, we have provided you with 7 organic B2B lead generation methods. If you want to find out more, Growthlytics would be more than happy to help you on your way. Get in touch to find out how to increase your volume of qualified B2B leads.

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