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B2C Leads

Business to consumer leads

It wouldn’t be uncommon for marketers to lack time and resources when obtaining B2C leads. Gaining a steady flow of leads to feed into your conversion funnel allows your sales team to focus on what they do best.


We offer B2C lead generation services

By utilizing your marketing spend, you can gauge the level of interest from prospects within moments. This allows delivery of invaluable insights to develop your multi-channel campaigns. This will in turn increase the volume of leads that are qualified in your conversion funnel.

Here at Growthlytics, we can also deliver detailed reports that aim to monitor progress of campaigns. In addition to this, such reports also monitor conversion rate on a live basis. We also offer a plethora of digital marketing services that are complementary to B2C lead generation. These methods include:

SEO: Optimising landing pages is an aspect of SEO that helps increase efficiency of targeted campaigns. They provide your digital audience with a smoother flow of content because of data collected through analytic tools. These tools show us the most effective customer journey. Each insight provides added knowledge on how to build organic traffic efficiently.

B2C Process Overview


Understand What Sells Online
First, you need to look at the demands of the products or services you are wanting to sell online and determine what has potential to be profitable online. Have a look at what is trending right now online? Who are your customers? What is your USP? How will you make money online? Is this suitable? These are all questions you should be asking yourself to better understand which market you want to operate in online. The idea is that you are adding value to your customers, so use this to your advantage. There are many opportunities online to cross and up-sell online.


Know How To Sell Online
The aim is to attract customers to your website to generate sales. This is only really successful through creating loyal relationships with your customers. This can be achieved through your brand’s identity and interactions with customers. There are many ways to sell online, we have mentioned a few here to give you a head start. It is important to understand your customers journeys and whether you need to change the user’s experience so it is more inline with their motives (e.g. buying a certain product). Make sure to use marketing strategies such as SEO to get your brand noticed online. Streamline operations is crucial to the customer experience, this includes delivery, packing, returns and customer service.


Progression and Development
With every business, there is always going to be challenges that come along, it’s important to see these as an opportunity to evolve and grow your business. What worked for you originally may not work for you a year in the future, as the internet is constantly evolving. Particularly with an increase in online presence since Covid-19, it’s important to keep up to date with changes and adjust your online business strategy in accordance.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




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B2C Leads

Grab your customer’s attention

PPC: It is easier to grab the attention of a customer online, in turn finding more potential customers. But, to understand which leads are the most valuable, you must first understand the types of leads and their presence. PPC comes in here… with a tailored campaign, success is inevitable in this discipline.

Retargeting: If a customer has visited your site or social media channels and left without making a purchase, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather much to the contrary. This means a customer is interested in your product or services and has acknowledged your brand. This means there is a retargeting opportunity. By promoting ads to this tailored segment of your audience means you can get potential customers to visit your website for a second time.

Social media: In our mobile-first world, social media advertising is hardly a new concept. However, it is an extremely valuable tool. This form of marketing attracts and engages an audience through multiple devices. Multiple device interaction means your digital marketing campaigns can build more momentum to a highly targeted audience.

Content: Propelling B2C lead generation into a new marketing realm can be achieved through content marketing that is high-quality. Audio, visual and text-based content provides the opportunity to deliver tailored marketing messages through these mediums. A variety of content marketing allows you to capture the attention B2C leads effectively.

automation and analysis

Automated marketing: By automating simple processes, your business will save that valuable time and resource. Marketing automation solutions at Growthlytics can manage routine functionalities so you can focus on hitting your B2C lead targets. By having automation software you can streamline more of your marketing, this provides you with more time to focus on what’s important.t.

Analytics: By keeping a close eye on reporting, Growthlytics can discover the most efficient strategy for your business to gain B2C leads effectively. We also uncover the methods to attract B2C leads that have the most probably of converting. This analytics data is key in generating the maximum volume of B2C leads possible for your business.

alternative methods:

Alternative methods of B2C lead generation

In addition to these traditional marketing methods, there are a range of other B2C lead generation ideas we will discuss. Traditional digital marketing methods are effective in attracting leads to an extent, but for maximum results your business must think out the box. Luckily for you, we have compiled several tried and tested lead generation ideas for a B2C market.

Hold a contest.
Lead generation poses a particularly difficult challenge and in terms of strategies, holding a contest is relatively unrivalled. This method gives your potential leads an incentive in connecting with your page. This in turn increases engagement amongst your community. And finally your brand awareness will be increased. Typically these also take minimal time and effort. This means holding a contest is an effective use of your time.

This type of contest can be held on any social media channel as they’re widely accessible lead generation tools. By creating a clear set of competition guidelines your participants will easily be able to follow the rules and adhere to your networks guidelines. The prize given to your contest winner should be consistent with your industry to ensure all potential leads are relevant and ultimately interested in your product/service.

Social presence strengthening.
One of the most powerful digital channels in today’s society is social media. It is a platform that has completely transformed the digital world in addition to our buying behaviour. Research has consistently demonstrated that around 50% of Facebook users and almost 70% of Twitter users are more likely to purchase from brands they’re already a fan of and their recommendations. Due to this fact, professionals in the industry predict sales for social media based B2C lead generation will rise exponentially over the next few years.

Make the platforms you choose mean something. As opposed to setting up a profile on every social media platform you have heard of, make each platform work for you. People will be talking about your brand whether that’s to the face of your brand or not…

In terms of choosing the correct social media platforms for your business while aiming to generate B2C leads sometimes can be tricky. While for B2B leads LinkedIn seems to be your first point of contact, choosing platforms for a B2C market is another ball game altogether. In doing this, you must carefully consider the needs of your audience.

Alternative Methods:


Social listening tools

Making the most of social listening tools can help you on your way with this. These tools provide you with insight into what your potential customers are talking about in terms of your brand. Engaging with these conversations is not only best practice but helps increase your engagement rate.

Experts have suggested around 65% of users who ask questions to businesses via Twitter would then expect a response approximately 2 hours later. And if this question was part of a complaint almost 75% of users would assume the same 2 hour rule. If your company actively listens to its users on social media, in turn you will be able to capitalise on hundreds of B2C lead generation opportunities that otherwise could be missed.


Limit your offering
Despite this seeming counterintuitive, it is an extremely common issue for customers to avoid buying from a brand if there are too many viewing options. Hick’s Law summarises this in demonstrating the fewer choices of targeted products creates less confusion for the viewer. This allows them to progress further through the conversion funnel, quicker.

As tempting as it is to give your potential customers many options, this makes it more difficult for them to be confident in their decision. By providing fewer options you are self generating B2C leads as you’re demonstrating an obvious choice to customers. This helps promote their decision rather than leaving them to make it on their own.

Promotion video material
Do you believe that video content will provide your business with the best return on investment (ROI)? Research shows that more than 50% of marketers worldwide do. Whilst written content can generate interest, video content often sources the best B2C leads as it appeals to a wider range of customers.

Videos that provide engaging content whilst simultaneously demonstrating your product/service help drum up additional interest. Video content can also give viewers an insider’s perspective on just how your product or service will solve their problems. This continues to build credibility and interest in your brand. Other video content could include deep dives into your product/service to consolidate this further.



Some businesses have found it beneficial to instead of releasing video content freely, to keep them on a gated platform that requires users to enter their contact information before viewing. This can be done through paid services on your end or organically through platforms such as YouTube Cards. Each video has an embedded CTA in the description therefore you can contact and engage more viewers with the additional learn more button.

Video content helps increase your B2C lead generation as visitors can be educated quickly about your service or product instead of having to read through the material. The benefits can be explained clearly and succinctly instead of written case studies being needed. When delving into video content it is important to bear the following aspects in mind:

Short and sweet is key – narrate your video succinctly and clearly.
Back up your point – additional content and infographics can be used to reassure viewers further.
Maximise on your strengths – If video content isn’t your strong point find someone to help.


Create a memorable user experience

B2C experience optimisation
Creating a poor user experience on your website could be one reason for poor B2C lead generation. In fact, almost 80% of businesses having setbacks, assume this is the case. In today’s world, potential customers need experiences that are insightful and personalised yet quick at the same time. Making sure your company knows what digitally delights your audience is key.

There are several ways in which the experience of your online presence can be improved, however we have listed the most important of these below.

  • Imagery that is high-quality and inspirations. This immediately captivates your target audience on your landing page.
  • Ensure you’re speaking the language of your customers and test this through A/B tests on CTAs
  • Ensure all published content is relevant to the needs of your audience and simultaneously focused on benefitting their journey thus leading them to purchase.
  • Enhance your brand’s credibility by using social proof and testimonials
  • Modify your website to improve it’s navigation and ease of use
  • Make the most of Google Analytics to report on how well users navigate through your website
  • Ensure you’re making constant undated to improve experience overall

Paid advertising in addition to organic methods
Organic B2C lead generation is more natural and often described as the holy grail for most businesses, but it is important to remember paid ads. It should not be looked upon as a negative thing to supplement your weaker areas with a little help from AdWords. Paid ads can also dramatically increase your conversion rate.

PPC in combination with social media marketing is designed to boost your overall traffic and increase B2C lead volumes across all platforms. Whenever using this strategy, remember to make sure these ads are highly targeted. It is no use just spending your budget on ‘visitors’ you must instead spend your budget on ‘targeted visitors’. By using insights and precious data your campaigns should be continuously importaving in effectiveness therefore generating more and more sales leads as your business grows.


So, how is your business making the most of B2C lead generation marketing?

There are potentially thousands of lead generation ideas for B2C companies to try out. In addition to this, each opportunity can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your business! With this in mind it is important to continue testing and optimising each lead generation strategy to fine tune each practice.

This makes it easier to find out what works for your business. Combining a number of the ideas discussed above, as well as your own creative thought, you will be able to increase your B2C lead volume. In turn, this will elevate your business, your results and your revenue to take it up to the next level.

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