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Local Lead Generation Services

With the advancement of technology, lead generation has come a long way. In terms of online local lead generation, methods are not entirely different from more traditional lead generation techniques. Local lead generation describes a process that is built on sending prospects through your businesses conversion funnel to convert them into paying customers.

Lead Generation

Local lead generation proven strategies for success

Each local business is aiming to boost their lead generation and improve their techniques in the process. Marketing efforts are deemed successful based on the volume of leads they produce. Then it is the role of your sales team to convert each one of those qualified leads into sales. But, without these leads firstly, you cannot bring more customers into your business.

Techniques to generate leads for your business

Generating leads that are local and of high quality is slightly more difficult that it sounds. This important process is important in any sales campaign. Your business should be looking to expand your base of customers continuously and as a small business owner this should be your priority. Growing your base of customers should build the foundation of your business.

This being said, local lead generation is a long-term process and can be tricky. But, that’s why Growthlytics are here to help. Every local lead generation problem has a solution.

Problem Vs Solution in local lead generation

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of a well thought out strategy for each marketing discipline when gaining more local leads. Before diving head first into the most effective lead generation solutions for your local business it’s crucial to understand the concept of leads first and foremost.

Effective local lead generation techniques

We will now highlight for you some of the most effective ways to generate local leads for your company. Before you get into the granular detail of each method, your local SEO presence must be optimised as a priority. The number of leads generated through this listing can be maximised this way.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




How do you get local leads?


How can I promote my small business?


How do you promote your brand?


What are the most effective marketing strategies?


How do you increase sales?

Lead Generation Process Overview


Call To Action
A call to action (CTA) button on a website is a link, text or images that entices visitors to take action. The CTA should be relevant to what the visitor has just been reading about on your website. The aim of the CTA is to drive visitors through the buyer’s journey from awareness, to consideration to decision. Tips to enhance your CTA: be clear, stand out, use action verbs, match the CTAs with the website’s context and test (colours, headlines, placement etc).


Landing Page
Once a visitor clicks on the CTA they will be directed onto a landing page. This is a page within the website that is designed specifically to convert visitors into leads by luring them to opt in a form. The landing pages return valuable content based on the data they have collected from the visitor. Tips to enhance your landing page: clear headlines, use bullet points, remove distractions, include social media share icons, include testimonials, use videos, mention industry awards.


Thank You Page
Once the visitor has filled in a form they will be presented with a thank you page. The purpose of a thank you page is to provide the visitor with a lead for what they opted in for and thank them for signing up. This is an ideal place to help guide the visitor to further leads along the buyer journey, offering them more information to help them make an informed decision. Tips to enhance your thank you pages: make you what you offer in the form is easy to access from the thank you page, give them further guidance along the buyer’s journey (e.g. a new CTA with addition information), add social network options to get further reach.


Lead Gen

Local lead generation techniques

Blog posts.
Creating a blog with industry relevant content ensures you are reaching a potentially untapped market. It is estimated that 55% of marketers believe blog content should be the leading source of inbound marketing activity. It is through a blog that you can firstly provide relevant and timely content to your audience and get a feel for the most valuable resources. Secondly, a blog offers helpful, educational resources and professional advice.

Making the most of your social media presence.
Research has suggested that even now, Twitter is not only one of the most used social channels but accounts for over 80% of all social leads. Further to this, Facebook also makes up one of many leading marketing channels for almost half of marketing professionals. Social media is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be overlooked for local lead generation.

It is also worth noting that methods of geo-targeting can be used through these platforms, particularly Facebook. This is extremely valuable in generating highly targeted leads.

Content marketing
Brand management has been completely transformed in recent years. This is thanks to developments in content marketing. Having a well-optimised website for your business makes a large impact in local lead generation.

In actual fact, traffic to your website has been deemed the most important component of local lead generation when considering the wider process. Because of this, it is extremely important your website is optimised to ensure your local business ranked higher in SERPs.

Correct target audience identification
Identifying a lucrative target audience for your business is a key step in the local lead generation process. By not identifying your target audience as a first point of contact, it will make it harder to reach the right type of audience in the long run.

By researching into your target audience on a deeper level, for example their likes and dislikes, income etc, you will be better prepared to build a strategy that targets this group specifically.

Partnering with other businesses locally
Most small businesses just like your will face a range of similar challenges when it comes to local lead generation. Because of this, it can be useful to partner with similar businesses to help the bigger picture. The first step in trying to partner with local businesses is to search for businesses that offer services or products similar to your own.

Building your customer pool through contests
Competitions and contests exclusively for new customers can widen your pool of contacts. This technique makes the most of our mobile-first society and social media. In addition more traditional platforms such as email send out are also benefited from this type of promotion.

By giving away something of value, you can maximise interest of potential customers and utilize tailored creatives to attract only first-time customers.

Utilise influencers
A more modern approach to local lead generation is incorporating key influencers into your strategy. Popular influencers in your market can influence a particular group of people rather than a complete audience. This allows a targeted approach to reaching more customers, a greater following and promoting brand reputation. An influencer will already have a large enough following to support your businesses products or service.

On a basic level, local lead generation is just a subsection of regular lead generation. It may seem obvious, but it is important to bear this in mind. The same techniques you would use for standard B2B or B2C lead generation also applies here to local lead generation. The main difference here is that specific parameters will be applied to these methods such as geo-targeting.

In addition to the above techniques, we have also listed some other important tactics to consider when creating your local lead generation strategy. Further to this, their context in terms of local lead generation is discussed.

What is Local SEO?

Search engine optimisation or ‘SEO’ for short describes the function of boosting a businesses visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) on engines such as Google. The main aim of SEO is to increase visitors to a particular website. This in turn increases the volume of conversions.

By ranking highly on SERPs, you can expect more traffic to your website, globally as well as locally. Ranking locally requires different techniques from traditional SEO. Search engines require signals to be able to rank each website appropriately. In local SEO, these signals include content that is localised and social profiles to show Google for example that your website’s local content is more relevant to the user.

Several techniques can be used to maximise your return on local SEO. The steps you need to take in order to ensure your local SEO strategy is optimal include the following:

  • Mobile-first approach to web page layout
  • High engagement on relevant business social media profiles
  • Consistent company information across all websites

However, there is a lot more to local SEO than meets the eye. Other techniques may be considered depending on the needs of your business specifically.

 Local SEM:

What is local SEM?

SEM also known as search engine marketing can be described as the act of ensuring your businesses website is visible in the SERPs by using paid advertising. When a certain keyword is used, your company’s website will appear as a search engine result. Basically, it describes placing ads aimed at your target audience on search engine results pages.

Businesses of all sizes can use SEM to their advantage, particularly in terms of local lead generation. Similarly to SEO, search engines aim to show a user the most relevant websites from their search interest. This demonstrates why SEM can sometimes be more effective than SEO, as the prospects are already engaged.

Local, interested leads can be generated through this method. You will be best placed to achieve this if you first rank well for keywords that are localised. SEM can be tricky to get right on your own. That’s why Growthlytics are here to help.


What are landing pages, offers and forms?

Most optimised websites have specific pages on site which are tailored to convert a visitor to a lead, these are called landing pages. The effectiveness of a landing page is often critical to the results of a lead generation campaign.

This page typically contains a form which asks the user for their personal information. However, this makes the process sound simple, which in reality is far from the truth. Users are often unwilling to give up their information in absence of an immediate return.

The immediate return we are referring to here is more professionally known as an ‘offer’. This is the term marketers use for an incentive. An offer aims to drive interest in a product or service whilst generating more credibility for your company.

Most of the time, an offer is content based. Examples include pieces of content such as ebooks, webinars or white papers. However, just because these offers are typical, it doesn’t mean they always have to be content. Non-content based offers mainly apply when it comes to local businesses.

Local businesses are more likely to offer a discount or a consultation for free in return for a user’s contact information. Regardless of the businesses operations, landing pages and offers that provide value to the user will convert an interested visitor to a local lead. In addition to this, there are several types of software to help your local lead generation strategy.

If you need help generating local leads to your business, get in touch today. Here at Growthlytics, we understand how important your vision for your business is, and this can be made profitable with local lead generation.

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