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Marketing Blueprint

All successful ideas have a blueprint supporting them. This is one of the only ways to ensure your ideas are moving forward and prevents wasted efforts, as well as wasted time and money. These principles also hold true for marketing campaigns. Your marketing blueprint provides the basis on which your brand identity is created and executed for the maximum amount of potential.

New business owners have so much hope and enthusiasm that their business will grow and be a success. To a point this can happen, especially for those brands who maximise on unique, innovative ideas enhancing customer experience. But, in absence of a marketing blueprint that has been strategically thought out, these youthful businesses may as well be through darts in the dark.

It is possible to create a process that is efficient and effective and is likely to provide success. This is a marketing blueprint that creates new, fresh ideas whilst maintaining sustainable growth.

Deep Dive Discovery

A discovery day involves understanding both party’s expectations in the client/agency relationship, providing a learning process to ensure the relationship is suited to both parties ensuring each project will have an increased chance of success.

UX Journey

A user journey is a path defined by the journey which a user takes while browsing a website. The insight provided by user journeys helps creators design websites that are intentionally structured to ensure a user reaches their ‘goal’ as efficiently as possible.

Digital Roadmap

To create a comprehensive roadmap which summarises the key aspects of digital marketing, defined by business led goals and technical trends, is pivotal to a businesses success. This strategic document highlights which goals a business needs to achieve. 


Marketing Blueprint

Is it necessary to have a marketing blueprint?

This document is developed to keep the customer experience at the forefront of your mind. The image generated from your brand must be seen through the eyes of the customer. This will in turn increase the effectiveness of your marketing blueprint as continuity in your brand perception, increased sales and increased customer satisfaction will be ensured. All of these benefits can be achieved by your business simply by building the footprint of your marketing strategy.

A successful marketing plan looks beyond the vision of a single strategy, but instead collates all company visions and ensures each one is achieved and maintained. This allows your business to create many touch points across the customers journey and ensure each of them is optimised.

This creates a promise from the brand to their customers, in addition to helping the brand strategy in terms of improved business deliverables and marketing ideas. In a nutshell, creating a marketing blueprint deploys customer experiences and delivers brand promises made to its leads and customers. This highlights the importance of a marketing blueprint for businesses of every size.

Building a successful marketing blueprint

Now you understand why it is so important to have a marketing blueprint, we will begin to understand just how to make one. All blueprints are similar and this doesn’t exclude when they’re applied to marketing. This plan describes a map defining your business goals and then putting them into a timeline of success. The aim of this is to make sure you know what to do and when.

The details and technicalities of your marketing blueprint will vary slightly depending on which industry your business is in, but the overarching goals remain the same. Here are the 6 key criteria when forming your marketing blueprint:

  1. Illustrating your company’s future vision
  2. Building on your brands definition
  3. Design a rough path to reach your goals
  4. Build a strategy defining the methods you will use to get there
  5. Highlight an obstacles or challenges you may face
  6. Create a sense of inspiration in your team to take action

After you have completed these 6 steps, can move onto the next stage of your blueprint. This involved refining your goals and details to ensure maximum results can be delivered. If you feel it is acceptable to breeze through this step you will only hinder your business in the long run as time, energy and money could be wasted!

By summarizing each goal you will be able to define each step in the process to success. Take each task and assign it to a team member directly with a deadline and specific times for implementation and completion. Through this approach, you should be able to determine a well-suited marketing blueprint.



Your effective marketing blueprint: top 5 rules

When creating your successful blueprint, it is important to account for everything you can possibly think of. This includes content, strategy and concepts that may seem fundamental but are utilised in creating a marketing plan that successfully guarantees results.

Here are the top 5 rules you must follow, no matter the size or scale of your business.

Strategise before you start. To ensure you’re making the most of each and every marketing opportunity, it can be useful to build a list that allows a comprehensive take on your marketing approach. This allows you to analyse each idea and how it would resonate with your customer personas.

Ensure financial grounding in each marketing idea. Whilst it is great to keep your marketing goal in mind, you must first consider it’s financial gain. Each marketing trick should be approached from a financial perspective predominantly. The numbers must balance out to ensure it is financially viable and in line with your initial marketing blueprint goals.

Gives deadlines to each aspect of your strategy. For any great idea to materialise, in addition to the resources it needs, you must first give it a deadline. Abandoning ideas mid-way through is also something that can be beneficial if those specific ideas prove too time-consuming. However, you would never realise this if deadlines are not attached to ideas. This allows you to cut your losses and focus on other more efficient ideas.

Always aims for an exceptional customer experience. Shortcuts and quick-wins can only benefit your business temporarily, and their benefits often outweighed by the costs. Your marketing blueprint should contain substantial ideas with long term planning.

Keep your testing methods close and your KPIs closer. Each marketing idea must be tested to ensure it is delivering the best results possible. Each idea must be beneficial in a way that it will bring your customers back to a point of conversion. Deciding how to track these results and following up on each defined goal will allow you to determine the success of your marketing blueprint.

A successful marketing blueprint should be at the helm of your business and its success. Being the expert in your line of business means it is your responsibility to make the most of your experience and expertise. This ensures your businesses will achieve the success that’s completely accessible with the help of a marketing blueprint.

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The insight provided by user journeys helps creators design websites that are intentionally structured to ensure a user reaches their ‘goal’ as efficiently as possible.

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