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Deep Dive Discovery Day

A discovery day involves understanding both party’s expectations in the client/agency relationship, providing a key phase and learning process to ensure the relationship is suited to both parties. By building trust at this early stage, the relationship will be strengthened and each project will have an increased chance of success.

During this discovery phase, Growthlytics will understand your client needs and expectations, as well as your challenges and desired results. This helps create a more adapted marketing plan that is goal focused. By creating this, we can make it our sole aim to assist you in understanding what it is you really want to achieve from your marketing efforts. This helps you reach your business objectives faster and more efficiently.


What can we offer?

Through partaking in a discovery meeting, your business will be able to better identify customer personas, gain a stronger grasp on keyword research and dig deeper into a competitive analysis.

Whilst typically a meeting such as this would occur after the client/agency contract has been signed, some agencies such as Growthlytics find this type of session useful for helping the client understand just what can be achieved over the length of the contract. This provides your business with more insight whilst we can demonstrate our dedication to you as a client. It is also a great way to begin the trust building process.


Define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) is a data-driven classified strategy used to refine processes.


Firstly, we need to determine what the problem is and how it has affected your company. Once we have identified these problems, we can start defining the goals of your project. From there we will evaluate what resources are needed to create a plan.


In the measurement stage, we will review your current business strategy and determine which areas are working and which areas need improvement. One we have measured all of the data we can determine what the root of the problem is and start to determine a plan of action to fix it.


During the analysis stage, we will conduct an in depth analysis of the findings from the measurement phase, to better understand the root of the problem.


Once the problem is fully understand, we can brainstorm possible solutions, test and implement these solutions and make necessary changes


This stage is all about maintaining this process through making continuous improvements and coming up with strategies that will maintain the effectiveness of the process.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




What are brand goals?


How do I stand out from my industry competitors?


What is Data Analysis?


What Marketing assets are available for my brand?


How do my customers see my business?


deep dive

What happens in our discovery sessions?

When introducing your business in this type of meeting, we structure the information sharing and deep diving into 7 sections. Each section explores another area of your business. The 7 sections are laid out below:

Brand goals and their definitions

The first step in this process is to understand your businesses proposed goals. You will begin by expressing what you would like to see your business achieve in terms of marketing and sales. Then our team will lead this into a guided process so these goals can be understood objectively. We then adjust your goals in line with the process of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timebound).

Deep dive into your industry and competitors

Laying the foundation for your future strategy requires both the client and the team at Growthlytics to have a strong grasp on the market and its competitors. In addition to this, both parties must have an understanding of companies that are potential competitors and the techniques such businesses use in terms of sales as well as marketing.

Discovery Day

Data Analysis and marketing

Conducting data analysis

We will first complete a deep dive into your content and website structure, as well as specific marketing channels such as email marketing and social media. This allows Growthlytics to complete a digital performance review. In this review we will understand all marketing KPIs and review them individually. The channels typically included are: visits, leads, conversion rates, email performance including opens and clicks, SERP rankings and backlinks.

Marketing assets available to your brand

During this discovery process we will be able to identify which content assets you have readily available. This includes anything from blog posts to videos. From this, Growthlytics can begin to understand your readily available tools allowing us to align pieces of content along the customer journey. This also allows us to identify any gaps in your current content or opportunities which aren’t being maximised.


discovery day

Analysis of SEO practices

Following a deep dive into your top line marketing assets, we will begin to understand your overall visibility. In addition to this, we will identify your search competitors comparatively to your designated target audience.

Company stakeholder interviews

Having key stakeholder’s believe in Growthlytics is important, for us as an agency and for you as a client. Sometimes, when things appear to not be performing as they should, senior management teams often cut the resource as they don’t understand it’s holistic impact. Therefore, if results were to be temporarily sub-par, stakeholders would be less likely to cut ties. This is beneficial for your marketing team as you don’t lose an agency who typically delivers and you believe in.

In addition to this, meeting with these stakeholders is useful as we can understand the challenges of the business from your boss’s perspective. Developing this essential relationship with several key members one your business is beneficial for both parties long term. This also allows us to highlight our internal goals, records of success and our dedication to your brand.

Analysis of SEO and stakeholder interviews

Seeing your business from a customer’s perspective

To be fully engaged with a business we must first see it from the point of view of your customers. By ‘becoming’ the consumer, it allows Growthlytcis to understand the product and buying process which benefits the top line marketing strategy. If your business industry is in a physical location we also prefer to visit the store or site to ask your staff and customers opinions. This allows us to become fully engaged delivering you the goals and sales target you can currently only dream of.

Let us help you to steer your business towards greater success. Take advantage of a free consultation, whereby you can share your existing data in order that we can forge a new marketing plan for you.

Email us at hello@growthlytics.net to get started.

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