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Digital Roadmap

To create a comprehensive roadmap which summarises the key aspects of digital marketing, defined by business led goals and technical trends, is pivotal to a businesses success. This strategic document highlights which goals specifically a business needs to achieve. Whilst doing this, the process of creating a digital roadmap also identified digital initiatives and trends.

Having a blueprint for digital initiatives that coincides with both long and short term business objectives sets your business apart from its competitors. This princess of digital development enables your business to change a holistic business vision into an actionable plan whilst avoiding risk. This also allows your business to deliver a high ROI by maximising digital initiatives.


How flexible should your digital roadmap be?

Your business’s digital roadmap should be flexible and provide clarity on your goals, ethos and methods. However, this roadmap should be concise. You can provide additional supporting documentation if necessary.

Whilst there is a period of constant transition, the most forward thinking businesses understand that roadmaps must be flexible and amendable when they are not delivering the intended results. A digital roadmap can be compared to a GPS system in that the business has a clear understanding on where it’s heading and how it will get there.

Whilst having goals and a plan is important, having an effective roadmap is the most important aspect. Without this business clarity, the company lacks actionable insight. When digital investments are not throughout they fall out of your line of focus, and will fail to deliver a high ROI. This is one of the many reasons a digital roadmap is crucial.

DIGITAL ROADMAP Process Overview


Define Your Digital Customer Strategy

First, you need to determine how your customers fit into your digital strategy, how do their goals align this new strategy? What would need to be implemented to fit with their needs? How does this fit with your business goals? How can we implement technical trends into this strategy?


Transform Your Digital Strategy

One you have defined your digital strategy, you need to apply a digital roadmap that will transform your processes, workforce and technology inlight with your new digital strategy.


Assess Your Digital Strategy

It is important to constantly assess your company’s digital roadmap to ensure that you are always in line with your business goals throughout the digital transformation process. It is also important to make sure that the digital wireframe you are using is up to date.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




What is a digital roadmap?


How flexible should your digital roadmap be?


What does your digital roadmap look like?


What should a digital strategy include?


What makes a good roadmap?


Digital Roadmap

How to create your effective roadmap

By avoiding a strict plan you are able to create a more flexible document which is a constant work in progress. This means your digital strategy can remain in line with business objectives and their changes and developments over time.

Reviewing your digital roadmap on a regular basis ensures it will be up to date with changes in the business, influences from people in senior management and other external factors. For example, sometimes what competitors are focusing on will help shape your digital roadmap.

Ownership of Roadmap

It is also important that only one person takes full ownership of your roadmap. Whilst it is important to have input from all relevant stakeholders, the roadmap should be built from a series of creative and collaborative sessions. This ensures the plan you are making for the business in a digital space is integrated and focused accordingly. It is also important to consider your businesses digital roadmap as a means of delivering wider company goals as opposed to single digital initiatives.

How to get started on your digital roadmap

By firstly defining your business objectives you will be able to base your strategy on clear goals from the beginning. This must include a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the roadmap is on the right track and progressing as expected.

Ambitious goals and checkpoints should be incorporated throughout the entire document to demonstrate the proposed roadmap’s rationale. Because of this, most businesses find it useful to first conduct a SWOT analysis. This helps to identify where the potential gaps may lie e.g. technology or support, and therefore areas that need to be addressed to ensure the digital strategy is successful.

Each value in the digital initiative should be understood in terms of its cost, risk and complexity. This helps to determine whether the entire digital roadmap is worth developing based on this and it’s comparison to the predefined goals.

Digital Roadmap

Digital roadmap consultancy

Having a third party complete a competitor analysis and benchmark external factors is often useful as they are able to see your environment objectively. This also proves useful as they can gain a non-bias understanding of the businesses products, supporting technology and achievability of goals.

Having an external perspective can also prove beneficial in terms of comparing your digital strategy to others in the same market. Experienced consultants can understand how your digital roadmap compass to competitors and whether it meets consumer expectations. Expert consultants will be much better qualified and more experienced to help your business in this way.

What does your digital roadmap look like?

Typically, a business’s capability to increase business value from the digital strategy discussed on this page is directly related to the business itself. Whether the organisation has the correct practices and processes in-build to carry out the roadmap is more important that the roadmap itself. Your business’s digital culture will directly affect whether innovation can be driven through digital innovation.


However, creating a clear and flexible digital roadmap provides your organisation with direction and guidance. This will prove invaluable to ensuring smaller digital experiments are progressed in a timely manner. Digital prototypes produced in this way are crucial in allowing your digital transformation as they provide insight into customer demographics and opinions. Small projects such as these also help build successful cases for your business’s larger digital initiatives.

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