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What is a user journey?

A user journey is a path defined by the journey which a user takes while browsing a website. The insight provided by user journeys helps creators design websites that are intentionally structured to ensure a user reaches their ‘goal’ as efficiently as possible.

User Journey

User journey’s identify each step needed to reach a goal

By clearly laying out the route in which a user would need to take to achieve a specific goal, you enable a more efficient journey for other customers through adapting this route. The journey itself will involve several pages and decisions that take the potential customer from one to another.

A user journey is a key aspect in your over marketing analytics as it identifies a ‘typical’ route a customer could take, then it is modified into an ‘ideal’ route to enable efficiency. Usually a user journey is illustrated through a flow diagram identifying key pages and decision points throughout the entire journey.

Understanding Your Customers

In creating a user journey that is realistic in terms of your current audience, you must first use profiling to identify these users. Each user that reaches your business’s website will have a specific goal (even if they don’t know it yet), whether they’re looking to purchase a product or simply find your store opening hours. The steps leading up to these goals being fulfilled is the essence of a user journey.



Track Your Customer Journey
First, track your customers’ journey. This will give you a better understanding of what actions they are taking on your site, what motivates them to choose these actions and what their intentions are. This real time data analysis tracks customers journeys, collects customers behaviours, patterns and feedback. Using this information you can imitate the customers’ thought process into your UX journey process.


What Can You Do With Customer Data?
Once you have determined your customers behaviour you can extract actionable insights from customer data. For example, offering them services/ products they are not aware of or placing what they are most interested in at the forefront of their screens.


Redesign Customer Journey
You want to provide an interactive user experience with your brand rather than just the product itself. It is the trust customers have in your brand that makes them want to purchase your product or service, so this step is vital to succeed against your competitors. Customers expect their relationship with brands to be accessible, easy to use and personalised so make sure your UX journey reflects this.

What to Expect

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How do I create a user journey?


What is a UX journey map?


How do I create a user journey?


When can I create a user journey map?


What is meant by customer journey?


UX Journey

Identify Your User’s 
Easiest Journey

Each goal will have it’s own user journey which should be mapped out. These mappings should be done using the current website, this way any flaws can be highlighted. This initial stage is referred to as user journey mapping.

After you understand your existing user journey for each goal and this has been documented, website designers and conversion rate optimisers can recommend changes and identify what is possible. These experts will highlight the simplest route for a user to reach their goal and use this information to construct a new website or amend the current website accordingly.

By understanding and mapping each user’s existing journey, you will have a clear view on how easy each goal is to reach. In turn, this increases how fast you are able to plan changes as all your decisions are backed by data.

Have confidence in your research

In addition to this, by comparing your existing use journey to your ideal user journey your experts will have a better understanding of how the website should be functioning and what functionalities are needed to meet these new requirements.

Since you are making changes to your website based on the user journey of real customers, you can have full confidence that your new solution will help these users complete their goals more efficiently.

User Journey

Aim for the most idyllic user journey possible

While sometimes 100% of your ideal user journey isn’t possible due to functionality or resources, you should aim for this ideal situation but be willing to compromise on technicalities. It may not be physically possible to implement some functionalities for several reasons. The most likely reasons are business objectives and technical limitations. This is why a multidisciplinary team is needed.

By being flexible on your approach you will satisfy the needs of the business as well as the needs of the user, without compromising.

So, why are user journeys important?

In highlighting and understanding issues surrounding your user journey on your current website, you will be able to produce an idyllic journey quickly and efficiently. From this approach, if the technical team can provide the necessary functionality and understand the goals of the wider business, you will be able to create a user journey that is invaluable in increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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