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Growthlytics has worked for many different companies within the construction sector over the last 20 years, and we’ve found it commonplace that the starting point for many has been “ground zero”. (A perfect analogy, no?!)

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Marketing For The Construction Industry – A Sleeping Giant?

If we were to give you an industry-specific visual representation of the online activity we come across for many construction companies, then you’d see websites that are creaking at the seams through old age, social media that’s still got scaffolding round it, and Search Engine Optimisation that’s been built with bricks but no mortar! – in other words, there’s some of the foundations, but none of the cohesiveness that brings it all together.

During lockdown, we saw a lot of construction firms either significantly reduce, or stop their marketing spend completely; or at least, the marketing activity that drove immediate results, such as Google Ads. In a time of uncertainty, there is always unprecedented opportunity, and for many of our clients, the opportunity we presented was one where they could ramp up their Search Engine Optimisation efforts, while their competitors stood still in this regard.

SEO is the mid-to-long term strategy that will help increase the sustainability of your business. The cumulative effect of the many activities found within SEO, will lead to your company being found naturally in the search results. Over time, this can help reduce your reliance on Paid Search through Google Ads, Facebook, or other, and can therefore also reduce your marketing budget through these channels.


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So how can you do this?

Being found on or near page 1 of search results takes time, and the amount of time it takes depends on a whole host of variables. It’s not as simple as asking “I want to be found at the top of page 1 for my company”. The question is, what words and phrases would you like to be found for? If you’re a business that serves a local community, you may want the name of the town or city after the main keyword. For example, “concrete suppliers London”. Other variants could include “concrete delivery”, “concrete delivery London”, “readymix concrete suppliers”, and a wide range of others.

Generally speaking, you could have a few hundred keywords that sound very similar, so you may find it difficult to decide which keywords to focus on, and in what quantity. Each keyword or phrase can take a few months for it to have a tangible effect on your business, so there needs to be a considered plan in place before any work is undertaken.
You wouldn’t construct a building without the necessary framework, and SEO is no different.


FAQS – Frequently Asked Construction Questions

What is a construction business?

A construction business is capital rich and involves building and infrastructure work such as renting or buying heavy equipment or purchasing bulk materials. The three main sectors within construction are buildings, infrastructure and industrial.

Why is construction important?

Construction is a very important sector across the globe as they contribute greatly to the economic wealth of areas. The Government shows particular interest in this sector to develop buildings related to health, transport and education.

How do I create a name for a construction company?

It is often hard to come up with a name that no-one has taken yet, particularly in such a competitive market like construction. Although, there are quite a few ways to make your name stand out from the rest. These include putting across a brand message and personality, keep it simple so people remember your name, make sure to check for domain availability, and more. 

How do construction companies get clients?

There are a number of ways of getting clients interested in your business, but the main one is actually getting noticed. Make sure that you are easy to reach, a good way of doing this is to put your online as well as in-store to dramatically increase your potential customer base, advertise your business to your target market, be approachable etc. 

What is the best way to advertise a construction company?

First, make sure your business is online so that you are reaching out to an unlimited audience. In terms of advertising your company, make sure to build your brand awareness, build relationships with potential clients and maintain relationships with current ones, a good way to do this is through social media. Also, make sure that you are using SEO tactics to boost your Google rankings, such as listing yourself on business directories and ranking for keywords.

Content writing, backlinks, and website crawling and indexing are all part of Search Engine Optimisation, but Keyword Research is the mortar that binds it all together.

Other key elements you need to determine before you start – or revise – your online strategy are

User Intent – people who type in keywords such as “concrete supplier reviews” are most likely to be in the research phase – they’re not as close to making a decision as someone who types in “buy concrete mix”. In order to provide a good return on investment, you’d obviously want to focus on the keywords which have a greater user intent (although that’s not to say there isn’t any value in research-based keywords). Balance your budget to cater for all parts of your marketing funnel, but place more emphasis, time and resources on keywords which will lead to more immediate sales

Audiences – who is more likely to buy from you, and who is it that you would most want to target? Are you reaching out to homeowners, or other businesses? The difference here, (if we stick with the “concrete” theme), could be as simple as the quantity of supplies they order. Do you need to sell small amounts at high volumes, or the other way round? Determining your business strategy is crucial, because this will drive your tone of voice and the written content of your advertising

Competition – review your top competitors to see how they are presenting themselves, and on which platforms. Should you be doing some of the same? Also review which keywords they are showing for in the search results – chances are that they understand their best-performing keywords, and have honed their efforts towards these. If you want to discover all the keywords that they’re ranking highly for, we have a tool that can find this out for you.


As you can see, the devil is in the detail.

Planning and scoping out your strategy is just as important as the deployment of it.

You wouldn’t build a house without the blueprints, and you shouldn’t build your SEO strategy before knowing specifically what and who you’re targeting. Companies who have focused on SEO during lockdown, have now gained a real foothold over their competitors for their chosen keywords. Whereas prior to Covid-19, they were months behind in their ability to rank higher in search results, some are now sitting on their shoulders… and business is starting to look as healthy as before.

Let’s close on one very important part of this whole process, which is about analysing your data.
New phrases are being searched for every day across the world, and it’s crucial that you keep your finger on the pulse as to what these are – failure to do so can lead to missed opportunities.
Refining your marketing strategy based on hard data, will consistently steer your business in the right direction, and ensure you are reaching out to the right audience, with the right message. As long as your website is then built to help convert website visitors into customers, then you’ll do well. But that’s another conversation…..! (We can help with that too, of course!)

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With lockdown restrictions easing, we’ve seen marketing spends increase and diversify, although not always returning to the same levels as at the beginning of 2020. Google Ads, Facebook advertising and email marketing have all come to the fore once again, as companies look to make up for some seriously lost time.

Are you looking to do the same? As we mentioned right at the beginning of this page, we’re hugely experienced in marketing for the construction industry, and we’re a full service agency that can assist with every aspect of marketing, from brand awareness, to lead generation, conversion rate optimisation and much more.

Contact us today for a free consultation to help create and define your own, bespoke, marketing plan.

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