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Going online is the first port of call nowadays, for anything that is not of an urgent nature, and businesses that provide the answers are more likely to have engaged and loyal followers

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Marketing For The Healthcare Industry

In the year 1500 or so, Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus was attributed as saying “Prevention is better than the cure”. While we can’t prevent every illness or disease that comes our way, at least we have healthcare professionals and scientists working hard to provide the necessary remedies.

Covid 19 has certainly made us think about our health a lot more. No access to gyms? Let’s buy some gym equipment and make space in the garage for it; or go for a jog in the morning sun. Potential teeth problems? Brush them more regularly and start using mouthwash, and remember to floss!

In fact, Covid 19 has helped to move the provision of healthcare services to online, and with considerably more speed than it would have otherwise.



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With face-to-face doctor appointments impossible, how critical has digital technology been for both doctors and patients? Video calls have spiked to an all-time high, and allowed people to stay away from Accident and Emergency departments by obtaining the advice they need in their own home.

While this hasn’t been the perfect solution – doctors often require a physical touch to determine the cause of a problem – it has without doubt, been the next best thing. Importantly, it’s also helped to keep our NHS workers safer, because appointments can be conducted from the safety of their own homes.

With more spikes to come around the colder months, online appointments will once again rise in line with new cases. Businesses that focus on key elements of their marketing strategy will mean that they will become the hub for information, just at the right time when greater volumes of people are in need of information.

On the fringes of healthcare, is fitness. Mobile fitness and health apps have been instrumental in reframing how we think about general body movement, and the importance of it. How many times today have you looked at your step counter to see how far you are from the recommended 10,000?

Despite purchases of snacks seeing a 40% surge during lockdown (we all want to feel good, right?) outdoor exercise has witnessed a surge in popularity that is unlikely to dwindle, despite the reopening of gyms.

The question for you is, how can you take advantage of the “new normal”? We’ve seen a small surge of our own with regards to enquiries from Healthcare (and related) businesses in the last few months. This makes perfect sense, because while the Government is paying the salaries of staff on furlough, this gives them opportunity for their companies to fully prepare for the future after lockdown, by reapportioning some of their capital into online marketing strategies.



FAQS – Frequently Asked Health Sector Questions

Why is health so important?

Health affects all aspects of our lives. Better health improves our overall wellbeing and happiness, contributes massively to the economy, improves life expectancy, productivity and much more. Many factors influence people’s health such as diet, healthcare services, finances, stress, environment etc. 

What is the difference between public and private healthcare?

Public healthcare is typically provided by the government through the national healthcare system. Whereas private healthcare is usually provided by private organisations such as “for profit” or “not for profit” hospitals and self-employed practitioners.

How much is the health industry worth?

Globally, the health industry is worth $8.45 trillion in 2018, this is estimated to increaseto $10 trillion by 2022.

What is health marketing?

Health marketing is the process of creating, communicating and delivering health information and interventions based on scientific and customer data, aimed to protect and promote health to customers.

Why is marketing important for the healthcare industry?

Health marketing can help to increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, increase patient base, improve brand loyalty and increase customer conversion rates. 

Which marketing strategy is right for your business?

We’ve seen research that states that 73% of internet users have, at some point within the last 12 months, searched online for various ailments, their causes and their treatments. Going online is the first port of call nowadays, for anything that is not of an urgent nature, and businesses that provide the answers are more likely to have engaged and loyal followers, who may have need of your services.

Blogging – healthcare covers so many different areas that you can almost never run out of writing material for it – there’s such a wealth of knowledge to be imparted. Whether you’re putting your own spin on something, or discussing the latest research from your field, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found at every turn. Showcasing your knowledge builds you up as an industry leader, one that is trusted, and therefore an authority figure for your subject matter.

The best approach to blogging is to plan ahead. Define the topics and sub-topics, and write a few in advance. This will help you to schedule your articles to go live on specific times and days, if you so choose. Regular posting of content will keep your website fresh, and since Google also knows how often your website is updated, this in itself will give you a small boost in the search engine results pages. In addition, the frequency of these posts will contribute to the setting of expectations for those who seek your knowledge.

Defining Your Audience – it would be a fair assumption to think that only the younger generations search online for medical and health related information. A 2019 study of UK residents found that 77% of people who use the internet, who are aged 65 and above, have conducted online research for health-related issues. The only trouble is that some of them struggle navigating websites easily, so you can perhaps consider separating out your blog posts by age group and write about ailments that people typically experience in their 50s. 60s etc.

Website Optimisation – segmenting your pages into categories would help not just the older demographic, but your wider audience too. The ability to find information quickly is critical in making sure your valuable website traffic stays on your site for longer. Search engines such as Google and Bing will reward you for this relevance by improving your ranking, over time.

Social Media – there’s really not much point in taking time to write blog posts, if no-one knows about them! This is where social media steps in, and will help to drive traffic to your blog pages. Be sure to be specific – send people to a page that talks about one particular problem, rather than adopting a generalistic approach. The more relevant you can be, the higher quality of the audience, who may then wish to make contact with you to discuss your services. You can apply the same process to social media posts as you do with the blog posts, by publishing them at specific times. As soon as a new article is live, you can then promote it as many times as you like, through your social media channels. Facebook is probably the most obvious choice for this, but you’d also be wise to consider LinkedIn, and indeed, podcasts using Spotify (which is something we can assist you with).

B2B and B2C

Your company may be providing products or services directly to the end user, or you may be selling directly to businesses. Each of these audience types will naturally require a different tone of voice, and content. Some people you need to educate, others you need to provoke new ideas and conversation. When writing your blog posts, consider how you need to come across, and the platform which would be best to share this.

Video Content

YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google, which means you need to be where your audience lives. Transform your blog posts into videos (and vice versa) in order that you maximise efficiency of your efforts, and the potential reach you can achieve.

What We Offer at Growthlytics

From Search Engine Optimisation, to Pay Per Click advertising, content writing, podcasts and much more, we can help your voice to be heard regardless as to the platform you choose. Contact us today at hello@growthlytics.net for your free consultation.

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