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Why Should We Utilise Digital-Marketing In Hospitality?

Digital technology is booming! This has meant marketing methods are having to evolve from the traditional approach of print, to digital space – because customers spend most of their day online. Adapting your company’s marketing strategies to new, modern modes can reap many potential benefits through the combination of different online platforms. For instance, Airbnb, compared to previous leading hospitality competitors, were initially seen as a some-what unusual company. The company paved new waves in the hospitality industry by being exclusively digitally rooted online, to provide hospitality on a global scale.
Now, they have become a household name, and are very successful in their own right. We can also look to Uber and Lyft, which are ride-sharing services that are arguably a part of the industry. These companies have dominated the traditional taxi service. Many companies, like Uber, have developed mobile apps to expand their company’s online real estate. This is achieved by Near Field Communication (NFC), which further re-targets relevant content to users by hand-picking recommendations that are located nearby. Taxi companies have even followed suit, with marketing solutions such as mobile apps, in the wake of modernisation of digital-marketing.


Cocktail Bar

Stand Out From The Competition With Quality Digital Strategies

Coffee Shop

Create a digital strategy that promotes brand awareness


Raise Business Awareness & Increase Bookings

Bed & Breakfast

Get ahead of competitors that are sleeping on digital strategies

An Industry Left Behind?

Are you struggling to adapt to building and cultivating a digital presence? Currently, the hospitality industry has resisted the adaption to digital-marketing, relative to other industries. As a result, a major concern is that the hospitality industry will be out-competed and left behind. On the other hand, our leading example of Airbnb can showcase how digital technology can present a huge amount of opportunities – potentially driving the industry back to the top of marketing success.
Although, that isn’t to say companies in the hospitality industry are re-shaping the way they market their product and services. So, this leads to the question…




FAQS – Frequently Asked Hospitality Questions

How can I promote my hotel business online?

Generate bookings on a website/ host website, use SEO strategies to boost online visibility, content marketing keeps your audience engaged, email promotions, PPC ads for last minute holidays and more. 

Why put your hospitality business online?

Increase your brand awareness to a global scale, online reviews are extremely beneficial on websites such as Google My Business and Trip Advisor, even an increase of one star can boost a hotel’s income by 9%!

What are the main 5 sectors of the hospitality industry?

Food and beverages, recreation, travel and tourism and lodging

Why is hospitality important?

Hospitality offers a lot of benefits for the economy, customers and employees. The travel and tourism sector alone accounts for $3.41 trillion of global GDP, generates over 72 million jobs and one of the biggest industries for customers.

What are the job prospects for hospitality?

A job advert is added to the hospitality industry every 2.5 seconds.

What Can Growthlytics Offer You?

Digital-marketing offers an abundance of different routes to success. Growthlytics and our team can argue that it is a combination of these different routes that can leverage your business to the top of the food-chain. There’s no one-straight path – so we can also help build market-capture by fine-tuning the right fit in digital-marketing solutions just for you. Our team at Growthlytics have 15 years of experience under our belt, working in collaboration with a multitude of large companies to come up with the best possible marketing solutions. We also pride ourselves on maintaining excellent professional relationships with these brands.

With the use of digital technology taking permanent place in everyone’s lives, taking advantage of online space can make your business as visible to potential customers as possible. Reduced manpower, financial gain, and reliability are all benefits of hiring Growthlytics. Leave us to do the work for you!

Enhancing Your Website

This is a frontline strategy to build your online presence. Potential and returning customers may need contact information, want to check updates, or to just simply browse. So, where do they go? Websites offer a ‘home-base’, representing your company’s brand and all the needed information of services and products. Like most digital-marketing solutions, a website is available anywhere, anytime. Therefore, first impressions count. An out-dated website can turn a customer away simply because it isn’t easy to navigate. Another benefit with a well-developed website is its multi-function of attracting candidates as well, as applicants may check the website before and during their application process. You aren’t just advertising to customers; you’re also advertising to potential employees.
Therefore, we can offer you effective, modern, optimising solutions for your website that will:

  • Relate to the largest customer population
  • Be user-friendly
  • Look professional and engaging
  • Key terms that will attract SEO
  • Drive web-traffic organically

Social Media Marketing

Companies are branching to social media, which showcases the potential in digital-marketing solutions even further. Nowadays, no one is without an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. If your customers are on social media, so should you! They can also be accessed by mobile, laptop and tablet – everyone’s using it. We can therefore help shape your company’s success by steering web-traffic through tailored social media campaigns, which can be through targeted advertisements.


digital marketing solutions just for you

Influencer Marketing

With direct links to social media marketing, this route utilises popular social media influencers to help expand your company’s brand awareness and reputation. In the past decade, influencer marketing has only skyrocketed! An endorsed-influencer advertisement can reach hundreds of thousands of followers – and therefore potential customers. However, this can be a tricky business. Many influencers will attempt to request a sponsorship or endorsement in turn for free accommodation or packaged-stay. Medium to large businesses can get up to hundreds of requests a day. How can your company pick the right influencers? Our team at Growthlytics will manage and filter potential influencers. We will also proactively outreach to those who will seamlessly fit into your business practices, negotiate and help build professional relationships with them.

Email Marketing

Keep the excitement alive by cultivating existing customer relationships, and form new ones, with email. As mentioned before, emails that include video links can boost engagement and click-through rates – and we can help you do that. This is a great way to directly send any new promotional deals or updated information for your customers to harbour your success.


Digital-marketing can allow your company to get to know who your customers are – and what makes them tick. As mentioned above, Growthlytics understand the logistics and special marketing strategies such as NFC to help you understand customer behaviour and in turn, implement target advertisements. On the other hand, we can’t forget your existing customers, which are especially important to larger companies, and returning customers can also benefit from this solution. For example, a tailored promotional package or discount will keep them coming back for more and build up customer loyalty.


A branch of social media marketing, companies are now using their own platforms to directly engage with customers. A social media representative can reply with a “Thank you, Jessica!” to a tagged customer post or direct them to your website. Company representatives engaging in human conversation with satisfied customers will create a community and a friendly atmosphere. This conversational approach gives your company that relatable friendly touch, and as a result, your customer engagement and web traffic will increase.

Protecting Your Brand

Making a social media or email account can be done very fast and easy. Companies can face the real issue of fake imposter pages and accounts that use their brand which they’ve worked so hard to establish. Our service can also deal with these pages and accounts. We can help build a strict system to avoid your company’s brand being tarnished.

We also offer services like:

  • Responsibility in building backlinks
  • Company-specific keyword targeting
  • Paid searches
  • Article writing
  • Brand awareness
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Finally, the team at Growthlytics will offer a consistent update on chosen strategies to optimise your company’s presence in the digital space – this is a process, and it’s important we help it’s cultivation throughout!

Like what you hear?

We are also offering a free consultation to further discuss exactly what you want from us – business-specific details, time-frame and budget. The prospects of digital-marketing has only begun. Our team at Growthlytics can work with your company to find the most effective path to success and increase your business potential significantly.

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Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual. Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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