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We offer specialist marketing solutions for the legal sector to maximize lead generation from all areas of your online presence.

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Legal sector marketing and the importance of it

Legal marketing is changing. As revenue pressures and competitive landscape increases, firms are starting to understand the benefits of development efforts within business and marketing. Efficient marketers within the legal sector are now aware that their websites should nurture and attract qualified leads and improve user experience providing content to engage and delight their target audience.



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Here at Growthlytics we can help you increase your sales within the legal sector, this is particularly important now as highlighted by the statistics below;

  • 91% of all law firms are reliant on marketers and agencies to improve their marketing and business development.
  • 22% of lawyers think that customer relationship management software is vital compared to 73% of marketers. This is due to lawyers being the ones inputting data and marketers finding the data for client communications and content marketing etc.
  • To generate business, lawyers believe this is through social media (52%) and marketing staff increases (41%). However, social media only benefits a company when it aligns and compliments several marketing activities. Other beneficial methods to drive traffic within a law firm include events or beginning to invest in new technology.
  • Internal pressure is the main desire for creating more revenue but what are internal and external pressures? This is often driven by competitors, corporate counsels, new billing models and demand for firms in specialised areas. Finding the correct strategy can help with this and opportunities will arise.
  • Video creates around 82% of consumer traffic. Even adding just a small amount of video within your website can increase credibility within your firm. Video is a visual element of digital marketing that will engage and attract consumers.

It is important to create a digital marketing strategy that is relevant in today’s society, contact Growthlytics today and together we can grow your legal firm and increase sales.



FAQS – Frequently Asked Legal Questions

What Is The Legal Sector?

The UK has three individual legal jurisdictions which are; Scotland, England and Wales and Northern Ireland. Each has their own separate legal systems, courts, bodies of law and professions, bodies of law and courts.

How Do Legal Markets Stay Competitive?

This includes developing the brand, offering extra value, flexible working, innovation, technology investment, mergers, showcasing expertise and improving the client service.

How do I make my law firm stand out?

There are many ways you can make your law firm stand out including; recruit fantastic people, offer an effective client experience, provide transparency and listen to what your clients have to say.

How can I make my law firm more profitable?

There are several ways to do this including; improve your systems, bill accurately, ask for feedback from clients, increase your rates and avoid bad clients.

What makes a lawyer stand out?

To stand out as a lawyer you should; continue learning, become an expert, have great communication skills, perseverance, creativity and good judgement skills.

How can you grow your legal firm using digital marketing?

Improve your legal firm online. In a competitive sector it is vital for sales that your online brand stands out. If you do not know where to begin with this, Growthlytics are here to help, our experts will help you in growing your law firm and improving your online presence. Whether you have a large or small business, it is important to adopt a strategic approach within your relevant field to ensure your sales increase. The zero moment of truth stage within a consumer’s purchase decision relates to an evaluation of alternatives stage whereby consumers use the internet to research and compare in this case legal firms and services. Therefore, having a strong online presence is vital. This helps to enhance trust and emphasise your level of your expertise within your field giving you an advantage over competitors.

First impressions. Your business’s online platform is often a prospective clients first contact with your firm through organic or branded search therefore, first impressions count. Does your brand image align with your brand identity? Does it offer value? Does your website reflect who you are as a company?

Increase your generating potential through your online platform. Using search engine optimisation will help you to optimise your website to be in a position where you can be found on the internet and move it further up the search engine results. Within online business generation SEO is very important. However, it can be difficult to grasp but do not worry as here at Growthlytics we are here to help you! Your website needs to be presented from an SEO perspective to increase awareness and increase your sales, this can be done through engaging content that includes relevant keywords and topics.

Choose the right website design for you. It is important that your legal firm designs and presents a website that will engage and draw in consumers. According to a recent study, first impressions and opinions are formed within two tenths of a second when you are visiting a company website. This opinion is then reinforced 2.6 seconds later after focussing on a page. This being said, making a positive first impression online is crucial and should be focused on. For example, if you show up to an interview in a tracksuit you may have a lower chance of getting the job compared to if you showed in a presentable suit. This example reflects the same message as having an outdated or unpresentable website, it is often unlikely that you will leave a lasting good first impression. So remind and ask yourself whether your website is professional, contemporary and aligns well with your brand?

Your firm’s online platform should be responsive. Nowadays, people use multiple devices to research online such as, desktop and mobile. So, if your website is not compatible for all devices, you may automatically lose business especially as a third of all traffic generated comes from mobile devices hence why your site should be optimised for all devices. If you have a relatively old site which is not optimised for mobile devices here at Growthlytics we can help you to optimise it and keep design elements that fit your brand.

Unique and engaging content is vital. Once a user is on your site, your content should interest them and convert them to believing your firm is the best firm to help solve their needs. The success for your businesses online activities relies heavily on the content you create. This will also help you differentiate from your competitors and move your website further up the search engine. It will also turn your website into a portal of accessible information that will convince readers that they have found the correct site and do not need to search any further.

Calls to action should prominently be implemented. For an online platform which has a high level of conversion calls to action should be prominent throughout your whole site. Once a user is on your site, reading through your engaging content and have decided that you are the company for them. It should be easy for them to understand what to do next, whether this be to call you, email you, fill out an enquiry form, sign up for a specific event or a whitepaper download etc. this can be in the form of a CTA button, link or exact instructions and statements.

Constantly review your online performance within your law firm. Your online presence and website needs ongoing attention and reviews to consistently gain business online. You could consider altering your budget and reinvesting money back into your growth project online once more enquiries and traffic are being generated from your online platform and from that conversion rates are high in turning that traffic into business sales.


Developing a strategy for social media. Solicitors, barristers and law firms are beginning to see the potential that social media can create in expanding and growing their online presence. To differentiate yourself from competitors and engage your target market it takes more than just sharing basic information and updates about your business on social media with links back to your website. More importantly you should create and design a strategy for your social media that aligns with your businesses overall goals. Doing this will; help you strengthen your existing relationships and develop new ones, reach prospective clients, highlight your experience and expertise within the industry and establish leadership, online business generation and gain an insight into your competitors.

Create a pay per click campaign for your legal firm. How can pay per click benefit your legal firm? Particularly within competitive areas such as immigarition and personal injury targeted pay per click activities are beneficial in supporting your organic performance within your online platform. To guarantee new traffic focusing on conversion, improving return on investment and improving click through rates, your content should be rich and well optimised as well as having targeted pay per click campaigns that will help dominate search engine results pages.

Enhancing the legal sector through the use of digital marketing.

Currently only a small proportion of the legal sector within the UK have embraced the opportunities of technology compared to a much larger proportion of other sectors that have realised its potential to generate traffic and new business prospects rather than believing it is an opposing threat. Now is the time for you to embrace online marketing and discover the importance of it.

Here at Growthlytics we are a team of experts who offer services to help you increase your sales. Some of the services we offer are budget allocation, data analysis, lead generation and marketing blueprints. Contact us today to find out more and increase your sales within the legal sector now.

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