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Opportunities For Property Promotion Online

In March 2020, the UK woke up to a new dawn. With Covid 19 being the root cause of many companies physically closing their doors across the country, it quickly became apparent that lockdown was never going to last for the initial three weeks that Boris Johnson suggested. But just as quickly as the lockdown began, business owners were quickly learning how to pivot their business, in order to survive. This was going to become “the new normal”, whose effects would last for months, not weeks.

Estate agencies were among those to really feel the brunt of these changes. Classed as “non-essential”, this also meant that they were never going to be among the first to reopen as lockdown began to ease. However, two relatively short months later, they were back online.

“Online” is the operative word here, since physical property viewings became obsolete and all interest in properties shifted firmly online. This meant that there was an increasing reliance on the information and images that a website provided.

This is exactly where many estate agencies fell short. One recommendation I’ve heard when selling my house in the past, is to not show all the rooms, as this would pique people’s interest more, and encourage them to arrange a viewing. Here at Growthlytics, we specialise in digital marketing for estate agents, and as such, we’ve reviewed dozens of property websites from around the UK. Unfortunately, we’ve seen plenty of instances where, despite estate agencies having additional images available, they haven’t uploaded them to the website.


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Back in 2015, we were made aware of a small business owner who offered a property video tour service. He would video every room in the house as he walked through it, and when you played it back, you could zoom in to any specific point. Not only that, but he’d create a 3D floor plan, a “measurement mode” so you can gauge a room’s actual size, and a “floor selector”, to view downstairs and upstairs parts of the house.

He now turns over £2 million per year, and competitors have sprung up all over the place!

Imagine if you’d have invested in that technology before lockdown? Digitising your business meant it would have been made future-proofed, and catered for this particular eventuality in which we all now find ourselves. This feature is something that could be promoted heavily across social media, and people’s engagement with the adverts would be high. As it is, many estate and lettings agencies don’t have this capability and now have to manage with the regular ways of doing things.

Virtual viewings using WhatsApp (or similar) were the only option during that two month period of closure, so there was at least some respite. But when you lose several weeks of opportunity, that’s where competitors gain their foothold, and you potentially lose out.

Property sales were strong prior to Covid 19, but with a sharp drop-off in viewings and business suspended, this is the perfect time to review your online strategy.

Consequently, here is where Growthlytics’ expertise comes in. We’ve worked with dozens of estate agencies around the UK over the last 12 years, and we have the data and knowledge to know which marketing channels genuinely work well within this industry, and how to leverage each channel for maximum gain.



FAQS – Frequently Asked Property Questions

What is investment property?

Investment property is the process where property is purchased to earn rentals or for capital appreciation or both. The property can be held by either an individual investor, group of investors or a corporation.

What is the best type of property for an investment?

Vacant land is thought to be the best type of property investment due to its typically low costs compared to other investment properties.

How much is the property market worth in the UK?

The British housing market is worth over £7.9 trillion.

How important is marketing in real estate?

Real estate marketing is important because it increases awareness of your brand and customer conversion rates . As the real estate market is very competitive it is vital that you stand out from competitors and attract paying customers.

How can I promote property?

There are numerous ways to promote property. The real estate market is particularly competitive so make sure that your business is online so that you can maximise your potential customer base. Your website should be easy to navigate, informative, engaging and include high quality images of your property. SEO strategies can also boost your visibility by ranking for certain keywords in Google.

Online Strategies To Grow Your Property Sales

Whether or not you have invested in your website’s technology over the last five years or more, here are some top insights into what you can do to sustain your estate and lettings agency business:

1 – Review your property details pages in order to add as many images as you have for every room in the house, and refresh the content on those pages.

2 – Photos are often labelled simply as “Image 1, Image 2”, rather than let people know which room the photo is showcasing. You’re left having to review the floor plan in order to decipher which part of the house, or which bedroom, you’re looking at. This can be very frustrating for any potential buyer, and seems a bit lazy (dare we say it!) on behalf of the estate agency.

3 – Online Upgrades; If saving money by furloughing your staff, this gives you an unprecedented opportunity to apply a proportion of your income to either upgrading your website, or invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. SEO is your long term plan that helps to position your estate agency higher in the search results, in order to help reduce your marketing spend on other channels such as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Even three months of SEO can give enough of a boost that means your website will be seen more often.

4 – Quality Checks; This is also an opportunity to review the customer journey through your website. When did you last check whether or not the call to action buttons on the site were working as they should be? Are there any broken links? What does the customer journey look like on a mobile phone? This is important because it’s highly likely that a significant proportion of your website traffic comes from mobile phone devices.

Review your data to help understand exactly when people are engaging with you more on social media channels, or when they visit your website. Unearthing this data will make your marketing efforts more effective, and reach more of the right people at the time when they’re online.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and highest converting ways of generating interest and sales. If you have active buyers who are searching the property market, chances are that they will have opted in to marketing emails from you, so you may have a long list of email contacts to target. Let them know what you are doing differently, and push any new properties to them – or indeed, remind them of what you already have available.

Pay Per Click campaigns are an excellent option if you don’t rank highly enough in search results. You only pay each time your ad is clicked on, and you’re propelled straight to the top of page one, so this can make advertising on Google and Bing very effective.

Leverage your Social Media presence in order to find out which posts have received the higher engagement, then use those posts as part of a Pay Per Click campaign. We’re predominantly talking about Facebook here, as they have some of the most relevant audiences to whom you can reach out. Although we do offer social media marketing from all platforms, as well as influencer marketing campaigns to optimise customer engagement.

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