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Struggling to boost sales for your recruitment agency? Here’s 8 tips that will help you to increase your agency’s profits!

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8 Ways That Marketing Can Increase Sales Within Your Recruitment Agency

It’s ridiculous to think that what seems like only a few short years ago, you’d barely find any job vacancies online. Local and national newspapers would have a dedicated section on a specific day of the week, to post jobs. Jobseekers would scour these from top to bottom, subsequently writing up their CV and sending it in the post.

This is how most businesses would find their next hire. While this still happens nowadays, it’s no longer the first choice. Why? Because by the time a job role has been submitted to the newspaper, and the time it takes to go to print, they may have lost out on their ideal candidate to someone who only lives online.

LinkedIn was the first major social network channel to focus on this demographic, and their business has grown hugely, year on year. The trust it has with its users means that rather than someone going to Indeed or Monster to find their next job, people are happy to review the jobs available here. Recruiters use LinkedIn extensively nowadays, because they can review a person’s experience, in order to gauge whether they are suitable for a role that they have been hired to fill. They can also check on qualifications, as well as any reviews that may have been left by previous employers, colleagues, or affiliates.


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Streamlined Hiring

Whereas a job posting in a newspaper would cast the net far and wide, there really isn’t the need to do that any more. As we talk about on some of the other pages here on this website, it’s all about finding relevance. After all, why target a million people in a generic fashion when you can approach a small handful of jobseekers who recruiters know are open to moving companies, and are also potentially a great fit for that new business?

It’s for this very reason that the recruitment industry is by far at its most competitive than it has ever been. 

Without the need for a physical location, everything can now be done from a back bedroom by a sole trader!

The whole process of hiring has been streamlined. Sitting and chatting to a recruiter in their office is now pretty much a thing of the past. Even niche skills, which previously were so hard to find, can now be unearthed much more easily.



FAQs – Frequently Asked Recruitment Questions

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process where a recruiter will attract, shortlist, select and appoint suitable and talented candidates for a job either permanent or temporary. Recruiters often receive commission on each candidate they place.

How much is the recruitment industry worth?

The recruitment industry is reported to have placed over a million people in permanent positions, generating over £5 billion in revenues. The industry has also placed over 1 million temporary positions, generating £33.4 billion in revenues in 2018/19.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of enticing talented candidates to an organisation through various marketing strategies. The aim is to motivate people to apply to a job vacancy for the organisation. Recruitment marketing is split into two parts: inbound and outbound marketing, each focus on a different stage of the candidates journey.

Why is marketing important for recruitment?

Marketing is important for recruitment because it directly impacts the organisations sales by attracting the best talent to apply for job vacancies. The benefits of recruitment marketing include reducing cost of hiring, improving quality of candidates, enhancing brand identity and awareness, reducing time to hire, and improving diversity, tactical alignment and more. 

What are recruitment marketing strategies?

Successful recruitment marketing strategies include SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media marketing.

How Do You Grow A Recruitment Agency?

We mentioned that “trust” is an important element when recruiting, simply because we’re talking about people’s livelihoods.This means that your brand has to look trustworthy, and your website has to look professional. What we mean by this is to have information that is easy to find, and job posts that contain full details – both from the employer’s side of what it’s like to work with them, and what their expectations are surrounding the required experience. In addition, a simple, clean logo would probably be the most effective in this type of industry.

But it’s not just one way traffic – candidates can fully review the company that is hiring. For example, Google reviews from customers; ex-employee reviews using GlassDoor.com; and all the service offerings, as well as current employees, often found on the About Us section of a website. According to LinkedIn, approximately 75% of jobseekers do their due diligence.

When Do You Advertise?

As you consider other social channels such as Facebook or Twitter, you need to think about the times of day, or day of week, when people are more actively seeking employment opportunities. You may have some existing data to work with from your existing website, or you may just wish to Google it, as to when are the best times to post. Use any relevant data you may have in order to do this. Alternatively, schedule your posts at different times, and repeat them as often as necessary, in order to build up this data. After a while, you should find that your posts become more efficient in generating leads.

Build a Pipeline Of Candidates

Ideally, your recruitment company may focus on a specific niche, such as digital marketing experts. Targeting one specific cohort will gain you further trust from people within that industry, because you’re more likely to have the right contacts who can place them in a better job.

Build Better Relationships

Recruiters are like hairdressers – find a good one, and you’ll stay with them for a long time!
The more the recruiter understands a specific industry, and knows a candidate’s skills, the more effectively the right job can be found. And you’ll only do this nurturing good relationships over time.

Adverts That Resonate

Focusing on the benefits of working for a business, rather than jumping straight in with what the company is looking for, will encourage more people to apply. The job title and brief description will reel them in, then let the personality of the business be the main feature. Doing this will mean that people stop on your website for longer, which in itself will help your position in search results, as “time spent on page” is one of Google’s ranking factors when deciding in which position you show.

Minimum budget? No problem

Advertising across social media only costs you some time from your day. You can of course boost your posts by paying a small amount, but even in so doing, you will likely reach the right candidates for your advertised role – especially if using LinkedIn and Facebook, because they have incredible features that allow you to target specific demographics, and even job titles.

Track Your Performance

Social media platforms generate their own data about your adverts and posts that are freely available to you. Use this as well as your Google Analytics data to get the most out of your marketing.

A/B Testing

Also known as Split Testing, here you can create variations of your posts by changing up the words or images, in order to find out which performs better. Before you post an advert, create a few posts to see which achieves the better engagement, then turn the top performer into an advert, in order to maximise the efficiency of your marketing budget.

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