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Increase online sales in sports sector

How to drive online sales in the sports industry

Digital marketing is relevant to all industries, but one industry that couldn’t be more matched is the sports and outdoors industry. Why, you might ask? Read on to find out the benefits of digital sports marketing, and how we can help.

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Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Engaging your customer and fans, connecting with them through social media and other online platforms is what sport companies are all about. Your company’s image and reputation prides itself on captivating visuals through various marketing channels, so like sport itself, why not try to take every chance to ‘train’ existing strategies and develop new innovative ones!

A successful digital marketing strategy is the destination. But how to get there is a whole other walk in the park (or triathlon, for that matter). The digital landscape is forever changing and evolving. To stay ahead and at the top takes serious knowledge and expertise. It’s not easy to reach the end of the finishing line, as some might say. The team at Growthlytics can change that or make the process highly efficient and impactful.

What We Offer

Want a quick overview of what we offer? Here’s a list of what our company can do for you:

  • Social Media Management
    1. Engagement
    2. Scheduling posts
    3. Campaigns and Promotions
    4. Publishing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Mobile and Website Optimisation
    1. Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Client/Customer Research
  • Business Growth
  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Project Management


Exercise & Fitness

Leading Digital Marketing to help you reach your customers

Football Club

Website for brand or club promotion

Personal Trainer

Find a wide range of local personal trainers in your Local Area

Gym Facilities

Digital promotion for your gym clubs

We Are Experts In Social Media

Fans typically utilise social media apps, notably Twitter and Facebook, to post information or opinionated content. Sport teams have optimized branding opportunities for decades, but with a new wave of social networking, the range of opportunities explode!

We can also direct our attention to the Team GB twitter account. They provide live and daily updates for their followers, while also providing chances to win contests and other engaging and fun activities. Any fan who wants to know how the team are prepping for the Olympics in a couple clicks can do so. In the digital age, this is what works.

The team at Growthlytics have carefully selected a set of professionals, each with a specific toolkit in digital marketing and industry. We’re experts in diagnosing the gaps in the current (if any) markets, your company’s strategies, and solutions to bridge that gap. We’ll in turn tailor strategies, alongside with consultations, that are specific for your company’s needs in terms of social media. This may be an engagement strategy through a promotions scheme, or even setting a post schedule to optimize the best customer traffic.


FAqs – Frequently Asked Sport Questions

{SMC} Total Audience Volume

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Top Level Demographics For {SMC}

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{SMC} Global Ad Spend Comparison

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We Are Experts In Mobile

You also won’t catch a sports fan without a mobile device. Everyone has one! Did you know that 60% of mobile device owners consume sport-related content daily, according to ScribbleLive? Similarly, to social media, and what comes hand-in-hand, is optimizing your existing online platforms for mobile. Especially in the sports industry, transportability is key. Customers will need to access your resources through their mobile, as much as on their laptops. We can’t obviously ignore desktop websites, but our team will help build your existing platforms to be as impactful as ever. We also can consult your company on graphic design, to even push your mobile site that one step further.

Our team will conduct relevant analysis for any strategy, but especially for mobile. Other companies are quickly adapting to mobile advertising and web optimisation, so keep ahead of the crowd and rise above competitors by taking on this strategy.

Cultivating An Impactful Brand

Branding is everything. An outdated branding strategy, which heavily focuses on print text, radio or TV, once dominated the market. Now, these just aren’t cutting it. Even fans who watch live matches or events on TV will still have their mobile devices in hand, posting live status or checking in on their fantasy football team. Other businesses are moving most, if not a significant proportion, of their budgets into online marketing channels. No one wants to be left behind and considering digital marketing options is the first step towards success.

It was predicted years before that the UK market spending will overtake more traditional market spending. Well – this is the year it is predicted to happen! What’s more exciting, is the overtake will only increase. This really is an end and start of a new era.

What comes to mind when you think of North Face? What comes to mind when you think of Under Armor? Brands like these are so effective in that customers who purchase can strongly relate to. North face conveys adventure and exploration. Under Armor conveys strength and resilience.

What does Brand Marketing include? Here at GL we are experts in formulating tailored:

  • Paid searches
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media advertisements
  • Social media campaigns
  • Email campaigns

We Are Experts In SEO

Increasing your company’s sales can be tackled at any stage. But the first and arguably the most important is getting shoppers into your sales channels to start off with! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key tool to help get customers at your doorstep. This may include your website’s search engine content, the reviews on Amazon or eBay or any external sales platform. If done correctly and efficiently, potential buyers will click on your products first. Those who have products at the top of the list will indeed reap the most benefit, and our team at Growthlytics can get you there.

We Are Experts In Video Content

Videos are a successful tool to engage your customers – and it’s here to stay. Now with YouTube, streaming websites and video features on social media, the younger generation watch more online video content than any previous generation. That’s a whopping 23 hours a week! If this age group is necessary for you target demographic, then this is especially essential.

Viral video further testifies the impact of digital marketing through video. For example, we can direct our attention to Nike, one of the leading sportswear and equipment brands in the western world. Their digital marketing strategies have led to Nike’s video advertisements have gone globally viral. In writing this, their most viewed video advertisement has garnered 116M views!

So, keep an open mind, and alongside consultation, we can formulate an impactful and tailored video strategy for your brand.

We Are Experts In Customer Involvement

Another huge name is Gymshark, who are notorious, among other competitors, in investing in user-generated content. This strategy is great for the sports industry as customers using sport products use them in exciting and engaging ways. Many customers will be persuaded to click ‘Buy Now’ button once they see other like-minded customers who have also bought the items. Gymshark utilises this strategy by encouraging their customers to use the #Gymshark hashtag. An initiative is put in place through a chance to win a prize or be featured on their account.
Every company is utilising user-generated content. So why don’t you? Our team at Growthlytics can help make that happen!


We Capitalise On Celebrity and Influencer Following

Traditionally, this was mainly through sponsoring top athletes. However, along with the rise of social media, even at-home workout accounts and daily vloggers have garnered huge amounts of fans. Therefore, no matter the size, even smaller businesses can capitalize on influencer following by sponsoring a social media star. We can return back to Gymshark, again, and even though they are relatively huge, they have sponsored body building celebs like Nikki Blaccketter to share and use their products online. This strategy really works, and now other huge internet celebs are sponsored as well.

We will help consult what you demographic audience is, conduct market and influencer research, and even take imitative through influencer outreach. Don’t worry – we have it covered!

We Don’t Overlook Email

Although social media, as I’m sure you know by this point, is the golden digital marketing strategy of this day and age, email shouldn’t be left behind.
This is especially the case for retaining customers. Social media feeds may have constant updates, but there’s not problem sending an update email right into your customer’s inboxes, to keep them coming back for more. Email marketing has the ROI potential of over 4300%! But conducting the right research, formulating an email list and constantly updating can be daunting. So, our team’s professionals will cover this so you don’t have to!

Project Management is Key to Us

We aren’t just in it for results, we are in it for the long haul. Like training for a match, we will train you to reach your highest potential as a player, and develop the core skills to adapt to the ever changing digital markets. We will support you throughout the entire process, depending on your company’s specific needs.

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Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual.

Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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