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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Digital Agency For Marketing


Pros of Hiring a Digital Agency


Less Workload

Have you thought about hiring a digital agency? Do you feel like your workload is very high and you are juggling so many aspects of your company such as logistics, production, operations and marketing. Then maybe it would be beneficial to look at a digital agency to assist with the marketing side of your business. Instead of spending valuable time on several areas of digital marketing why not hire an agency who are reliable and competent. 

Expert knowledge

When you work with a marketing agency you are working with experts in marketing. When choosing an agency, they often have experience and are well educated in the field. This will massively benefit your business as they can cover an array of digital marketing techniques. 

Budget tracking

Digital marketing agencies can monitor and track the spending for all of your businesses campaigns, calculating the ROI after a couple of weeks/months as well as measure the analytics on social profiles and your website such as bounce rates and conversion. This is often time consuming, so sometimes it’s beneficial to hire an expert.

A wider team

digital agency marketingIn addition, when hiring an agency you are usually recruiting a team of people. This means that you have several people supporting your business and can produce extra marketing material to effectively promote your brand. 

Greater success rate

A lot of marketing agencies have proven that they help clients reach goals, generate customers, increase traffic and so much more. There’s a reason there are a large amount of agencies, they can help businesses reach a much greater success rate rather than doing your own marketing. 

Fresh perspective

When you work with people who are not within your company, they can give you a new perspective about your brand. Creativity is key at this point and most digital marketing agencies have this. Having an outsider’s opinion on your marketing strategies will bring to light the strengths of your business and what can be improved. 

Specialised tools

Familiarity and proficiency from a marketing agency when it comes to marketing software is also a huge advantage and this should be taken advantage of. Also, they are often paying a premium price for these services and tools so will have a greater access to current trends. This can assist your brand in understanding the rates and data involved within your promotional campaigns online.  


Cons of recruiting a digital marketing agency


Familiarity will take time

Agencies will begin with identifying your strengths and specific target market. However, this may take some time to completely understand your customers and their preferences. Also they will need to imitate or adapt your brand personality and voice to improve your brand and customer relationship. This may take time.  

Lack of specific industry knowledge

One agency may not be the right suit for all companies. You may need to research into a few agencies first to find one that you can form a good relationship with. Even if an agency has loads of clients and maybe popular in your local area, this does not necessarily mean they will fulfill your businesses marketing needs, this is especially important to consider if they don’t have customers in the same sector as you. 

The expenses

Marketing agencies also have their own expenses such as taxes and salaries. Meaning there will be a cost for their services but these will usually be very transparent. If you do not have a large budget hiring an agency can often be difficult.  


Your main focus will be your own business. However, your business will not be the sole focus of an agency as they also have several other clients. Even though agencies put a lot of effort into each of their clients, they often put certain clients first if they are paying for multiple services. 


Is a digital marketing agency a necessity for your business?


Selecting digital marketing agencies

Once you have weighed up the pros and cons of hiring a digital marketing agency and decided that hiring an agency is for you, you could ask them what their client base is like. This will give you an idea of how much of a priority your business may be.  Also, view the reviews of the agency and conditions of the agency so you know exactly what to expect.  


Hiring an agency can help you reach your goals and saves you a lot of time. Are you interested in hiring a digital agency? If so, here at Growthlytics we offer a range of services, take a look at our website for more information. If we seem like the right fit, sign up to our free 20 minute consultation. Here you can share your current data so that we can create a new marketing plan for you.  

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