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In an ideal world, the path to purchase is a straight-forward one. People visit your site, like what they see, and make a decision to engage your services on the first visit.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely this clear-cut. On a first visit, they are in browsing mode, then a couple of weeks later, they are still researching and come across one of your blog posts. They like the information given, so they download a white paper. More time passes, and having conducted more research, they’re finally ready to make an enquiry. At this point, they enter your sales funnel, and it’s down to other marketing techniques, perhaps including your sales skills, in order to convert them to becoming a customer. Lengthy, no?

This is where remarketing can speed up the process.

Quick Question:

What Is Remarketing?

If you’ve ever thought that your website doesn’t convert enough website visitors into enquiries or sales, then remarketing is the strategy that will encourage users to return to the site, where they will potentially buy or make contact with you on a subsequent visit.

The ability to do this is through a use of cookies (small files) that are dropped into a user’s browser, which records the fact that the website has been visited.

Here’s an example of how this is effective as part of your overall marketing plan;

Someone visits amazingholidays.com, and browses different accommodation within a chosen location. They exit the site without having made a booking.

The cookie then allows amazingholidays.com to push an advert to that same person, when they are next online.

  1. By tempting people to revisit your website, you’re ensuring that those people who are now familiar with your brand, will come back to you rather than one of your competitors
  2. Around 97% of all website traffic will leave without making a booking, purchase or enquiry – remarketing allows you to reach out to these people
  3. Increase your conversion rates through the use of tailored messages
  4. It helps you to maximise your marketing budget if you’ve paid for traffic to visit the site through other marketing channels
  5. It’s cost effective – the average cost per click is below 10p
  6. Grow your brand awareness – rarely will people remember a business that they visited only once. Placing your advertising in front of users on a consistent basis, and with strong messaging, will increase their awareness of you when the time comes to part with their money

Why is Remarketing Important to a Business?

One great method when planning your remarketing strategy is to create Audiences. Think of this as having different pots, all of which you have to fill with a thousand items before you can use them. In Google’s case, they demand a thousand people in each Audience because they recognise the need for anonymity – allowing you to target one visitor means you could find out their identity.

Audience types means that you can segment your visitors in many different ways. For example, one Audience could simply be “All website visitors”. Another could be “Visited in the last 7 days”, and another could be “Reached Checkout Page But No Purchase Made”. By creating and organising your Audiences in this way allows you to create individualised messaging to people, depending on their level of intent.

Using Google as an example, Audiences are often created in Google Analytics, and can then be imported into the Google Ads platform. Once each of your chosen Audience types contain a minimum of a thousand visitors, the ads for that Audience are ready to show to past website visitors. As you can see, Audiences can not only be used for your organic traffic, bust your paid traffic also.

A Positive By-Product Of Remarketing

By encouraging people to return to your website, it could easily result in them spending more time looking at your service offerings. One of the metrics that search engines look at when determining relevancy, is how long someone spends on your site. This acts like a signal to them to let them know that your website content is relevant and engaging. It’s also one of more than 200 ranking signals that are used, so it will therefore provide you with a boost to your ranking for specific keywords in the search results..


UK -based research shows that around 77% of online buyers drop out of the buying process at the Shopping Cart. Tens of thousands of pounds are left in carts, and this can be a great source of frustration for business owners, who just want more people to step over the line and complete their purchase! Without the use of some form of remarketing, only around 7% return at a later date to this.

What Should You Include In Your Remarketing Ads?

Offers that are time bound are extremely effective. Something like a 3 day sale will increase the urgency with which people will revisit the site. Another option is to use voucher codes – “20% off your next purchase” will often pique a person’s interest, and revisit the cart in order to see the exact difference this makes to the cost of goods.

Dynamic Remarketing

Possibly one of the most potent ways of advertising is to show your website visitor a picture of the product they viewed, or added to their cart. You couldn’t personalise an ad much better than this. As such, approximately 24% of returning visitors will complete their purchase when seeing an ad of this type.

Quick Question:

What Happens If You Have A Longer Lead Time?

You may offer consultancy services, or something of a high ticket value where an immediate purchase is highly unlikely, due to cost or complexity. For example, it’s a low proportion of customers who would approach only one windows company for a quote on replacing every window in their house. But what type of window – single, double glazed, acoustic? Windows also need to be measured, so you need someone to visit your property to do this. With so many variations, and time required, this process could take days or weeks.

In this instance, remarketing can help to provide potential buyers with advice, therefore you could look to lead them to your blog page where you provide the necessary research that a typical customer would undertaken prior to making contact, and book a visit from a sales rep.

Showcasing your expertise generates trust, and trust becomes a more important commodity when higher costs are involved. Make your blog post as detailed as you like and for each product or service that you offer. The more that people understand that you’re incredibly knowledgeable of your subject matter, the greater the intent becomes, to speak to you directly.

What We Offer

If your marketing spend is high using other channels, and you need to increase its effectiveness, then remarketing is your next port of call. Here at Growthlytics, we ensure to place relevant, targeted and engaging adverts in front of your previous website visitors, and to reach them when they’re most likely to convert.

When someone visits your site, you’ll never know what stage they are at in their decision making process, in that given moment. We’ll create ads that represent each step of your user’s journey to purchase, to give the best opportunity to be relevant to that individual. This will be based on whether they’re simply browsing, or to influence consideration, or to help bring them over the line.

Contact us now at hello@growthlytics.net for a free consultation.


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