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Affiliate Marketing

One aspect to running a successful business is down to affiliate marketing – 99% of businesses who conduct and implement different marketing strategies always start with affiliate marketing!

Why Affiliate Marketing is so important

Did you know that this type of marketing is a £9 billion industry? In the current world, adapting to digital marketing and being overwhelmed with so many business opportunities can be tricky. Making the right decision and implementing such can really make or break the success of a business, and as a result many questions are posed. Well, here at Growthlytics we have the answers! Want to find out more and what Growthlytics can offer? Read on to discover what affiliate marketing can do for you… .



Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically involves using marketing to promote other company’s products. This is usually connected through an affiliate network, where the publisher (or affiliate) can be referred to the advertiser. This is a performance based strategy, where those who buy-in will lead to a commission for the publisher.
In terms of revenue, both the publisher and the advertiser can share the revenue of a product. For instance, on one end if a product needs more sales, a company can offer potential publishers for a financial incentive. On the other side, an individual that wants to earn extra income but do not have a product they can sell can take part in these programmes.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work?

You might ask how affiliate marketing actually works. The provider, or advertiser, will provide each publisher (or affiliate) with a link, unique to each individual. This is so sales can be linked to each publisher, to keep track on commission.
When a link leads to a click-through, a cookie – a small file – is stored on the buyer’s device. This affiliate cookie demonstrates two aspects to affiliate marketing, the cookie flags whose unique link was used, and an expiration date. Usually, the expiration dates is used so even if there is a delay in purchase the affiliate still can be paid for the click.



THE benefits

Affiliate marketing, as a result, has become a top choice among businesses. As mentioned, this marketing strategy has risen to a billion dollar industry, taking global strides. Affiliate marketing is even taking over other forms of marketing, like through email. So, what exactly are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

Your tracking made easy

Through unique links, affiliate marketing has a great advantage of tracking click-through rates, site views and successful purchases. This is not only good for overall business, as commissions can be organised, but also if an advertiser wanted to build an affiliate programme. With this feature, companies can track which affiliates drive sales. What is even more beneficial, is the company can track which type of advertisement increases engagement, from advert banners to link placement.

Your SEO increases

One that catches a lot of attention in the industry is SEO. Affiliate marketing can encourage a sites’ SEO through backlinks that would be placed on the affiliate sites, blogs and indirectly through social media platforms. The potential for this feature to be more advantageous increases when an affiliate is high in ranking, and their audiences can share your products or services across to a wider audience and a range of platforms.

Your budgeting made easy

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy, so affiliates are only paid when successful click-through or buy-in occur. Therefore, this means ROI increases compared to other forms of marketing as resources are not wasted on inefficient channels. Not only this, but as tracking is so easy with affiliate marketing, this aid budgeting further as a company can focus on its funds to advertise that actually work.

Global and Foreign markets accessed

As with many digital marketing strategies, the global market and its doors are wide open to countless opportunities – and affiliate marketing is no exception. If tailored to a specific area, a product that has the potential to sell abroad can be adapted to reach foreign audiences. Not only does affiliate marketing have global outreach, but the risk is low, as investigating the sale potential of the product in a foreign market is easy – and is a win-win! How might one do this? Well – affiliate networks a company works with can be linked and integrated into a global affiliate network.

Your brand awareness grows

Customer behaviour should not be looked over. When spending money online, potential buyers will prefer to return to the same retailers they have bought from. Especially with the use of mobile apps, these further solidify the same markets for customers. When using affiliate links, customers can view your company’s products through well-known websites. This can add to your existing audience base, increasing click-through rates and successful transactions.

Those you work with in terms of affiliates, can open opportunities for you to access a wider network. The higher quality your affiliates are, the better your business is advertised to the right audiences. This in turn will grow your brand awareness, further contributing to a wider scope, where your company can promote the brand to even more undiscovered pathways and groups of customers.




Growthlytics – what we can offer you

Therefore, affiliate marketing can widen your marketing strategies by outsourcing services from third-party companies. But even with the acknowledgment of the advantages tied with this form of marketing, knowing who to connect with and recruiting affiliates may be confusing and tricky. In line with most digital marketing strategies available to businesses today, formulating effective affiliate programmes may be confusing. This is where we can come in!

Here’s what we do:

1. Recruiting affiliates

Our team comprises a range of experts, with up to decades in digital marketing experience. Our tools and knowledge can investigate exactly who your customers are, how they behave and where they go online. From this, a network can be built that is tailored and words for your company.

2.Build a programme that works for you

For every company there is a vast range of unique features that we address. Therefore, we tailor a customised affiliate programme so you can target your audience, maximise your conversions, and widen your customer pool.

3.Data analysis

Your programme, either from scratch or evolving an existing one, will be monitored and adjusted by us. Our in-depth data processing means we can maximise conversions from site visits to successful purchases. We will track your programmes’ performance – and keep you in the loop. Our reports are both detailed and consistent, so your company will always be up-to-date

Why choose us?

We are relationship builders – Successful business is all about relationships. Not only do we build the network, but we also maintain it as well. We also pride ourselves in forming this relationship with you and your company from day one. Keeping these relationships of high quality is essential for business, for future products or new opportunities.

Our experience – Growthlytics have conducted many projects in affiliate marketing. From each experience this builds our portfolio, knowledge, and skillset. We also can consult professionals on all aspects of digital marketing – affiliate marketing included. This may include which network to use, or how to compete in commissions rates.

Our expertise – Our team not only have the right experience, but we also have the expertise – the experience helps build our expertise! Affiliate marketing is only one of the many topics we are proud to say have the professional and industrial knowledge in. Any qualms or questions you may pose can be addressed both directly and immediately by our experts.

We Deliver – With every project, we commit to delivering at pace, which aims to produce a tangible product that works. Our work is award-winning, which clients come back for our service every time. With our expertise and experience, success is ensured when working with Growthlytics.

Ok… I am interested! Now what?

Contact us!

Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company in terms of affiliate marketing, or anything else. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual.



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