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Paid social media advertising

Did you know that over 90% of smaller businesses will significantly increase their advertising investment in social media in the next year? If that has not already captured your attention, please keep reading to discover the fundamental reasons for investing into social media. Let’s look into some ‘trending’ facts about this type of advertising.

Why should you consider using paid social media advertising?

Firstly, we can look to those who haven’t adopted social media advertising. They are small population – and for good reason! They are falling behind in the ever-digital world we are living in. In any competitive market, you won’t want to be left behind. Secondly, over two billion people are online, posting photos, sharing status updates, or ‘checking’ into restaurants through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.



Social Media Paves a New Way of Advertising

Social media provides a vastly different range of opportunities compared to more traditional methods. Online advertising in general utilises big data, machine learning and other technological advances that smartly search, target and outreach to the target audiences. Overall, this is can be very automatic and in contrast to the human mind, computer technology can conduct millions of outputs a minute. Maximising on social media to expand existing advertising strategies, therefore, is a no-brainer.



What are the benefits?

Some may want to know what the benefits are to social media advertising. So, we here is a compiled short-list of some of the advantages to adapting and adopting social media in your advertisement investments.

  1. Easily fit into any budget
  2. Boosting brand awareness with ease
  3. Content marking maximised
  4. Immediate market insights
  5. Amplifying reach
  6. Enhance targeting methods
  7. Expand access through mobile

What can we offer you?

It may be easy to outline the advantages of what social media advertising can provide for your company. But the implementations or process to ensure success may not be as easy. In fact, advertising on digital platforms which are as fast-paced as with the case of social media industry can be fairly complex, especially for smaller businesses who may not an extensive budget.

Therefore, here at Growthlytics, we can help provide that security and know-how to ensure success with any advertising project, including social media. Our team is comprised with industry professionals, armed with over decades of experience in digital marketing fields. What we can offer you will be outlined according to each benefit proposed in the above list.

Easily fit into any budget

Not only is social media a great way to adapt to more modern times, it is cost effective too! Growthlytics have the appropriate resources and tools to tackle pay-per-click payment models. This payment type is adopted by all social media platforms. Our team of professionals can help your company maximise on advertisement cycles to further refocus targeting. This means that even more niche or unique markets can be reached with the help from us.

Boosting brand awareness with ease

Even the smallest of business gain massive following and recognition because of social media. The opportunity to present your brand and increase awareness exponentially increases in the realm of social media platforms. For example, if your company constantly posts, and along with more shares and likes, your brand will be recognised by more people. Not only that, but with social media, your brand awareness can reach almost all global corners of the world, expanding the customer pool even wider! Recognition of your brand potentially increases the credibility and trust in your brand, while also cultivating more customer engagement.

Did you know, that around 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one brand? Out of these users, around 30% have found to follow this through by completing a purchase that they have exclusively found through the site.

Also, brands have become more intelligent with their techniques. Compared to more traditional methods, some brands have opted to engage with specific customers, replying to their tweets or posts, mimicking the average social media user. This personification of company brands reach audiences in a new, fascinating way! With Growthlytics, which ever approach takes your fancy, our team have both the industry experience and the fluidity to adapt to more, innovative ways of increasing brand awareness.

Content marketing maximized

Social media can relay important information in a very quick and easy manner. One company post of a recent competition, educational content, or any update for that matter, can be posted on millions of news feeds in less than a second!
Alongside this, advertisements on social media through content marketing can really help increase web traffic, significantly increase ROI, and boost audience engagement. Our team of specialists can help both consult and carry out the best fit solution for any situation. The Growthlytics team can help blend graphic design, content marketing, and relevant imagery to encapsulate engagement. The team will also completely aid any existing content marketing strategy to improve communication with the use of social media. Custom graphics could also be implemented


Paid Social

Immediate market insights

So, you’ve re-designed, formulated and set out your new shiny social media ads. What now? What’s important is how your audience interacts with said ads, or they’ll be useless! A question we would ask may be which type of advertisement is the most popular among users? Or was it the competition campaigns that converted the most potential customer to actual customers? Our team will derive, such as KPI, data from your advertisement plans to quickly evaluate effectiveness. We can also ‘feel out’ the existing market to make evidence-based decisions preliminary to the actual advertisement plans. What ever it may be – we have powerful tools that can accelerate any business.
One social media platform that leads in marketing insights is Facebook – seen as the ‘golden standard’. Although we have years of experience in marketing, we also look for more modern ways, modelling after big names such as Facebook and inject it into our existing methods and tools.

Amplifying Reach

It is very rare to come across anyone who hasn’t gone on social media in any given day. Eyes are always locked onto a screen, whether that be a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. It would make sense that adopting social media can therefore amplify your company reach to a larger and wider audience.

Even in the wake of social media, internal changes with the field is happening now. For example, on Facebook, algorithms have altered to prioritise close family and friends in their posts on news feeds. With hundreds and thousands of posts a minute, having your advertisement reaching the right people can pose a problem.

Therefore, our agency has access to the right tools and expertise to overcome just organic Facebook advertising – through paid advertisements. This can provide direct and easy pathways to encourage leads, clicks and therefore website traffic. We also make decisions based on other aspects of customer behaviours, such as lengths of time customers spend online, preferred platforms and much more!

Enhance Targeting Methods

Similar to Amplifying reach, paid advertisements can also have the benefit of complete control on who sees said advertisements. Different social medias provide a vast range of different targeting strategies.
We look past simple demographics, although they are very essential as well. Psychographics that tell us important behaviours can give a real insight into your target audience’s mind. Our team at Growthlytics will look into interests, personality, and much more. We can also consider retargeting, which aims to revisit past users who have already clicked through to your website.

Expand Access Through Mobile

This has already, in some way, been touched on throughout this piece. It is, however, important to reiterate the true opportunity that is mobile. With the rise of hand-held devices, one cannot live without a mobile, and this means that as a result, social media permeates everywhere, all the time. According to Pew Research, a study found that about 80% of time on various social media platforms are through a mobile. This means that our team can help your company leverage your strategies in advertisement to tailor to mobile audiences.

Project Support

Growthlytics prides on our accuracy through our services, but we also want to support you throughout the entire project lifecycle. We believe that it is crucial to not only evaluate the outcomes, but what occurs throughout the process. Anything that needs extra attention, improvement or extra analysis, we do this immediately and efficiently. Through this, the project cycle will always be constantly updating and developing, and your company will only reap these benefits.

What to get in touch?

Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual.

Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company. Looking forward to speaking with you!


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Paid social media allows your company to reach audiences that may not have seen your posts through your normal everyday social media activity.


Utilising paid social media advertising is an effective way to generate leads and client equiries at a lower cost per conversion than adwords.


Paid social campaigns allow you to target a defined audience to generate high quality leads that convert.


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