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Natural Search

Natural Search which is also known as Organic Search is a marketing strategy to maximize your unpaid search results.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also referred to as online marketing and describes how a company promotes its products, services and brand online.


If you’ve got everything else nailed down perfectly, but forget to optimise your visibility on Google, much of your time, effort and investment is going to be wasted.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves the implementation of high quality strategies and campaigns to maximize your online visibility.

Why is natural search important?

Yahoo, Google and Bing are the unpaid searches and sources that generate organic traffic.

Natural search is very important for the success of your business therefore, it should not be ignored.

According to research, natural search represents around 60% of all traffic on a businesses website.

The use of SEO helps to create search traffic which is organic to improve a website’s organic ranking on a search engine results.


Natural Search

Organic search importance

There are several benefits of relying on organic search traffic:

Genuine human traffic:
Often with paid traffic, automated machines and other sources create clicks. For example, to earn more, some businesses in PPC use software that can increase clicks.

Permanent ranking:
With paid traffic, if there is not constant promotions and advertising then visitors to a site will begin to decline. It will be difficult for competitors to better your performance on search engine rankings if you rank using organic/natural techniques. Therefore, you will receive regular visitors who enjoy the quality of your content and website. If you are able to meet the needs and wants of your consumers, your website ranking will continually improve and be relevant to search engines.

Market share reliability:
Nowadays, many people check the ratings and reviews of a product or service online first before making a purchase decision. With technology continuing to grow, it’s important to have a reliable online presence to ensure consumers can easily locate a business’ services and products. This will help you generate more sales and get an edge over your competitors.

A valuable website to Google:
Usually SEO’s objective is to help improve a website’s ranking on several search engines. Google generates the highest proportion of traffic from the internet. Google will support your website if it contains information or content that is valuable to users. If you implement organic SEO, you will have an increased chance of ranking high on Google.

Successful conversion rates:
To increase the chances of people visiting your website and ranking higher on a search engine, you should optimise keywords for your service or product and create engaging and interesting content for your consumers. This will increase the amount of traffic on your site and increase the chances of conversion. The more traffic on your site, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Durable results:
PPC campaigns generate fast results however, this does not mean they are everlasting. Whereas, organic traffic results last much longer as PPC campaign results often finish once a brands budget ends.

Expensive investments are not needed for organic SEO. Optimising keywords is the secret to visitors landing on your site through normal searches on search engines.


Natural Search

Looking to grow & scale your businesses? We blend strategic SEO with value driven content marketing, adding digital PR as the engagement driver.

Social Media

Utilise social media platforms to help you engage with people. Drive actions relevant to your business, build brand awareness and generate leads.

Paid Search

The most efficient & cost effective ways of promoting your business online, is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. There are many benefits of doing this, find out how here ?


Let’s introduce you to the world of Digital PR, not just about writing an article. It involves extensive research, high quality content, a creative mind, & the ability to communicate it

Digital Strategy

We create highly detailed & tailored go-to-market strategies for all digital channels to spread the risk across multiple traffic drivers to understand what really works? Lower risk , convert more and hit targets

Web Property

Protect review and push forward your key assets from websites to voice your brand to mobile apps to trigger and interact in real time, to video to romance your target audience and demographics.

There are so many benefits for organic traffic and natural search in helping generate success for your business. As well as the above, other benefits include trust, credibility, inbound marketing and high ranking within search engines. In addition, boosting organic traffic can be done by implementing long tail keywords and creating high quality content.

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