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Social Media Marketing Facebook

Facebook has grown into an effective space for businesses to promote their products, services and brands. With a bespoke marketing strategy you can maximize the potential of this social media platform.

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Transparent, Flexible & Affordable Marketing

With 2 billion active users daily, Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. With this, comes several opportunities for businesses both small and large. Using Facebook is one of the cheapest ways to maximise your businesses exposure to potential customers. By your advert being shown directly to a tailored audience at an optimised time of day, you will increase conversions.

With this large amount of users, it is increasingly accessible to reach your target audience. The system behind Facebook ads use particularly detailed targeting systems to ensure your business is achieving the best results possible. This cost effective method of advertising is used by many marketing teams. Both in house and agency teams view Facebook Ads as an integral part of their top level marketing strategy.


Health & Wellbeing

 A Facebook profile helping to build a healthy community. 

Crystal Healing

Utilising Facebook to reach & engage with customers

Mobile Applications

Social media discussions to promote products.

Franchise opportunities

Informative social media posts to advise people of business opportunities.

Lighting Retail

Facebook profile to promote products & welcome feedback.


Social media for a local school.


Interactive profile for college promotion & feedback

Personal Development

Helping build a community of people looking to personally develop their skills

Lead Generation

Facebook Ads focusing on lead generation were announced in 2015 and still remain the most efficient way to generate leads on Facebook. This type of advertising does not need a landing page and keeps the user on Facebook itself. This allows you to capture their personal information through this direct marketing channel.

In addition to this, Facebook ads provide you with the option to qualify leads via the platform itself. This is a fantastic resource for businesses that are service based. Growthlytics can help you build a well-optimised campaign for lead generation that will be tailored to your target audience and their range of devices.



Frequently Aske Questions

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with over 2.6 billion active users. It is therefore a hub for marketers alike to promote their products and services to a massive audience using highly targeted paid advertisements and organic content.

How many users does Facebook have in 2020?

Facebook has 2.6 billion active users per month at the start of 2020 and is continuously growing, making it the biggest social media platform in the world.

What is Facebook's advertising audience size?

The average audience size for your Facebook ads campaign is around 5,000 to 1,000,000 people.

How does Facebook charge for ads?

Facebook charges ads on the basis of an auction system where ads compete for ad space on the platform based on their bid and performance. Once you are able to run your ad, you will be charged for the number of clicks or the number of impressions the ad recieves.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Facebook charges based on cost per click and cost per impression. The average Facebook ad campaign costs $0.97 per click (CPC) and $7.19 cost per 1000 impressions.


Facebook messenger has now become a crucial addition to the advertising network Facebook offers. As a messaging app as opposed to a strict social media platform, the app has several ways in which it can be capitalised on.

How can Facebook Messenger directly help your business?
This starts and ends with your customers. There are a few ways in which you can maximise on this platform, these include:

  • Customer nurture process
  • Increasing sales
  • Generating leads

However, the most important aspect of Facebook Messenger is its personalisation. This aspect of the platform enables your business to deliver a tailored approach due to its conversational nature. Using Facebook Messenger as an advertising tool has proven itself time and time again. Studies have reported open rates of over 80% on Facebook Messenger compared to its traditional counterpart, email marketing.

Dynamic Product Ads

Product ads that are dynamic provide a powerful tool particularly for ecommerce brands. These will drive up return on advertising. This is demonstrated by the following example. If a user has viewed a product on Amazon for example, when they return to Facebook it’s likely the exact product will be displayed on the social networking platform.

Throughout this campaign type, your business will maximise on the personalisability of each advert. This draws further attention to a product which was not purchased, encouraging a purchase at a later date.


Remarketing via Facebook provides an efficient way for companies to deliver results immediately. This is due to the fact that when a customer has already visited your website, they are over 70% more likely to convert via an ad.

This has been made possible due to Facebook Pixels. When this is installed on a businesses website, it can be used to positive impact sales. Facebook ads can be targeted directly to visitors who have been on your company’s website within a given time frame e.g. 180 days. This provides massive benefit in re-engaging shoppers.

Individual activity can also be tracked from each user on sign. This records whether they have added to their basket or signed up to an email list etc. Each aspect of the website can be tracked and used to increase campaign performance.


Audience Targeting

You cannot have enough data when it comes to Facebook marketing. One way in which Growthlytics can help your business grow without using all of your budget is using both Customer Audiences and Lookalike Audiences on Facebook.

As you can probably guess, a custom audience consists of users who have previously engaged in your businesses content. This could be via your website, making a purchase or visiting your Facebook page. This describes a form of remarketing.

Customer audiences are useful for a number of reasons, some of the main reasons being:

  • Existing customers can be targeted
  • Customers can be remarketed to
  • Offers can be promoted to users who have previously engaged with your Facebook page.

Custom audiences have already been ‘warmed up’ this is why they are often viewed with preference and typically provide a lower ROI as they are familiar with your brand. However, Lookalike Audiences are also able deliver fantastic results when optimised correctly. This type of audience is made up of people who are similar to those in your Custom Audience.

Creating a Lookalike Audience is beneficial for clients who are looking to scale their Facebook ads. Our team at Growthlytics are able to use these ads to the advantage of your business and reach new customers.

Throughout your social media marketing account on Facebook we will manage a range of aspects, the main ones being: 

  • Ad Copy – writing compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience.
  • Visual Imagery – image selection to create a long lasting impression
  • A/B Testing – of content, images and audiences to maximise CPA
  • Pixel Installation – ensuring this is installed and tracking correctly
  • Budget optimization – ensure your budget is being spent as effectively as possible
  • Setting up campaigns – objective selection and audience segmentation are all managed here
  • Reporting and insights – analysing and tracking to uncover key insights
  • Integration of CRM – where necessary to capture leads efficiently

Profile Management:



Here at Growthlytics, we provide an unbeatable return on investment (ROI) for your business. Our social team consists of expert’s specifically in Facebook marketing. Our professionals have the knowledge to achieve the best results with their years of experience and insights.

The team at Growthlytics are on hand round the clock so you will always be able to get in touch with us. Whether it’s over the phone or via email you will always be in control of your businesses marketing activity.

Covering the entirety of each marketing discipline, each service including social media marketing on Facebook will be tailored to the needs of your business.

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