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Get the most from your social media marketing strategy. Post regularly whilst avoiding over posting. Get deep insights into your images and posts with our sophisticated analytics services.

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As the fastest growing social networking platform, Instagram has more than 1 billion active accounts. The platform shows no indicators that growth will be reduced in the near future either as more than 60% of its users interact with the platform daily.

In 2010 when Instagram was first launched, it seemed similar to many other platforms whereby users posted selfies as well as food and their pets mainly. However, in 2020 Instagram has been transformed into a well-rounded marketing channel.

Some of the newer features that Instagram has introduced provides tools and opportunities that businesses can benefit from. The main ones include analytics, ‘shoppable’ posts, new features for Instagram Stories, as well as IGTV.

Whatever sector your business operates in, from education to ecommerce, building a presence on instagram is absolutely essential. In addition to this, a social media marketing strategy dedicated to Instagram could also be necessary. This describes a plan detailing the types of content your audience resonates with in addition to tracking metrics and specific KPIs.

By connecting to literally millions of users on Instagram everyday, you will be able to resonate with a more highly engaged audience. This can be done through ads which are designed to convert users throughout the entire conversion funnel. This provides a platform to increase brand awareness and directly engage the users who would be most interested in your product or service.


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Inspirational & developmental daily posts

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Highly motivational social media posts

Business Franchises

Regular business and franchise opportunity updates.

Mobile Application

Detailed updates on new & existing mobile apps.

Instagram Ads

Benefits such as brand awareness and the ability to engage a targeted audience, only describe a fraction of the overall perks of using Instagram as an advertising platform.

With the same level of detail as Facebook in the targeting aspect of a campaign, Instagrams potential is exponential. Continuous studies have shown that more than 60% of users find out about new products and services through instagram directly! On top of this, a further 75% of these users will take some form as action if they feel inspired by an Instagram post.

It is also worth noting, the level of engagement on Instagram breaks records! Literally billions of posts are liked and stories are viewed daily. This is worth considering when you add in the fact that over a third of viewed stories are from businesses…

Instagram provides the ability to target your audience in a detailed way which can help engage a high volume of interested users. This provides a large benefit to small businesses. During 2019, Instagram earned more than $10 billion dollars in ads, this highlights one reason why it’s important your ads stand out on this platform.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is instagram marketing?

Instagram is a global platform that allows brands to personalise their content, showcase products, and inspire their audiences. The platform has over 500 million active daily users, with 35% checking Instagram multiple times a day.

How many active users does instagram have in 2020?

1 billion monthly active users. It is the second largest social media platform after Facebook

Why is instagram important for marketing?

Instagram is a vital part of parking nowadays, with over 800 million unique visitors on the platform every month. It provides your brand with an opportunity to increase your brand awareness, reach out to prospective customers and build relationships with existing customers, all of which can scale your business if done correctly.

Is instagram better than Facebook?

It depends on the demographic you are targeting and the type of content you are promoting. Facebook ads are very effective, and are able to reach an older demographic than Instagram. Whereas, Instagram is seen to be much more effective when it comes to direct customer engagement and building your brand identity.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram 2020?

Instagram charges on average between $0.70 to $1.00 per click. Although this is depending on several factors including your industry, demographics, date, and physical location.

Management & Optimisation

Growthlytics can cover the ins and outs of your Instagram campaigns from audience profiling to carousel ads. Your businesses Instagram will undergo an optimisation process with Growthlytics to ensure each campaign is maximised in terms of its structure and delivery. Each campaign will be continuously monitored and improved to ensure its optimisation.

Here at Growthlytics, we understand the importance of Instagram as an advertising platform. The results that can be delivered particularly from an ecommerce point of view can allow connection with the right audience, displaying the right product, at the right time.

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, Growthlytics are more involved with each business that we work with. By building a water tight relationship we can deliver the most optimal results to your business. We pride ourselves on feeling like a seamless addition to your
team (without the expense!) as opposed to an external agency.

What We Can Do For You

Throughout your social media marketing account we will manage a range of aspects, the main ones being:


  • Lead generation – Instagram is an extremely valuable addition to your social media marketing strategy due to its billions of active users and targeting techniques which are advanced to say the least. This is why Instagram is best positioned to attract new customers to your business.
  • Brand awareness – Due to its off the scale ROI, Instagram advertising has the maximum level of impact possible on your business. The key is ensuring the correct audience sees your adverts.
  • Website traffic increase – Engaged users spend more time on Instagram than any other social media platform. Because of this, you can guarantee that with optimal targeting, your Instagram adverts will be seen by your ideal audience.
  • Remarketing – Your business will be able to maximise its results from both new and existing users by ensuring each advert has a conversion rate that is sufficiently optimised to remarket to customers.


Our Service

Here at Growthlytics, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your company’s objectives and aims firstly, then to understand your individual target audience and competitors. Following this process, we can build an advertising strategy for Instagram which is tailored specifically for the platform. This strategy will enable your business to convert more customers daily.

Our dedicated social media marketing team have many years of experience in this industry, therefore each client has achieved success on Instagram. Whether this is in terms of growth, sales or brand awareness. Furthermore, with a consistent and well thought out social media strategy, many businesses have reduced costs in terms of client acquisition.


Our Work Doesn’t Stop There

As a full service agency, offerings are extended to other areas of social media marketing in addition to Instagram. Growthlytics also offers a range of services including social media marketing for Facebook, Content marketing as well as Google Ads and SEO services.

Each of these marketing channels must be maximised in order to create a well rounded digital marketing strategy. When each aspect is used correctly, your business can be well on its way to being an industry market leader.

Get in touch with Growthlytcis today for more information on how we can use Instagram advertising to boost the sales of your business.

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