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We can create a high performance LinkedIn strategy that engages your audience, generates leads and helps to grow your business.

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For Your Business, LinkedIn Is A Goldmine

In both B2B and B2C companies, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms in which leads can be generated. With more than 675 million users over an extensive network in more than 190 countries, this network is idealistic to boost your business.

Particularly for a B2B audience, LinkedIn is the number one social networking platform to share your content in return for leads. Experts have discovered that more than 80% of B2B leads originally derived from social media, come from LinkedIn.

By connecting and engaging with other businesses and your local area, you will in turn increase your brand visibility. However, if you are new to LinkedIn, on first glance, this can be challenging. Some businesses find extreme value in hiring a dedicated social media marketing agency like Growthlytics to ensure an optimal ROI.


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Reach A Targeted Audience

The tools, expertise and experience an agency can provide are significantly more of that than an in-house employee could learn in the near future. This is because the platform is slightly more complicated than other similar social networking sites.

LinkedIn ads allow your business to reach a highly targeted, professional audience, due to its array of opportunities to connect with a highly targeted audience, a wider range of specific professionals can be reached. This powerful platform can provide a constant stream of leads for your business when managed correctly. Find out how to manage a successful LinkedIn campaign below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform which is specifically designed for business and career professionals to connect.

How does LinkedIn work?

Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, you can share your professional background online, such as skills, education, work experience and recommendations. The platform allows you to connect with other professionals, organise offline events, write articles, post photos and videos and more. You can also apply for jobs or create job ads for your own business.

How many users are on Linkedin 2020?

675 million monthly users. 57% of these users are men and 43% women.

Can anyone see my LinkedIn profile?

Your profile is automatically set so that it is visible to all LinkedIn members. However, you can limit the visibility of your profile in settings.

Is LinkedIn effective for marketing?

LinkedIn is a very powerful marketing tool, thought to be 277% more effective at lead generation then Facebook and Twitter according to HubSpot. This is likely due to a number of factors: most LinkedIn users are high-level decision makers, 30 million companies are on LinkedIn, an ad on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world population, sponsored InMail has a 52% average open rate and more.

LinkedIn Campaigns

Different types of businesses can maximise from LinkedIn due to the high quality of each member’s account and the quality time spent on the platform. As well as being an effective place to post content, LinkedIn is also an effective place to network and connect with other professionals in a similar industry or sector.

To effectively manage your businesses LinkedIn account we have listed the 4 most improved aspects:

Optimising your profile
Your businesses linkedIn profile acts as a virtual shop window for your business. It makes up a large majority of the first impression your business is giving off. This is why it is important to brand your LinkedIn profile appropriately. This includes:

  • A clear and aesthetically appealing logo and header
  • An about description which sums up the goals of your business
  • All profile information filled in and optimised

High Levels Of Targeting

Targeting the businesses you want to follow and associated with can be time consuming and complex. You know what your target audience looks like but it can be tricky to follow and connect with them and their business on this platform without a degree of advanced search.

This is why Growthlytics propose to write a potential prospects list and search directly for industries. Targeting your lead generation techniques like this will help you in gaining the upper hand against your competitors.

Campaign targeting and Management

Delivering your call to action (CTA) should provide a clear path to users in the value of your business and its content. Whether this CTA aims for the user to leave their details or pick up the phone, either way this user is now in your conversion funnel.

By crafting a highly engaging and optimised ad, generating the previously discussed stream of leads is something within your businesses capability. After these leads have been generated, at this point we would hand them over to your business to qualify them as you feel fit.

Next Steps:

Recording Success and Next Steps

It doesn’t matter whether your business is using a CRM or simply an excel sheet, it is always important to record your results to identify campaign successes and weaknesses. It is much easier to take this analytically process off LinkedIn itself and onto a spreadsheet or document to benefit key aspects of your sales process.

Hiring Someone Else To Manage Your Businesses LinkedIn

Here at Growthlytics, we work with several businesses on increasing their LinkedIn presence organically and through ads. For some of these clients, LinkedIn is the only platform we manage! This is because the somewhat unappealing B2B world cannot generate the same engagement on Facebook or Twitter as it can on LinkedIn.

When LinkedIn is correctly managed there are a variety of opportunities, in terms of lead generation in a predominantly B2B market but also in B2C industries.


Businesses should consider LinkedIn management when…

  • Your in house team are not familiar with LinkedIn
  • Your business lacks the dedicated amount of time needed to run campaigns
  • Your team his minimal experience in lead generation

Following this agency introduction, your LinkedIn campaigns will be set up to measure ROI predominantly. Return on investment (ROI) can always be measured no matter the marketing channel or platform. This will be done by identifying the number of leads generated and converted compared to your overall spend.

From this, you will have an understanding of your ROI. However, on top of this figure, your business must also account for the increased brand awareness your company will receive, in addition to connections made.

Like all social media presence, regardless of the platform or its B2B or B2C nature, your business’s first priority should be to identify objective goals that make measuring your levels of success easier. In absence of this, it will be significantly harder for your team to identify the value of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

There’s more…

Growthlytics is a full service marketing agency that offers a broad range of social media marketing services, including LinkedIn marketing, to ensure you have the time to do what you do best! We also offer a range of other digital marketing services to ensure your business is fully covered!

Each marketing channel we optimize and manage will help build upon your overall digital marketing strategy and online presence. By using each of these factors, your company will stand good ground to become a leader in its industry.

Contact Growthlytics today to understand more about how LinkedIn could boost the sales of your business.

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