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Social Media Marketing Pinterest

It’s tempting to be fooled into thinking Pinterest is a social media channel for crafty folk who are in search of ‘pinspiration’. However, Pinterest is actually amongst the most powerful platforms to both increase brand loyalty and sales. The platform has more than 320 million active monthly users as of 2019, making it an influential social media channel that continues to grow daily.

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Why Pinterest?

After their launch in 2013, this platform has experienced a recent increase in developments and innovations. These additions include promoted pins and the ability to advertise directly on this platform. Pinterest’s ad products and targeting abilities have been made more robust to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Pinterest is extremely appealing to marketers due to its seamlessness and simplicity of its ads. In addition to this, Pinterest has a highly influential and engaged audience in comparison to other social media platforms. Aside from this, there are many benefits of using Pinterest as a marketing platform such as:

  • More than 2 billion Pinterest searches monthly.
  • 72% of users have reported finding new brands on the platform.
  • 91% of users prefer image-based content as opposed to text based.
  • 35% of individuals with an income of over $75,000 use the platform.
  • Conversion rate is 5x higher than Facebook
  • Average spend is 3x higher than Facebook

The majority of users on Pinterest are motivated purchasers and highlight a major opportunity for brands. If companies can partner with an effective Pinterest marketing agency, they will be able to optimize this platform to their advantage in turn increasing sales and boosting ROI.


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How Do Ads Work On Pinterest?

Promoted pins provide the basis on Pinterest advertising. There are 4 main ways in which brands can use this to their advantage, which are:

  • On-tap pins: these pins direct the user from their pinterest feed to the company’s site.
  • App pins: these pins contain a learn more CTA which directs the user to the
  • App Store or Google Play.
  • Video pins: these pins contain video content which play in the user’s feed directly (more than 90% of consumers find video content useful in making the decision whether to purchase a product)
  • Cinematic pins: these pins are similar to one-tap pins but provide an additional element which catches the viewer’s attention while scrolling through their feed.

For all of these Pinterest advertising options, brands experienced around a 20% increase in clicks following their launch!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people use pinterest?

Pinterest has over 320 million monthly active users

What is Pinterest mainly used for?

Pinterest in a virtual pinboard site that lets you “pin” or collect images of things you are inspired by to create their own pinboard. The images link back to websites, therefore a great way of driving traffic and sales.

Who uses Pinterest the most?

71% of Pinterest users are Females. The majority of users falling between the ages of 18-29, with 1 out of 2 millennials using Pinterest every month.

How do you get paid for posting on Pinterest?

People make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing. This is the process of earning commission through promoting others products/ services. Pinterest allows you to promote other people’s business through pin links.

Who is Pinterest owned by?

The site was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, based in San Francisco

How To Get Started With Pinterest Advertising

Firstly, it is important you have created a business account as opposed to a professional account. Following this, you must post Pins onto your own profile as these can then be promoted. After you have selected the pins you will be advertising, you must then simply set up your target audience and budget.

When deciding which pins to promote, Pinterest can help through its filtering tool of your most popular and most engaged with content. This helps you to decide which Pins are worth boosting. In addition to this, a Pinterest advertising firm would be able to provide most tailored insights into your industry.

Target Audiences On Pinterest

In terms of audience targeting, your advertising expert can select a high-level of targeting (e.g. through your pins relevant keywords) or a more specific level of targeting (e.g. through previous engagement of your audience). It is widely regarded as best practice to carefully choose your keywords as opposed to ‘overstuffing’ alongside demographic targeting.

Payment Structure On Pinterest

A bidding structure is in place in terms of paying for Pinterest ads. This is a commonly used method and familiar territory for any paid social media professional. Regardless of your advertising goals (engagement or traffic based), the cost of your ad is charged per click.

Tracking And Analysing On Pinterest

On Pinterest you are able to use a conversion tracking snippet which you are able to copy and paste into your site directly onto the page in which traffic is being directed towards. Following this, it is simply a case of monitoring your campaign.

When handled right, Pinterest is a great opportunity for businesses and marketers alike. By building brand interest in turn generating leads, you will be able to understand and track your audience. It is useful to track traffic that is incoming and identify exactly where this traffic is being referred from and which content is engaging most highly with.

Quick Question:

Do I Need A Pinterest Management Agency?

If you’re looking to manage your pins in a more effective way, it may be worth considering agency input to build an audience that’s relevant and ensure your products are ending up in front of the right people.

By leveraging this unique social network, you can be sure that your content will be placed in front of a targeted audience. Here at Growthlytics, we have Pinterest experts who have a breadth and depth of experience in maximising campaigns for engagement, traffic and ROI. Content can be created that is specifically tailored to your audience in real time!

With the likelihood of viral posts for your business when managed by Growthlytics, it is important such posts remain natural yet engaging. From this, you can turn Pinterest into an effective lead generation channel.

Using paid advertising is effective and engaging but all experienced marketers know that a balance of paid and organic growth is required to build an effective social media channel. Whilst many companies underestimate the appeal of Pinterest’s visual elements, we completely appreciate the growing trend for this type of content and it’s increased engagement.

Here are some suggestions on methods of organic growth on Pinterest:

  • For B2C sales: your products should stand out visually through the imagery focus platform.
  • Audience research: this opportunity is unique in that your business is able to grow a creative audience.
  • Rich pins: sharing your brand to a large following creates natural engagement due to the nature of the platform.
  • Creating content: your growth process can be accelerated in turn boosting your initial lead generation volumes.
  • Distribution: when creating content, ensure you’re bearing in mind your brands marketing messages to ensure continuity.
  • Engagement: using paid advertising in combination with organic growth can direct the highest volume of traffic to your website.
  • Analysis: identify your brand needs to ensure your campaigns are heading in the intended direction.

How Can I Grow My Pinterest Account Organically?

By creating and sharing the correct types of content on your Pinterest profile can sometimes be costly time wise in addition to being a tricky process. However with Growthlytics, our team can identify the types of content that your target audience are most likely to interact with. By presenting the correct type of content your business is significantly more likely to convert potential customers into paying customers. By presenting this audience with your products in a creative way allows users to see what your business is offering, in a non-salesy approach.

Influences On Pinterest

More organic results, traffic and leads can be generated through the advertising and marketing opportunities presented by Pinterest. By using a combination of the previously discussed organic and paid advertising methods you will best be able to optimise your account.

Pinterest as a search engine

Some professionals and consumers alike will fall into the traps of labelling Pinterest as a social media platform and nothing else, however this is not the case. Pinterest marketing can be leveraged to any company’s advantage even through search engines.

An example of this is the brand Adore Me who use Pinterest as a lead generation platform. They achieved significant results through the SERPs and on Pinterest alike including:
50% higher click-to-purchase on Pinterest than other social channels
4000% increase in Pinterest revenue
10-50% lower CPA on Pinterest compared to other advertising channels

Another example of a brand that has used Pinterest to its advantage is About.com who launched a rich pins campaign in order to ensure their content stood out. This involved metadata from their website being shown in combination with a pin. This campaign alone sent 70% more traffic to their specific landing page for Pinterest directly. This also saw a two-fold increase in engagement compared to that of other social media audience networks.

Using Pinterest To Your Businesses Advantage

The art of Pinterest is finding a balance for your company between promotional and engaging pins. The visual aspect of Pinterest alone engages users, but with the help of a social focused marketing agency like Growthlytics you will be able to achieve a higher ROI on this higher engagement level.

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