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The Q&A website Quora might not seem like something you need to add to your social media platforms. With the correct marketing strategy in place Quora can be a valuable asset.

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Why Should Your Marketing Strategy Include Quora?

Quora is a FAQ based website whereby questions are asked and answered by users. This method of user generated content also consists of secondary users amending content for factual accuracy. Quora encourages only high-quality answers and therefore content from real, knowledgeable individuals.

This underrated platform has in excess of 100 million active users who log onto the platform at least monthly. This predominantly social platform also has its benefits for SEO and brand awareness. Quora is free to join and provides a large audience network that would be otherwise inaccessible. It also provides a platform to engage experts in your industry.

Here at Growthlytics, we are able to use Quora for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes as well as social media marketing. Quora is used for SEO as it is often integrated into a wider content strategy as well as a great platform to target high-volume keywords through. The platform is then not too dissimilarly used for social media marketing in connecting with audiences through a highly optimized profile.


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Why Is Quora A Great Platform For Marketers?

There are a number of reasons as to why this platform is beneficial, the main ones being increased content-led traffic, improving content quality and boosting the authority of your domain and brand.

There are a variety of ways that Quora can improve your content marketing strategy and in turn its overall success. But, in addition to this there are also other benefits:

Increasing traffic to your website. Quora is a great platform to drive incremental traffic to your businesses blog, or other content platforms online.

Traffic driven is of a higher quality. While Quora cannot compare to the likes of Facebook and Twitter in terms of traffic volumes driven, the quality of traffic driven is considerably higher. This means that users landing on your website from this social media platform will spend more than a few seconds there and likely take action.


Experts have found that Quora driven traffic on many websites also has a considerably lower bounce rate. This in turn increases the conversion rate of such users.

Boost your brand authority. Consider adding Quora to your social media strategy as this platform is ideal in sharing your company knowledge. This valuable content can go a long way, particularly in boosting authority in your businesses specific niche. This helps your brand reach a level of social influencer status.

Understanding your audience more clearly. Established in 2009, Quora has outlived its original competitors such as Yahoo Answers in terms of growth due to the high quality of its content. It’s based on a foundation of real users and their experiences.

Because of this, it is easier to learn more about your audience, not only in terms of their needs but also in terms of what they’re searching for and what question they have. Furthermore, this social media platform is a fantastic tool to learn more about your audience as people rather than figures.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quora?

Quora is an informational exchange website where people can ask and answer questions covering over 400,000 topics. The site discourages low-quality answers, and questions can be answered by professionals in that topic area.

How many people use Quora?

300 million monthly active users.

What is the main demographic for Quora 2020?

There is a 43/57 female-to-male ratio, with majority of users over the age of 18

Why should you use Quora in your marketing strategy?

Quora can be used as a promotional strategy, where you can answer questions about topics in your niche. Positioning yourself as an industry thought leader in your field, can drive traffic back to your website and build valuable customer relationships.

How much is Quora worth 2020?

$2 billion

Are There Any More Benefits Of Quora As A Networking Platform?

There is a great opportunity on this platform for content research as well as creation. The more popular a certain topic is within your industry, the more questions it will have related to it. By using the search bar at the top of the platform, you will be able to access many new questions.

This area of the platform can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and the types of questions that they are asking. This means you can provide content with a higher value to these users.

Keyword Research Benefits Of Quora

In addition to the content strategy side of this platform, Quora provides high value when researching keywords. This helps your business to better understand your audience’s online presence. The more time spent on Quora, the more you will understand how the platform is used in a natural manner, in terms of both questions and answers.

The marketing tool is currently not taken advantage of by many businesses. While there are plenty of users, there are not plenty of businesses on the site. Those companies who have managed to optimise this platform for the gain of their business have managed to boost traffic and awareness efficiently. Keyword research, targeted content and increasing conversion rates can all be experienced through this platform.

Why choose Growthlytics to manage your Quora channel?

As a full service agency we understand how Quora fits into the bigger picture rather than just for its use as a social network. We understand the long-term value to SEO that Quora can deliver when managed correctly. We would use your Quora account to find high volume keywords and topics as well as identifying gaps in current content.

We Are Experts In Content Strategy Building.

With a combination of talented content writers and SEO experts, here at Growthlytics we can maximise the functionalities of Quora in order to generate keywords and content ideas. We understand how important high quality content is when teamed with social media and SEO marketing strategies. From this we deliver the highest level of service possible.

We Believe In Creating Partnerships.

Our aim is always to deliver customer growth, our values and ideas reflect this every step of the way. This ensures we can consistently deliver a high ROI to your business. Going above and beyond for our clients, we aim to build a long term partnership to see the growth of your business skyrocket. This builds the foundation for success in social media marketing and Quora specifically.

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