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Social Media Marketing Reddit

There are a variety of platforms available to digital marketing professionals which provides many options for business to advertise on. Each platform is beneficial for different audiences and strategies. It is important these experts first understand the goals of their marketing efforts in addition to the objectives of the business as a whole to decide which channels will be most effective.

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Why Reddit?

When considering platforms for digital marketing, an often underrated channel is Reddit. With the correct action plan, Reddit can prove extremely valuable in a wider digital marketing plan. The value of this channel can be demonstrated by the following statistics:

  • 1.7 billion users accessed the platform as of 2019.
  • Over 85% of visitors are under 35 years of age.
  • 46% of users are international compared to 54% in the US.

Reddit holds a group of potential customers which are highly engaged. Following its independence in 2011, the platform continues to grow daily. A large factor in this growth is the platform is based on user interest and their questions.


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Advertising on Reddit

Advertising on Reddit is considered extremely simple, the main reasons for this is due to ‘subreddits’. Professional marketers are able to specifically target their product or service to users who will be interested. A subreddit is only utilised by those who are already interested in this specific topic, therefore the audience are well defined and engaged.

An example of this is when a Reddit ad by PocketDem was launched. Due to the hyper-specific volume of users, the channel sent more than 220% of customers to their website through this advertising platform. Because of this, 50% of their marketing budget was shifted to this engaged platform.

Aside from the high targeted audiences, and due to the fact ads can appear on subreddits, this channel is highly affordable and engaged. Community members are also given the option to comment and feedback on the ad.

This means that customer testimonials and tools are easily accessible to the marketers. Another example of a huge Reddit advertising success was from Positech Games. This company gained an average of 40 comments per ad which means extensive feedback and information for the business.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Reddit used for?

Reddit is a social sharing website which allows users to submit links, pictures and text, which everyone can then vote on. The content that is voted the most will rise to the top, while content voted the least will become less visible.

How many users are there on Reddit 2020?

330 million monthly active users

Can you sell products on Reddit?

Yes, you can use Reddit to sell your products through ads, comments and AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Why is Reddit so popular?

Reddit is one of the biggest social media sites in the world. It became popular due to the vast amount of information on pretty much everything, displayed in a forum like discussion groups called subreddits.

Is Reddit good for marketing?

Reddit has huge marketing potential, with millions of active users each month on the platform it is a great place to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website

The Affordability Of Reddit Advertising

This platform offers two options in terms of advertising, promoted posts and display ads. This makes the platform more affordable as running a variety of ads on the same platform is less accessible. The advertising type with the lowest CPM is promoted posts. Due to this, Reddit’s minimum budget is as little as $5.

The Basics Of Advertising On Reddit

The two main options to maximise your return on Reddit ads are either using the self-serve mechanism built into the platform, or using the services of the site directly. The main difference between these two options is the scale of the campaign. If you choose to use the self-serve option the minimum spend is $5 whereas using Reddit’s services start at a minimum spend of $50,000…

For this reason we will focus on the self serve advertising platform. Through the self serve platform the main option of advertising is through promoted posts. These types of ads are either a link ad or a text ad.
A link ad is comprised of a link to an external URL e.g. your website
A text ad consists of a link to another Reddit page or posts. This is more descriptive and informational to a user and can collect additional feedback.

Your Reddit advertising Goals

If your Reddit marketing goal is to drive traffic, a link ad is likely to be more suited to your campaign. However, if you’re trying to increase conversation and brand engagement, a text ad would be more suitable. After aligning your ad type to your goals, be sure to read the best practices of Reddit advertising to understand the most suitable formatting and design.

Your Reddit Advertising Target Audience

Following this, you will be able to choose your target audience. At this stage you will be able to explore the option of targeting by subreddit, which the platform recommends.

By using third party tools in addition to your own research, as a marketer you will be able to understand which subreddits are most suited to your target audience. If you are struggling here, the option of browsing negative keywords or subreddits is available to ensure these are not included in the interests of your target audience.

Your Reddit Advertising Budget

After selecting your ad type and target audience, you will be required to set a budget for your campaign. Through Reddit this is achieved by bidding at the highest amount your business is willing to pay. Your budget will be allocated as a cost per thousand impressions.

Your Reddit Advertising Tracking

After setting your budget, target audience and ad goal, all that’s left is to report on your campaign and monitor its performance. Reddit is unique in this way as where other channels, feedback on ad campaigns is available to track in addition to your standard KPIs. Reddit as a marketing platform is one of the best channels for paid advertising due to this. You are able to analyse and track your campaigns success thoroughly and accurately.

Your Reddit Advertising Agency

As a platform that is underused by marketers and as an advertising channel, minimal experts are trained on Reddit advertising to an effective level. An example of where it could go wrong was demonstrated by EA games. A significant volume of downvotes were applied to a user feedback comment from the company, which reflects negatively on the business.

However, this will not be the case with the correct knowledge and experience. A well educated approach to Reddit advertising can see results of 5x return on investment and 7.5x the volume of direct traffic!

By hiring a Reddit advertising agency means you can be sure to achieve these significant results as opposed to doing it yourself and reaching the pitfalls of EA games for example. Through a Reddit advertising agency, you will avoid the fear of downvotes and in turn boost the channels chances of success. By letting an agency manage this unique channel, the ROI from these engaged users could be exponential. This is also beneficial as Reddit managed ad services can be pricey…

Who Are Growthlytics?

Growthlytics is a full service agency that has hands-on experience working with Reddit. Our team consists of experienced and qualified professionals that would work closely with your business to achieve success through this opportunistic platform. This allows you to maintain your brand identity whilst appealing to this highly targeted and engaged audience of Reddit users.

We are an agency that guarantees results due to our data-driven mindset. Your business would be able to analyse and track each result from your advertising campaign. In addition to this, the management technology used at our agency is second to none, ensuring your Reddit campaigns can be expertly optimised and managed. Our management services run from ad launch all the way through to reporting to ensure the maximum ROI and benefits can be achieved for your company.

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