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Spotify Marketing – Podcasts

Reach the highest quality audiences with our Spotify Podcast strategies for promoting your business brand.

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How Is Spotify Positioning Itself As A Priority For Brands?

Did you know that Spotify isn’t just used for music? It’s also becoming a force to be reckoned with, as a platform for business podcasts.

Check out these “Spotify Quick Facts” –

  • 286 million active monthly users
  • 130 million subscribers
  • Over 50 million tracks to choose from
  • 4 billion playlists
  • Now available in 92 countries (a further 13 were added in July 2020)

This data is straight from the horse’s mouth – and it tells you all you need to know about the scope of its audience, and therefore your potential to leverage it.

Spotify has helped to move the music industry from an “owned transactional” model, to one that is subscription based. This means that rather than stacking up tonnes of CDs in your car, or having to wait for a product to be delivered to your door, you’ve got whatever you want, on demand.


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As you know, TV went down this exact route a few years ago, and its success has been phenomenal. The difference with Spotify is that people often turn to it when they are doing something else, like driving, or sunning themselves on a beach – basically, the times where they’re not at home. Based on the fact that swathes of people are commuting (this isn’t likely to change despite lockdown) and eating lunch in the workplace, there’s plenty of downtime for them to discover new things – such as podcasts.

How often do you find that you’ve heard enough music for one day, and now want to mix it up with something educational? Lockdown has made people contemplate more than ever, in terms of how they spend their time. Exercise and education are two of the biggest trends to have emerged in recent months, and this provides you with what can be considered an unprecedented opportunity to get online and showcase your knowledge and expertise in a different light.


Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is video?

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

How many users does YouTube have 2020?

1.8 billion users

Why is YouTube a good marketing tool?

YouTube is the best channel for video marketing due to the massive shift towards video content and the massive audience potential. The platforms can lead to boosts in SEO performance, build traffic and brand awareness, increase your social reach globally, improve ROI and widen your video marketing strategy into multiple channels.

How many marketers use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy?

Nearly half of marketers (48%)

How often do people upload videos on YouTube?

More than 100 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube per minute, therefore it is vital you have an effective marketing strategy in place to make you stand out.

Spotify Has A Range Of Resources For Businesses

As well as for the more creative among us. Artists never-before heard of, are now commanding a share of the limelight as people seek out new music experiences.

The same can be said for podcasts. When did you last feel as though you had time to listen to genuine insights, on a subject matter you were really interested in? When you consider how much downtime there is – that is to say, away from TV screens – you’ll find many hours in the day where listening to podcasts is realistically possible.

When we talk about social media, the first ones that may come to mind are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – but rarely does anyone mention Spotify as a social media platform. But why not? Some might say this is unfair. If I was to make a case for it to be considered in the same realm, I’d tell you it has the same functions as the others, where you can post and upload content, follow people or businesses, and like and share the content. In addition, as a contributor you’ve also got the metrics available to review your data, your audiences, and your level of engagement.

But Spotify won’t harbour any grudges. It’s already pushing out its message to businesses that their platform is not to be ignored, and with 130 million subscribers, businesses would be hard pressed not to give them some serious thought. The average user listens to around 25 hours, which should give plenty of time to squeeze in a few podcasts amongst the music!

Podcasts – The “What” and the “Why”

A podcast is essentially “radio on demand”, where people can either stream the content for immediate listening, or download it onto their phone, desktop or tablet, and listen to it at a more convenient time. One great function they have is the ability to alert you when a new podcast becomes available from the people that you follow.. This affords any business with a very simple ability to reach out to their loyal band of followers, without the need for a promotional message to accompany it – thus saving time.

Earlier, we touched on the fact that there are a range of options Spotify presents for aspiring thought leaders and creative to start building their own audiences – such as Spotify For Vendors and Spotify For Artists; but the one we’ll focus on first is Spotify for Brands.

A major benefit is that, similar to Google, people log in to Spotify on all their devices for the sake of convenience. This means that you’ll never lose any data with regards to where and how they are consuming their music and podcasts. For example, 68% of millennials stream their content on a mobile phone, while mums are 25% more likely to be streaming in the early hours of the morning.

With this level of detail about their users, it makes it easier to find the right audience to target, and improve your brand’s engagement.

Spotify For Brands Also Offers Four Different Ad Formats

Audio – ads are served in between songs
Podcasts – use creative audio options or hire a well known / trusted voice suitable for your industry
Video – the user can watch a promoted video ad, and receive 30 minutes ad-free listening in return
Display – image ads that users need to click on, or swipe away

Audio and Podcast options also allow you to target Playstations and Smart TVs, which can greatly enhance your brand awareness.

Spotify For Podcasters is another great tool. Using their preferred provider, Anchor.fm, you can record audio directly from your browser, and even use free music and sound effects.

Tracking the activity of your followers allows you to see how long they listened to your podcast, and where they start and stop. Data such as this would allow you to understand whether you could afford to increase the duration of your podcasts, or whether to trim them, depending on the percentage of people who listened all the way through.

We offer all of these options for you at Growthlytics, to help you kick start your podcast journey.

Why You Should Be Creating Podcasts

Ultimately, you’re looking to build authority, for people to see you as an industry leader. You’re inviting others to listen to the answers to some of their problems or pain points, and sharing your knowledge. There’s an assumption that someone with an authoritative voice, who has an engaged community following their every word, might be more expensive as they would drive better results. You could justifiably increase your costs once you’ve built up an enviable audience size.

Podcasts also allow for an easy way of creating content for other platforms. For example, you can write a transcript of it and place it on a blog post. This is an efficient way of assisting with your Search Engine Optimisation activity. You can also record the podcast using video, and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

Be Consistent

Creating one podcast won’t be sufficient in building a community. Before you start, plan out a succession of podcasts that you will upload at regular time intervals – daily, weekly, or monthly. As your followers continue to grow, your data will tell you the most popular times of day when they are listening. Apply this new knowledge to the time of day most appropriate for your audience, and you may increase your listening times, as well as new fans.

If you don’t quite feel you have the time or commitment to undertake a new marketing strategy such as this, or you’d simply like a taste of it to see whether you’d enjoy it, you can always find podcasters within your niche and become a guest on their show.

Whichever route you decide, Growthlytics has all the tools and equipment you need to get started with your first podcast.

Email us at hello@growthlytics.net to book a free consultation.

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