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Depending on your generation, you may not have even come across TikTok yet! It is one of the most up and coming social media platforms since Instagram. It’s likely that eventually the success of this platform will overtake that of both Facebook and Instagram. As a trendy channel, the main audience on TikTok spans between the ages of 8 to 21. In over 30 countries, this app is already the number 1 downloaded piece of software and is continuing to grow rapidly in Europe.

Therefore, businesses and brands are becoming increasingly invested in the platform as it’s relevance spreads geographically and throughout different age groups. As the next generation takes to this platform, from a business standpoint the continued investment makes sense. As a very young target group who become increasingly relevant with age, advertisers can get in early to ensure maximum success.

As a social focused agency, we can help you with an entire TikTok marketing strategy from consultation to reporting.


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TikTok Advantages and Disadvantages

As a very new social media platform compared to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, there are many factors in this area of advertising and social media marketing that are relatively unknown. However, from what we do know about this platform, we have listed the main advantages and disadvantages of TikTok as a marketing platform.


  • Compared to other network TikTok is less developed
  • Cheaper ideas and promotion opportunities as influencers are younger
  • High organic reach easily achievable through fewer channels
  • Growth of TikTok is expanding similar to Instagram sis 5 years ago


  • Regular, new and creative content is needed that is more substantial than just images
  • Target audiences must be a maximum of 20, after this reach is extremely minimal
  • A target audience over the ages of 30 is virtually non-existent
  • There is still no link tracking features on the platform
  • Monitoring and reporting features are not meaningful or thorough


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform where people create, share and discover short music videos.

How many active users are on TikTok 2020?

800 million users

How quick has TikTok grown?

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world and thought to overtake Facebook and Instagram in the future.

Why brands should be on TikTok?

TikTok is an essential marketing tool in todays digital world, particularly if your target audience is young. One reason to invest in TikTok is that it has the highest social media engagement rates per post. One of the main ways brands market their products or services is through TikTok influencers.

How much are TikTok ads?

TikTok ads start at $10 per 1000 views (CPM). There is also a minimum of $500 on a campaign.

TikTok Facts and Figures

There are many aspects of TikTok which are still relatively unknown. However, we do know some facts and figures about TikTok which could be useful to marketers around the world. For example, in Germany an average of 39 minutes per day is spent on the app by its users. The app is also opened an average of 8 times per day which is high comparatively to other social media apps.

Originating from a music community perspective, TikTok content is made up of short videos lasting between 15 and 30 seconds. While the app was intended to allow users to playback their favourite songs, more small stories were created and shared on the platform which saw the beginning of its success. Producing content for TikTok is unlike content creation for other channels due to its complexity. Each video must be engaging and entertaining as a priority.

TikTik facts and figures broken down:

  • 39 minutes daily usage (Germany)
  • Videos 15-30 seconds in length
  • 6.5 billion views a month
  • 54% female Vs 46% male users

How Does TikTok Work?

Imagine Instagram but with only video content, then add a dash more colour, volume and movements and you will have the basis of TikTok. By simply browsing the homescreen you will identify its entertainment focused ethos. Up to 3 videos are shown in an animated preview on the same screen after logging into the app.

On some social media platforms the use of current music songs is forbidden due to copywriting. However, TikTok is unique in that it provides users with the opportunity to use almost every song available in it’s content due to partnership with large music companies. In turn this allows bloggers to use this audio content freely increasing the engagement of their content.

Advertising On TikTok

Growthlytics is a social first agency which has access to TikTok’s ad platform and creatives campaigns that are high quality and high converting helping your business drive sales through this medium. Each TikTok campaign is designed for influencers creatives and our agency experience alike.

Here at Growthlytics, we would help you to get your TikTok marketing campaign up and running in addition to providing a strategy to upskill your in house marketing team.

Growing Your TikTok Account

Building your brand’s presence and profile of TikTok is one of the most effective ways to boost your marketing efforts. With the help of Growthlytics you will be able to scale your brand’s TikTok channel by thousands of users in a matter of weeks! The learnings we have gained as a social media marketing agency can help boost your brand exponentially.

Viral Music On TikTok

Due to its intended functionality, music is a common theme across TikTok. With hundreds of campaigns under our belt, Growthlytics have used music across TikTok from a variety of genres to increase streams and engagement.

Viral Films On TikTok

TikTok as a social media platform is not comparable to anything like it. It allows opportunities where marketers would previously have thought impossible. For example, when driving engagement to a horror film, TikTok allows you to engage users to feel like they’re the actors themselves.

An example of a successful TikTok marketing campaign was in the run up to the film ‘countdown’s release. The film was based on a fictional app that counted down the days until the characters died, TikTok used this to simulate a devil that appeared on your screen and chased you when your supposed countdown ran out. This campaign attracted hundreds of thousands of audience members to engage with the film.

Increasing Apps Downloaded From TikTok

A great example of a brand increasing app downloads and standing out from the crowd is dating app Hilly. This brand firstly understood that humour was the key to advertising their services due to it’s lightheartedness and relatability, because of this they used meme style content to engage a wider audience.

Due to perfectly resonating creatives, their engagement rate increased to 10% and the app saw a sharp spike in downloads organically.

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