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Vimeo marketing strategies

Promote your business with our high quality video content marketing services. Maximise the potential of Vimeo as a platform for raising brand awareness.

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What Is Video Marketing?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your overall marketing mix, you couldn’t do much better than to consider video marketing. It’s arguably one of the best methods to push your brand awareness further, because it’s the easiest form of media that people can digest, in terms of learning, entertainment and discovery.

Google had the tremendous foresight to acquire YouTube way back in 2006, roughly 3 years before it really started becoming mainstream. It cost them $1.65 billion dollars at the time, which can be considered a snip bearing in mind that as of 2020, it generates an annual revenue of $15 billion!

You can even make money directly from YouTube, because it pays you between £1 and £3 per 1000 views, and even more if your account starts reaching 1000 hours of time spent watching your content. We’ll see how Vimeo compares shortly.

The question is, how do you get started? And with dozens of companies offering video services online, how do you know which to choose?

We’re going to make this easy for you and say that, after nearly 20 years in the industry, we’ve adopted Vimeo as our go-to platform for video creation.


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What Is Vimeo?

While similar to YouTube, Vimeo is possibly their nearest competitor, whose community tends to be the creative and arts based groups. Started in 2004, it’s now the ideal platform for around 70 million creative-types who genuinely have a reason to be using a video streaming service.

Vimeo’s real differentiation lies in its ability to allow greater customisation for customers, and they way that people or businesses can make money. Vimeo’s method allows people to pay a small fee, prior to watching videos. Semi-professional film makers and sports companies are just two industries that really thrive on Vimeo.



Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is video?

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

How many users does YouTube have 2020?

1.8 billion users

Why is YouTube a good marketing tool?

YouTube is the best channel for video marketing due to the massive shift towards video content and the massive audience potential. The platforms can lead to boosts in SEO performance, build traffic and brand awareness, increase your social reach globally, improve ROI and widen your video marketing strategy into multiple channels.

How many marketers use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy?

Nearly half of marketers (48%)

How often do people upload videos on YouTube?

More than 100 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube per minute, therefore it is vital you have an effective marketing strategy in place to make you stand out.

Vimeo Marketing Strategy – What We Offer

One of the main benefits of video marketing is that it’s easier to establish a strong online presence. Video link clicks are approximately 40% more likely to happen than people wanting to click on website links. There is also a significantly higher likelihood of brand engagement, where people like, share and follow the content that you produce. All this interaction, over time, can lead to viewers becoming customers.

An important by-product of this is something called “social proof”. This makes your marketing budget even more effective, because even though you may be paying for clicks, you’re also receiving organic growth. Anything that is recommended by a friend – or an influencer – is more likely to be held in a higher regard, and with more trust, than a corporate message alone. You may find that your followers and page likes will increase at a faster rate than with most other types of marketing.

Vimeo also offers, through their Business and Premium plans, the ability to add email capture forms, which you can then seamlessly integrate with email marketing companies such as MailerLite, MailChimp, and Campaign Connex, and begin targeting your viewers with promotional messaging.

And if you’d like to switch things up and drive traffic to a landing page instead of to one of your videos, then you have the option to do exactly that.

Video Creation – Our Recommendations

You should always look to create a storyboard for your videos, regardless as to their length. This just ensures that you tailor your content in the right way, and to the right audiences fit for that content. In addition, shorter videos tend to be viewed in their entirety more so than, say, one that is 10 minutes in length. That’s not to say don’t do it – but if you are justifiably considering a longer video, use the storyboard process to help create shorter videos from within it. Doing this will mean you can then use snippets of the video on different social media platforms, and can even apply them to Pay Per Click campaigns.

Video Campaigns Using Email Marketing

Promoting your video content through email marketing enhances the efficiency and results of any email marketing campaign. The initial goal for campaigns of this type is to ensure a high percentage of emails are opened; and subsequently, for the link(s) within it, to be clicked on.

Oberlo – an app which allows you to easily import products into an ecommerce store – has a ton of great videos teaching people all about dropshipping. They frequently send out emails with great content, some of which are labelled “Video” in the email title. They might even state the video length too, which immediately gives the reader an opportunity to open it immediately if they have the time to view it, or keep it as “New” if not.

SEO Benefits Of Video Marketing Using Vimeo

The longer that people remain on a website, the more relevant the website is deemed in Google’s eyes. In fact, “Time On Page” is one of the key metrics Google uses to help rank your site in search results. A good result when looking in your Google Analytics account is around 2 minutes, so if your videos are mostly around the 3 minute mark, you’ll be doing better than the majority of your competitors. Keep in mind that they’ll only watch the whole video if it’s educational or engaging enough!

Strategic Video Placements

Let’s say that you now have a video ready to be promoted. Aside from placing it on Vimeo (obviously!) where else should you embed it?

Home Page – 90% of your overall website traffic will land on this page, so it’s crucial to give them a range of options to choose from. A short video that outlines what your company does, and how you do it, will help increase your engagement rate, as well as keeping them on the page.

Landing Page – a specific page within your website where you showcase a specific product or service offering. Tailoring video content to something specific can result in the most engaged traffic, and targets people with a higher intent to make contact, or make a purchase.

Blog – If you need to educate people about your industry, then something like a how-to video is an effective way to do this. Your blog is the perfect place for videos, as it’s the realm for people who are open to being influenced in their decision making. The more you promote yourself as a thought leader, the more trustworthy you will appear, and ultimately, this can lead to increased sales.

How Can Growthlytics Help With Your Vimeo Marketing?

With mobile phone data becoming increasingly more affordable, and with higher data allowances, the average person in the UK is now consuming around 90 minutes of video content per day. By the end of 2021, experts predict this will easily rise to over 100 minutes for the first time.

This is why we always consider a mobile phone audience as well as those using desktops, and segment the data to review the performance of brand awareness, as well as direct sales. Videos will have varying impact depending on their content and their length, and this is why storyboarding is so important as part of the strategy.

Contact us at hello@growthlytics.net to get started.

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