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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the UK with more than 4 billion video videos each day across the world. This platform is low-cost in terms of advertising making it an effective platform to showcase your brand to a wider audience.

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Why Advertise On YouTube?

As the world’s biggest internet video website, YouTube has billions of users. With videos being shared via other social media platforms, your businesses reach when posting a video to youtube is limitless. With a rising popularity in video content, showcasing high quality video content via YouTube advertising is a must.


Health & Wellbeing

Instructional & motivational fitness videos. 

Jobs Avilable 

Create a digital strategy that suits your business’ needs

Offices To Let

Find a wide range of Commercial Properties to let in your Local Area

Insurance Agents

How can insurance brokers market  themselves effectively?

How To Generate Leads Via YouTube Ads

With an effective YouTube strategy you will be able to convert your leads from advertising at a higher rate. As the largest user-generated content platform online the opportunities that come with marketing and advertising in this way are unique and therefore require innovative methods.

Here at Growthlytics, we can help your brand to create bespoke YouTube marketing campaigns to help your business make the most of an ever growing video audience. We can help identify unique opportunities in terms of video creatives for advertising as well as reaching out to popular channels through our network of connections to provide more branded content.



Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is video?

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

How many users does YouTube have 2020?

1.8 billion users

Why is YouTube a good marketing tool?

YouTube is the best channel for video marketing due to the massive shift towards video content and the massive audience potential. The platforms can lead to boosts in SEO performance, build traffic and brand awareness, increase your social reach globally, improve ROI and widen your video marketing strategy into multiple channels.

How many marketers use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy?

Nearly half of marketers (48%)

How often do people upload videos on YouTube?

More than 100 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube per minute, therefore it is vital you have an effective marketing strategy in place to make you stand out.

YouTube’s Flexible Advertising

We are able to create a custom advertising calendar that is suited to the needs of your business and positively promote your brand. The video content creators that we work with ensure cost effective video content tailor made for advertising teamed with a positive message. Then, each bespoke video will be presented to your audience in a natural way therefore increasing engagement.

In What Other Ways Can Growthlytics Tailor Your YouTube Ads?

Discovery: Growthlytics will work with your existing brand to increase organic growth through regular content.
Audience research: by creating positive engagement with your audience users these users are being consistently reinforced by your brand.
Channel research: opportunities to run paid advertising on YouTube is assessed on an individual brand basis.
Advert optimisation: your brand’s message is created in relation to your businesses specific target audience. This means more leads are generated and in turn converted.
Influencer outreach: by engaging with and collaborating with key influencers, your organic brand growth will increase.
Reporting: we generate custom reports showing how your brand currently performs on YouTube in comparison to your goals and competitors.

Each message, whether organic or paid is crafted then distributed across YouTube to your specific audience demographic for a particular objective. The custom-curated content that we make at Growthlyics for your brand, helps the audiences that are most crucial to your business engage with your brand.

Additionally to this, we also track campaign messages and certain KPIs to identify which parts of the campaign are working and which are not. This helps us understand your brand and it’s audience further in turn boosting the conversion rate of these ads.

How Can YouTube Marketing Help You Reach The Right Audience?

There are a number of ways your business can reach your target audience, one of which is user segmentation. Here at Growthlytics we are well versed in the benefits of using user segmentation when carrying out paid advertising on YouTube, regardless of where these types of adverts are shown, whether that’s directly on other videos or sponsoring original content.

YouTube Influencers Are Another Way To Boost Your Visibility

By collaborating or teaming up with highly influential creators on YouTube you will be able to sustain continuous growth on this platform. We can help you to target key influencers that have a connection with your audience. In turn this will help in the longer term collaboration of engaging content that positive impacts your brand.

At Growthlytics we have experience in sponsoring videos and sending samples to influencers which in turn builds up the necessary relationship to boost your YouTube platform. These types of collaborations alongside sponsored content are proven to not only boost your brand recognition for your target audience but also real conversions and sales.

There Are Several YouTube Ad Formats Available.

These include:
TrueView In-stream. This displays video advertising campaigns at the beginning of or during longer videos.
TrueView Discovery. These are displayed as ad format banners and/or thumbnails used to click through to your website directly.
Bumper Ads. This displays a short and snappy advertising clip before the user is able to see their intended video.
TrueView for Shopping. These ads showcase your products or services by making the ad interactive. The aim of this ad is to bring a potential customer closer to making a purchase.

In addition to these key methods, it is not uncommon for YouTube ads to be displayed across other types of videos as well as Google partner sites. To ensure a relevant, target audience is still being displayed to, there are a number of additional demographic layers including behaviour, remarketing and keyword searches.

Here at Growthlytics, we can ensure that your brand’s YouTube marketing efforts will be a success through building a dedicated strategy with specific KPIs in turn understanding the most optimal ways to maximise your conversions on this channel. Another service we offer is a complete YouTube takeover which involves a makeover to your homepage and creatives, particularly, but not exclusively the profile’s masthead.

YouYube targeting and analysis

When users visit YouTube, typically they are searching for a specific type of content, this is brilliant from a marketing perspective as it allows detailed targeting. The level of targeting we can provide is dependent on the needs of your business.

Additionally, we can tailor the copy of in-display ads to increase its relevance depending on the page each user views it on. Therefore each subsection of your target audience will see the most relevant version of the ad to then, in turn increasing conversions and sales.

The progress of each campaign will be monitored and optimised to ensure the most effective distribution of your budget. The most common metrics in which YouTube advertising is measured in are:

  • View rate
  • Video play rate
  • Earned views
  • Earned shares
  • Earned likes
  • Earned subscribers

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