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Digital process roadmap

Digital Roadmaps and digital process planning, is a comprehensive method that can help all categories of businesses far and wide, be that startups or multi branched establishments, organize their path forward, and the journey their brand is to go down. Having this careful, detailed plan in place helps business to achieve goals, set business benchmarks, and also to ensure unnecessary processes are avoided; meaning time and money could be saved.

So, how would you specifically define the Digital Roadmap Process?

When a brand is able to successfully implement a detailed and methodical, yet still somewhat flexible and versatile, adjustable digital plan, this business strategy and process is one of the key factors that can help transform a company’s operational output, and help the brand to flourish and grow organically in their market environment, as well as helping to identify and keep track of their consumer’s changing shopping and consumption habits.



In order to specifically define the Digital Roadmap strategy, think of it as a blueprint; a representative sketch or outline, of all the steps, challenges and goals you want your company to strive for, overcome and achieve, in both a short or longer period of time. Included in your Digital Roadmap strategy and forward planning should be your long- and short-term business plans and idealistic business objectives, as well as contingency plans and follow up options for all your goals. Planning follow up options or a ‘plan B’ ensures this second option or plan can immediately be called up, if your original business strategy falls short of isn’t getting the traction needed. However, this shouldn’t happen if your initial Digital strategy and roadmap is thought through and illustrated thoroughly.

This thorough plan, therefore, should ultimately offer your business the speed and driving force it needs to push forward in the crowded business market and make waves within your target consumer base. This plan will be successfully proven to adapt your business’s once abstract, holistic vision into a now tangible, tactile strategy, that can be used and understood by all of the team, so everyone is reaching for those new highs and making sure they see their Key Performance Indicators and Return on Investments.

Negotiating your business’s risks, identifying your objectives, ensuring the business doesn’t veer off course, and stepping above and beyond your competition, a Digital Process can guarantee a positive journey, an established route and a solid, highlighted end goal for your business. What’s not to love about that type of ensured success?



How do you achieve the correct Digital Roadmap?

Now that the Digital Roadmap process has been defined, and the need and importance of a strong yet flexible digital process has been explained, it is essential to follow a number of key steps in order to guarantee and certify that your Digital Roadmap Strategy is 100% a certain success.
We’ve broken these points down for you into four solid steps that flow seamlessly together and that can be put in place for any character or size of business.
1.) Flexibility and Adaptiveness
2.) Collaboration
3.) Clear Objectives
4.) Consultancy aid – Consider Growthlytics

Flexibility –

The importance of a Digital Roadmap is to not make the plan too rigid or too set in stone from the offset. You need to allow for growth of the company, and for flexibility and adaptation if this also occurs within the company. The best plans and strategies for the most successful companies are used as live, working documents, that although do set and highlight goals and objectives, and provide a constant plan to refer back to, allow a space for change as and when the business grows and moves forward.
In order to navigate through the ever changing and ever evolving digital landscape, an area that is forever influx, a modern, contemporary strategy, showing movements, and details of consumer behaviors and external and internal influences must be provided by your business.

Collaboration –

By having a strong element of collaboration with stakeholders, external creatives or investors and partners to the business, these collaborators can also be kept up to date with your business plan and strategy, as and when it adapts and evolves.

Objectives –

Enabling your digital roadmap to have clearly outlined, and strategic goals that have been articulated and processed, can aid you in achieving your goals and meeting your milestones from the onset and beginning of your plan. Moreover, within these objectives you should consider various variables and brand touchpoints including: knowing the purpose and main aim of your of your plan and strategy, so it is clear to everyone in the team why you need to get there, creating a SWOT analysis to help you in preparation for your plan, and also take note of which technological platforms and outlets you also need to suggest to be used within the business plan. Finally, having an idea and an outline of your internal and costs is also an essential element of your digital roadmap strategy, so you can be made aware of any profit goals, and any outgoing and expenditure levels.

Consultancy help –

Enlisting the help of a digital consultancy agency, like our expert team here at Growthlytics, will provide you with the specialized support you may need for your digital roadmap plan. A consultancy can help you identify your competitors, give you and insight into the market place and provide you with all the details you need to know surrounding newly emerging consumer trends, platforms and technology releases, you may want to add into your plan, so you know you and your brand are future proofed, and a step ahead of the cub and your competition.


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