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Mobile Application Development

You have a website, and you know it’s been optimised for mobile phones. This means that your website visitors don’t have to pinch and zoom in order to read your content, or view your images and videos. On both desktops and mobile phones, you’ve built a powerful user experience and defined your user journeys to encourage website visitors to become your new customers.

mobile app

That’s a great start

But even though business may be going pretty well for you right now, you’re mulling over whether to take things to the next level. How can you further leverage your brand and your service offering, in order to place you in the minds of your present and future customers more often?

The mobile app is where you can take your next step up. Business owners often consider the development of mobile apps to be expensive, but as with any type of investment, it’s all about what you receive in return. If after 12 months, your mobile app data showed that you had generated 4 times your original outlay, how much sooner would you have given the green light to start developing the app?


For those of you still on the fence, and still need that little extra encouragement to at least discuss how a mobile app will benefit your company, here are some of the reasons why apps have become so popular for businesses across the globe.



DESIGN – The first stage of the design process involves developing a design from the initial brief into a workable wireframe and prototype that incorporates user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The app will then be tested within your company to receive feedback and adjust any amendments.


DEVELOPMENT – Throughout this process, the app will be developed within an agreed timeframe. Initially you will be provided with a detailed technical specification which annotated the design wireframe in more technical detail to ensure it is working effectively. The app is then developed into sections, each focused on a particular functionality. Every stage will be presented to you to ensure you have an influencer in the whole development process. After this period, you will be presented with the live app.


SUPPORT – Even after your app has gone live and your target audience are using it, we are still here to help if anything happens (e.g. bugs). Further support is provided when major updates in OS or devices are announced to ensure your app is up to date. We will also provide you with consultative support based on analytics, user feedback and our background expertise to enhance your app.

What to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




What do you mean by mobile application?


How does an mobile app work?


What are the types of app?


How do you market an app?


What makes someone download an app?


Mobile App

They’re Ever-Present

Think about it… you download an app to your mobile, and now, it’s going to sit there for as long as the user believes it to be beneficial. So rather than wait for someone to maybe visit your website when thinking of your niche, your app rests firmly on their home screen. They don’t even have to type in your website URL, they simply tap on your app. It couldn’t be simpler!

Instant Updates

Push notifications out to your customers in real time. If you have a limited time offer, and you’re trying to generate web traffic as well as sales or bookings, then mobile apps can drive that for you. If you were simultaneously promoting your offers on Google Ads or Facebook ads, this could help reduce your media spend, because you’ve had the benefit of “free” traffic from your app.

Personally, I can’t help but open an app when it has a number on it, because it means there’s something I should be looking at. The social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn do thi, and I find it hard to ignore them, especially when there are so many! In my case, it’s FOMO – fear of missing out. I like to be informed and updated, and that’s exactly what these notifications encourage you to do.

Additional Marketing Channel

When we review web traffic data in Google Analytics, we look at where the traffic came from. Was it achieved organically; through paid ads; did they know of you already and type in your URL; or you may have initiated an email marketing campaign. Understanding the data allows us to review which channels are working well, and which to invest in primarily.

Mobile app data can also be reviewed separately, to check in on its performance. Percentage-wise, there aren’t that many businesses who have an app as well as a website, so you’ll likely be differentiating yourself from your nearest competitors.

mobile app:

Take Advantage of Mobile Phone Features

Social Proof

Many apps allow you to share images of their purchases to their friends, to show off their latest acquisition. This further allows you to earn free traffic, thereby reducing your spending requirement with Google, Facebook or other channels. Social proof also has a better conversion rate in terms of sales, as the product or service has already been recommended by a trusted friend.

Take Advantage of Mobile Phone Features

Access to the camera is always a useful feature, because customers can upload pictures of themselves or their products to the app, if they’re willing to share their story. Apps can also scan QR codes, which can be used for payments, and even your GPS. Cycling and running apps typically use these features, and they form the core reason as to why people download their apps, as they can track their speed, route, distance and time.

Speed Of Use

Mobile apps generally open more quickly than websites, because a lot of its features have already been cached on your phone. Despite websites also caching data, information still needs to be retrieved from their web server in order to render the page on your device.

Logging In

When you’re using an app, you’re already logged in to it. Rather than visit the website where you’d have to login each time you visit, the speed by which you can navigate from finding a product, for example, to checking out, feels much smoother. When you streamline the user experience – perhaps in the same way that Amazon has a one-click checkout – you’re more likely to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

mobile features:

Keep Building The App

Many businesses go live with a mobile app that begins life as an MVP – minimum viable product. This helps them to keep their initial costs down, while still allowing for the key functionality they want their app to achieve. Over time, you can then look to build out further, much like adding plugins to a WordPress website. The best way of doing this is to consider all the functions you want the app to have, start with the most important, then when time comes to start building, the next phase is ready to be initiated. This will also help keep the costs down, as you’re not paying for additional consultative services, as well as keeping to timescales of completion.

This is how the Growthlytics works, because we’re conscious that, even without lockdown, companies are always looking to achieve the maximum gains from their investments.

Our team is on hand and ready to speak to you about your mobile app development project. Call us today to see how we can help, or to book your first consultation.

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