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Video Marketing

Video Content & Production Agency

We create unique visual video content to explain and inform. view our work! from visual motion marketing with content , to 2D & 3D animation. storyboarding all customer journeys including infographics. film & motion graphics.


How to Grow An Audience With Video Marketing 

Displaying your Ads to the right demographic audience is key to succeed!

Create great local video marketing fast with growthlyics . let us do the legwork to create creative. local servcie videos to corporate videos. wedding videos. promotional videos. music videos. youtube videos. event videos. services: music videos, marketing campaigns, post production editing.to name a FEW

Leverage creative video content on all media channels. Using media intelligence tools to track your content performance. Create bespoke video content that caters to your target demographic audience. Experiment with different video formats.

YouTube is, of course, the best-known and most widely used video channel… we recommend using YouTube to target and reach out to your audience demographics, …

Growthlytics  3D  Video 

This was an online marketing campign for a lead generation model example which was created in a 3D video  format, We’ve created this, from commissioning/planning template to fleshing out the initial story brief, thsi included a project planner and full storyboard process that we also welcome constructive feedback, to help plot and visualise the project on a whole before rendering and pushing live 🙂

Video Process Overview



Before you start any marketing project, you need to have an objective and a strategy that helps you achieve that objective. Video is no different. After the details have outlined in a detailed production brief, it will serve as the main source of direction for everyone involved in the process



After the planning part of the project is done, the fun begins. Actually, then the hard work begins.This is the part of the corporate video production process where the filming of the video or animation work will start. We do most of the heavy lifting here since we’ve  got all the resources required, equipment, and manpower.



This last step is where all the hard work finally comes together into a finished product. The editing process can take a while, depending on your needs, and will require the expertise of a professional video editor. Our editor will cut together the elements of the video to ensure that it meets the visual standards and message outlined in the storyboard

What Video Output to Expect

Steve ( Growthlytics) has dedicated his career to Digital Marketing and his knowledge and skills in this area are second to none. These skills married with a solid knowledge of lead generation make him a huge asset to any online business.




Video Production


Video Creation


Corporate Video Production


Video Editor


Digital Video Editing



Video Editor & Video Makers

Growthlytics will customise professionally designed creative video ads or create your own. grow your business online today. ready-made video ad templates to promote your business online

Next Steps to Video Creation 

Post your video editing Job here , Growthlytics covers all types of video editing projects

Get things done today?

Be creative compare our prices Be inspired to do more.customise professionally designed Ads or create your own today . Grow your business online today, with motion & videos

Need Video Marketing Services  Look No further then, Growthlytics

It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days, If you’re looking for video production services for your brand, then look no further then a company who love creativity 

“In the words of marketing guru Seth Godin”

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.

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