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In house costs spiralling out of control why hire a digital agency !

Nowadays, we are living in a very high technological environment. A lot of business leaders ask themselves whether they can receive more from digital marketing depending on whether they use a marketing agency or do the work in house or DIY. Due to budget constraints, some small business owners may consider doing digital marketing themselves however, if budget is not an issue agencies like Growthlytics can help you with your digital marketing.  

So maybe you should ask yourself; can you DIY and balance the work yourself or should you get in contact with a digital marketing agency?

In simple terms you can be your own digital marketer, you can hire an in house team or maybe a digital agency would be best. Each option comes with its own challenges. 

Doing your own SEO and digital marketing

Having a low budget is often the main reason why businesses choose to do their own digital marketing. However, it may be unlikely that you will be an SEO expert or have the time to invest in yourself to become one if you are running a growing business. Therefore, an agency could be more beneficial to you. 

If the option is available to you to hire an agency but you are on the fence as to whether or not you should, consider these next questions; 

Do you and your business have enough time to properly commit to search engine optimisation?

This does not necessarily mean that you are incapable of doing your own search engine optimisation but rather that you do not have the time. 

candidatesIf done correctly, digital marketing can be time consuming. To begin with, you might have time for this however, when you get more customers, what will you do then? It’s unlikely that you will have the time to continuously and effectively manage your SEO campaigns once your business gets busier. Don’t have time to do it yourself? Don’t want to do it yourself? Reach out to us for support ranging from total online management to web development, SEO tactics, web design. 

What are your competitors doing? It’s vital to know what your competition is doing so that online you can beat them, as digital marketing in particular SEO, is sort of a race to the top. 

With all marketing campaigns, a business’ success relies heavily on consistency and frequency. If you choose to do your business’ digital marketing, ensure you are committed and consistently manage your campaigns.  


Digital marketing in house vs hiring an agency 

There is often a debate on hiring an agency or doing in house digital marketing. To cover all areas of SEO effectively, staffing costs will often outweigh the benefit or need that you can receive from hiring an agency. However, saying that, some companies can benefit from having a team in house. 

In addition, in relation to cost, having a team in house will end up costing more each year, as staff get pay reviews and healthcare expenses increase etc. Whereas, every year the cost of a digital marketing agency will be the same. Contemplate the following:

A benefit of an in house agency is speed. Your in house marketing teams only priority will be your business. However, you will need several people on your in house marketing team. Your digital marketing would be too much for one person to juggle.

Can you manage a digital marketing in house team properly?

Nowadays, all business leaders need to know how to effectively manage their presence online as well as managing departments within their organisations. If you decide to bring in an in team house, would you know how to manage them? This requires; 

  • Retaining talent
  • Hiring the correct people
  • Deciding on a suitable budget
  • Choosing reasonable objectives
  • Monitoring and measuring KPIs beyond revenue
  • Supervision and management

Can business growth be achieved quicker through a digital marketing agency?

Marketing agencies can often ensure you achieve business growth quicker as the experts will solely focus on your digital marketing, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. There are some fantastic in house marketing teams however, on the whole agencies produce better and quicker results. 

Educate yourself then decide.

When hiring an in house marketing team you will need to have an in depth knowledge of digital marketing to manage your team. When hiring an agency you will still need to have some knowledge of digital marketing but not to the extent of hiring an in house team. With both of these options your team should cover; 

  • Strategy and planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content optimisation and development
  • Website optimisation and development
  • Link building

To conclude

Digital marketing can be hard work. You should decide on the approach that best suits your business. Reach out to us for support on various levels such as complete management online, SEO tactics, web design and web development. 

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Digital Marketing Should you hire an agency, have an in house team or do it yourself?