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What does the future hold for digital marketing?

Technology and digital marketing is ever changing and so versatile. Therefore, it’s important to keep up to date with trends. This will help you benefit both your clients and business. Below are some highly important trends that digital marketers should be wary of and incorporate within their business strategies. 

social Social media

There has been a huge shift in the way that social media is used. No longer is social media used for its original purpose which was interacting with peers. Also, this shift has probably occurred due to users wanting a less add focused and more user focused experience. Now, people spend a lot more time using social platforms, but how they use them is changing. For example, people use social media to watch videos rather than interacting with others. Users are also looking forward to more technology and entertainment such as virtual reality. In addition, websites and personal blogs are not as popular as before in terms of interacting with others online. This highlights how marketers need to stay up to date with the shifts in social media, strategies and ways to collect data from customers.

Mobile marketing

User experience should be seamless across all platforms and devices. Marketing based on location is becoming increasingly important as well as augmented reality which has an emphasis on mobile phone usage.

Artificial intelligence

This field is very broad and involves meta-analysis of data sets on a broad spectrum and then, this data is used to make decisions. This is a fairly new trend but it has already been used in major ways. For example, self driving cars, built in features on Netflix and Amazon. In the future, this is predicted to be used even more in content creation, digital assistants, face and voice recognition. AI offers an interactive, personalised experience and is set to become a crucial part of marketing strategies in the future as it becomes more accurate in analysing consumer behaviour.

Digital assistants

Personal assistants driven by AI are designed to personally connect with people throughout their day such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Users who regularly use these devices will notice AI on a business or personal level. Continuously this technology will improve including personalised services and better voice recognition (10 voices are recognised by Alexa), many of these are based around consumer behaviour data analysis. Also digital assistants are being integrated into various business and productivity software and programmes with the objective of helping people become more productive.

Influencer marketing

Using influential people online to promote services and products, is very popular through social media. Marketers especially those targeting the Gen Z and millennials should consider partnering with influencers both macro and micro. This is very effective as it helps build brand awareness and influencers already have a large audience who will possibly be interested in your business. So it is a great opportunity to generate qualified leads.


As artificial intelligence improves, chatbots will become more advanced to have ‘real’ conversations, this will then potentially improve the landscape of user experience for marketers. They will carry on evolving into more versatile, practical tools for consumers and businesses.

Voice search

Having a simple understanding of speech recognition and voice search and how this can link to brand brand building is important to know if you have a speciality focusing on SEO. Focusing on descriptive search phrases and long tail keywords is therefore important.

Micro moment marketing

 There is a strong focus on consumers and emphasises that consumers have a lot of power and choice in their buying and purchase behaviours. Consumers will search into goods and services on their own time, as well as being advertised to. Mobile is often the main device they use for searches and this is often instant with little need for ads. Marketers need to grab their audience’s attention in a small space of time as there are so many distractions online. So businesses need to do what they can to engage with consumers and stand out from competitors without leading to wear out.

Blockchain technology

This helps to prevent fraud in a business and ensures secure customer transactions in most industries. Blockchain technology could be used for customer loyalty schemes and brand building. Particularly in B2B, where large and frequent transactions happen.

Hyper targeted advertising

Often people will ignore ads as they can be intrusive and irrelevant. However, the good ones are often very effective. Therefore, in the future it is important to only precisely target audiences and expose users to ads which are hyper relevant. 

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