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Future proof your business

The coronavirus pandemic caused implications across the world. Strict lockdowns and safety precautions were implemented, having a negative effect on businesses. Especially SMEs were concerned about the effect this will have on their customers and were worried about keeping their business afloat. Continue reading to find out how to take your business online, future proof it and why now is the ideal point to do so. 

In addition, businesses are losing conversions and traffic as well as money. Throughout these tough times how are you going to adapt? 

Could this be an opportunity for your business to expand?

InvestmentInstead of cutting your spend on marketing, you should take this opportunity to actually increase your online marketing spend as people are spending more time at home and on their phones turning to the internet, YouTube videos and social media in particular for entertainment, support and information. 

‘Luckily’ for us, Covid19 hit us within this digital age as without this connectivity, businesses would not have been able to retain customer relationships the way they have, interact online with customers or future proof businesses. 

Become digital 

Digitally change your business. Run online webinars to provide your customers with the tools and skills they want and need. Hold your events and meetings online using platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype. 

Most businesses have social media but if you don’t, now is the time to set it up. Do you sell products but don’t have an online shop? Make one now. Digital marketing and social media are vital nowadays, it puts you in front of your customers without actually having to be face to face with them, putting them or yourself at risk. 

Move on the cloud

Move the files for your company on to the cloud if you have not done so already. Dropbox, MicrosoftBox and GoogleDrive are easy and simple to use. Your business will be backed up fully and can also be accessed no matter where you are. 

Content creation

Create engaging content, create podcasts and videos relevant for your target audience, write articles and blogs. You could offer free webinars that have live Q&A sessions? In addition, live Instagram or Facebook streaming is a great way to generate rapport with your target audience throughout this uncertain time. 

Befriend technology 

Technology has so many benefits especially during times like this, it helps businesses with efficiency and productivity. How can you utilise technology? 

  • Webinars – events and conferences can now be held online, this reduces the need for travel and reduces face to face contact
  • Facebook groups – helps you stay in contact with clients plus others within your specific industry

Don’t guess, use data 

Track and analyse your business’ operational side as much as possible. Ideally create a  dashboard for your data and continuously update it, doing this will allow you to compare progress between months and years. 

Understanding the data within your business, will help you detect problems early on and create strong solutions based upon your dependable data. 

Don’t lose sight of your competition 

Often businesses are naive when they think they’ve scaled above their competitors. They can become so confident about their market share that they do not realise that competitors are closely behind them now or on the same level as them. This can cause implications as leads go to competitors and businesses have to work even harder to generate qualified leads.  

Visibility is crucial! You can’t grow your business without any leads so continue marketing even if times are tough. 

Understand your businesses pricing position 

How is your competition pricing their products and services? This is important to know to stay competitive. 

Company culture ownership 

Creating a suitable culture within your business is crucial for your company and team. As well as productivity, work should be enjoyable and give you a reason to want to get out of bed each working morning.  

It can be difficult but it is vital to not become too disheartened by the current crisis which Covid19 has caused and try to turn your challenges into an opportunity to improve your business. Proactively act to protect your business, yourself and loved ones. To support your business in the future, generate and apply your digital marketing and social media strategies now. 

During this difficult time, at Growthlytics we want to support and help you. We provide a free 20 minute consultation with tailored advice towards your digital marketing needs. Get in touch with us today. 

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