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Current trends for social media

Nowadays, individuals spend a large proportion of their time on social media. It has become a major part of our daily routines, sometimes even the first thing people do in the morning is scroll through social media. 

Due to the importance that social media plays in a consumer’s life, businesses and marketers utilse the platform in order to connect with their audience. Although, competition is fierce and there is a mass of content online. So, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand unless it has a definite marketing strategy. 

Continuing to stay up to date with the latest can assist you with your strategy, as well as engage consumers. Each year these trends are changing so it’s important to regularly check up on these. Companies are often given the task of finding balance between understanding social data and discovering new ways of engaging with customers. There is never a better time other than now to reflect and refocus your company’s approach to moving forward with social media. 

Keep reading to discover the top social media trends. No matter what your brand is, keep these in mind. Content


There are several metrics on social media to determine what is working and what isn’t. These include;

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Emotional response
  • Action taken
  • Interaction
  • Revenue attribution

By utilising sentiment analysis and listening to conversations, brands are becoming more aware of what is being said about their brand. Rather than just how many likes they have on an individual post. In addition, on Instagram, saves are considered better to track engagement compared to likes. Long term engagement is key to a successful brand rather than an inconsistent amount of likes. By a brand truly understanding what drives customer conversations they will be more successful. 


Influencers have risen in popularity year on year, it is a unique way to promote goods and services online. Anyone can be an influencer and due to this brands have become more wary of who they want to partner with.

There has been a rise in fake influencers and with there being less focus on the engagement metric of likes, such influencers need to give evidence of their credibility. Some brands are turning to micro influencers with a smaller but more niche and engaged audience to partner with. This is because these influencers have a more meaningful relationship with their followers and are not just chasing brand deals and likes.

When partnering with influencers you should attempt to build a relationship with them and understand exactly what they can do for your company and know whether their audience is engaged or not. 

Focus on stories

For the past years, stories have been very popular and that hasn’t changed yet. Stories are very dominant on Instagram and that is very obvious when engaging with an audience, especially through polls and interactive stories. On Facebook, stories also engage consumers. They help you to create a conversation with your audience and build a sense of trust and loyalty. 

Consider your audience

When creating your social media strategy have your audience as the main focus. Also take note of any UGC surrounding your brand. This helps you generate connections with your audience. This builds relationships with your brand and encourages constant content from followers. Nowadays, consumers are likely to post content when brands encourage them to, promoting customer photos and boosting engagement. Whatever you can do to focus on your audience is a must in such a competitive space. 

Social media is always changing, are you staying up to date?

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