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The prevalence of the digital space means that training and educational facilities are online more now than ever before. You may be a small business that wants to take that first leap to digital marketing, or a larger company that wants to build their existing digital skills. No matter the company, Growthlytics has something for everyone. We have carefully developed and cultivated innovative Corporate Digital Training Programmes to fit any company.

Why Your Company Needs Digital Marketing Training

Here are some reasons that we at Growthlytics think you should incorporate digital marketing training into your business practices:

Changing Markets

We believe that the market is changing – and fast. To scope your customers, it can be argued to be challenging if your company’s marketers are not prepared with the digital skill and tools to rise above the constant new waves of technological development. Therefore, marketers must be trained, so your company can keep its rightful place within the market. This should apply to all levels of the company, from entry-level positions to senior directors, in-order to be equipped with the know-how on customer insights, automation, digital mindsets and analytics.

The Revolution of Digital Marketing

Did you know that 1 in 8 consumers utilise online search engines before making a purchase? And better yet, 1 in 7 already make their decision before purchasing in-store from a sales representative. This goes to show how consumer behaviour is changing – and digital marketing is the focal reason. This can come in the form of Google Search, Facebook Marketplace and many other online platforms.

Why Should Companies Adapt?

Therefore, it is a must for companies to adapt to these new pathways of consumer behaviour. But it’s not that easy, however. The landscape of marketing has developed and changed more so in the last two years than in the last half-century. More than three quarters of marketers and company owners cannot keep up with market trends, as a result.

Stay At The Top

Constant development in digital markets means matching and competing with the right digital skills to stay ahead of the curve. Engaging consumers with ground-breaking digital marketing strategies will have many benefits: drive revenue, build your brand’s awareness, save on costs and retain marketing.


About Us

Digital Marketing Training

So, it seems that taking on digital marketing strategies, and therefore training your staff, makes sense. However, with the constant new developments of the digital space, competition has reached an all-time high. What’s even more astonishing is that 133 million jobs are predicted to arise by 2022, according to The World Economic Forum. On a mass scale, traditional training is no longer sufficient enough to match the rise in digital skilled jobs. Further, employees depend on their past work experience and training to enhance and build on their technical skills. As a result, without adapting training to new modes of online marketing, there will be a real struggle in finding the right talent for your company, no matter how wide you cast your net.

Therefore, our aim here at Growthlytics is to help you bridge that gap. We will work with your teams to be more capable in navigating the digital space and manage online marketing, through well-developed training.


What We Can Offer You

Marketing and business professionals are not privileged with time to learn how to become digital savvy. Time is money, and professionals in the corporate sphere need to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Growthlytic’s Corporate Digital Training programmes have been developed and created by marketing experts in the field. These experts know what the trending strategies are and constantly keep up to date with the most innovative methods to arm your employees with the right tools for the job. They are required to conduct research in marketing strategies and match the appropriate digital skills – so you don’t have to!

As mentioned above, your company will receive a tailored and unique programme that fits seamlessly into your company. What are our services? Our digital training courses include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing:
    1. Twitter
    2. Instagram
    3. Facebook
    4. LinkedIn, etc
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google/ Web Automation
  • Marketing atomisation
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Public Relations/ Online Reputation Management
  • Growth Hacking
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Soft Skills

Corporate Process Overview


Determine What Corporate Marketing Skills You Need To Improve To Increase Sale

Determine what Corporate marketing skills you need to improve to increase sale: Examples of corporate marketing skills include content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing (twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc), pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation (seo), google/ web automation, marketing atomisation, funnel marketing, affiliate marketing, public relations/ online reputation management, growth hacking, campaign effectiveness and soft skills


What Training Service Would You Prefer?

At Growthlytics we provide training in-house, online (30% off) or alternatively in your offices.



Let’s Get Started

Enroll onto your corporate marketing training program here.



Why Growthlytics?

Our team at Growthlytics can help build your workforce’s skills in corporate digital marketing, and this will help your business by:

  • Significantly increasing your sales
  • Building an established, attractive brand
  • Reducing costs

We also do much more. Here are more reasons why you should choose Growthlytics.

Led by Experts

Although we can’t speak for other companies, our team are comprised of frontiers in digital marketing. These digital marketing pioneers all have years of experience mastering their knowledge in planning, designing and delivering digital marketing training programmes. We are confident in what we do – and how to do it.

We Make it Personal

To plan your specific training strategy, it needs to fit seamlessly and match your employee’s needs, in order for them to relate and understand the benefits from this programme.

We Make it Fun

Training shouldn’t incite eye rolls and heavy sighs; it should be fun! With the use of mobile apps like Fitbit and Swarm, learning can be achieved through gamification. Research shows that richer, engaging game-formatted training will lead to more retainment of information. Corporate digital training is no longer boring – we make it stimulating.

We Encourage Self Development and Accommodate to all Learning Styles

When training is too standardised, certain employees may fall behind. We believe that every individual has their own learning style – and we’re changing the game. So here at Growthlytics we provide a rich, high quality service, to encourage participants at the programme to learn at their own pace, and at their preferred learning style.

Integrated Advice

We understand that on-hand experience that is relevant to employee’s current job is most effective. So, your workforce will receive personal and on-topic advice and training for easy skill transfer.


Digital Learning

We can’t forget to utilise digital solutions ourselves and have a plethora of online learning techniques. For instance, we can run webinars for your employees remotely, so travel costs are reduced. We also utilise animation, audio and video to have more engaging and exciting content.

First-rate Programme Materials and Certificate

Every participant will receive all programme materials delivered and on completion will also receive certification for our Corporate Digital Training Programme.

Strategies and Solutions Tailored for Marketers

Explore our vast range of robust corporate marketing solutions, including our industry proven assessments, courses, workshops and more. We’re flexible – our services can also be delivered in-house or online, so you can really reap benefits from our service in any form that fits you.

We’ll transform your company digitally

Your workforce needs the right toolkit to stretch their potential into the digital space – and we’ll provide them with that.

DMI support

We won’t just deliver. We support. Throughout the programme’s delivery, our team will ensure your workforce stays engaged, happy, and motivated.

ROI improvement

Focusing on your workforce’s learning and development will, in turn, lead to many beneficial outcomes. These include, increases in productivity, ensures employee role clarity and customer engagement.

How does our training work?

How does our training work?

1. We Identify the Gap for You: We do the research – and target your current position against your competitors before we decide what training to provide.

2. Tailored Training Programmes: We help to bridge this gap, like finding the perfect jig-saw piece in a puzzle, to meet the specific needs of your business.

3. Practical Examples: We believe using practical, real-world examples in digital marketing will help drive the development of your business further, growing your business immediately.

4. One-Day Training Programme: We also have one-day training programmes available, led by digital marketing professionals if time really is of the essence.

What To Get In Touch?

Please note, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still running business as usual.

Please feel free to contact our team at hello@growthlytics.net if you’d like to start a discussion on what Growthlytics can do for your company. Looking forward to speaking with you!


Our Latest Work

Project 1

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Project 2

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Project 3

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leading companies we have worked with

“Growthlytics strength is in his knowledge and processes of digital tasks – there’s not a question you can ask them that they doesn’t know the answer to. Focused and driven by passion for the industry, they truly are Subject Matter Experts, from whom I’ve learned a lot. First, they gains depth of insight from business owners to determine “What does success look like for you?”, then they create a strategy that best supports the business goals bespoke to that business, to help accelerate growth.
They been in the industry for many years, and covered a wide variety of industries”

Matthew Fowell

MNA Digital (Midland News Association)




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