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E-commerce Training Course

Join our Ecommerce training course, and make sure you know how to brilliantly boost your sales through your Ecommerce platforms, especially now, more than ever, in our current digitized landscape.


Connect with us, as we teach you how to navigate your Ecommerce sales, and awareness of new consumer buying habits, motivated by Covid 19.
Here at Growthlytics; and yes, you heard it here first, we are still open and providing all of our well renowned services, we can help you to grasp and master the skills, online tools, and techniques you need for successful Ecommerce practice, in today’s online marketplace.

At our rapidly growing agency, Growthlytics, our expert team will provide you with the specialist tips and tricks, and inside knowledge, that will, rest assured, put your business that one step ahead of the curb. Whether you require a boost to your social media presence, digital marketing aid, or simply just some advice on how to build and maintain your budget, consumer relationships, and online recognition, we’re here to help!

With our team having a strong background in Ecommerce, and delivering proven results, turning to us for your Ecommerce training may just be the best decision you will ever make for your company…

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch today, and let us tell you more about our Ecommerce training sessions!



But what actually is Ecommerce?

You may however, still be thinking to yourself;

“That sounds fantastic, but I’m still a little foggy on what Ecommerce actually is, and why it seems to be so important to my business?”

Well, in simple terms, Ecommerce, or sometimes as it’s referred to ‘internet commerce,’ is the buying and selling of products using internet technology and online services and platforms. It involves online communication and interaction, as well as the transference of money online from one party or individual, to another.

Ecommerce selling is an extremely, rapidly growing and advancing consumer outlet, that is arguably, in today’s somewhat overly digitized climate, much more effective than only trading in a brick and mortar store. There are an overwhelmingly, great number of benefits to providing your business and consumers with a strong, and effective Ecommerce platform, and it has been evidenced that brands and services with a clear online presence, generate many more sales and much more customer engagement, than businesses without such a strong online standing. Therefore, implementing a vivid, powerful Ecommerce campaign can do wonders for your business, be it big or small, and is most certainly the way forward.

E-COMMERCE Process Overview


Determine What Ecommerce Marketing Skills You Need To Improve To Increase Sale

Examples of ecommerce marketing skills include content marketing, data analytics, A/B testing, data collection, graphic and website design, website development, advertising, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO


What Training Service Would You Prefer?

At Growthlytics we provide training in-house, online (30% off) or alternatively in your offices.


Let’s Get Started

Enroll onto your ecommerce marketing training program here.



Is there just one type of Ecommerce?

Although the term ‘E Commerce’ stands to be the overhanging bracket for the online sales process, there are in actuality, four altering styles of Ecommerce transactions.

  • B2B – (business to business) involving businesses selling directly to other businesses online.
  • B2C – (business to consumer) surrounding a company selling a product or service to a consumer online.
  • C2C – (consumer to consumer) consisting of a consumer selling directly to a fellow consumer.
  • C2B – (consumer to business) which covers a consumer selling their product or individual service to a business.

Still, why is Ecommerce and Ecommerce training so important?
You’re perhaps still wondering though, what the specific benefits of Ecommerce and Ecommerce training are. Convenience is everything these days, when consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z look forward to ease of browsing, clear and engaging communication and transparency from brands, and also when the turnaround time for products is expected on a quicker time scale than ever in previous sale and trading models.

Having a powerful, engaging, attractive and appealing Ecommerce platform, and media marketing channels, can set you apart in a perhaps oversaturated market, and make your brand appear to have a uniqueness and character compared to your brand competitors, by allowing for an engagement and accessibility to your brand. Being present, and easily accessible online, can have an undoubtedly positive effect on your brand placement and sales, by enhancing your product or service, and allowing it to have a much more illuminated visibility than it would have had previously, without an Ecommerce platform, only using traditional, local advertising. Brand loyalty can be encouraged, brand recognition can be accomplished, and merchandising can be simplified.

There are an abundance of reasons why Ecommerce can benefit your brand, so here are our top four picks:

1.) Convenience: Being accessible 24/7, your consumers can freely visit your marketing and Ecommerce platforms whenever they so feel, without being faced with the restrictions of travel or time constraints, and without fearing potential overcrowding or lack of physical product choice, that brick and mortar stores have. A more flexible, comfortable shopping experience is had online, and if implemented correctly, more product choice and variety can be available to your customers.

2.) Exposure: Ecommerce, opposed to a physical store, and thanks to multiple digital marketing channels, including; website, social media, blogs, email marketing, graphics, and AI customer service aids, offers much more brand exposure online, and influences consumers, who may not able to access your brand physically, to enjoy what you have to offer online, and thus give you their custom. Exposure not only encourages new customers, but also greatly increases brand awareness, and can generate much more brand interaction if what you’re offering online is unique, eye-catching and clear, compared to your competitors. Also, if your brand is perhaps a startup, or small business, having an Ecommerce presence will increase your exposure in the online community, more than within a physical community. Greater exposure can also lead to potential brand collaborations, and which could lead to influencer marketing for your company.

3.) Marketing and Sales Results: With your website being the first consumer touchpoint and often first visual platform for your brand, when SEO and SEM is implemented correctly, this can help your brand get noticed and highly ranked on search platforms, resulting in more traffic being driven to your page. Thus, creating more sales. Adding Pay Per Click features, and creating a strong social media campaign, can also set you apart from the crowd, again driving sales, and user engagement.

4.) Scalability: Ecommerce allows for your brand to potentially expand, if positive results are seen, so having a space on line can easily facilitate your brand expansion and development, compared to the limitations of only having a physical store and traditional advertising to aid expansion.

The part where we come in

Here at Growthlytics, we offer an educational yet exciting, one day training course, covering everything Ecommerce related, that you can use to inspire your brand.!

Our agency program includes: learning the technology and tools needed for Ecommerce and digital marketing, awareness of online retail principles, study of visual design and branding, and understanding the customer journey, including how to attract and maintain customer loyalty, your consumer’s shopping habits, and most importantly, your customers online shopping experience. You’ll benefit by developing a solid understanding of these variables, that you can take away to influence and optimize your Ecommerce output.

We can even offer group company training, so each member of the team feels equally inspired to push forward their Ecommerce knowledge.

The day’s schedule includes training in all of the above areas, but places particular emphasis on website and page SEO, keyword searches, and content marketing.
So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today.


Our Latest Work

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Project 3

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leading companies we have worked with

I first encountered Steve & the team  whilst working for DFH/Moneynet where under his expert guidance, we achieved some phenomenal results in some highly competitive financial markets. Not only did I find him to be incredibly driven to achieve, I found his passion for SEO to be incredibly infectious making working with the team an absolute pleasure. I would consider them to be on the very cutting edge of SEO marketing in the UK as both his expert knowledge on the subject as well as their unbelievable results have shown.

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