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Lead Generation Training

Our training courses offer the best lead generation concepts. Learn how to target the best leads and convert them to quality sales.

How Can You Build A Powerful Lead Generation Strategy?

Generating leads – it sounds pretty simple, right? But when you delve deeper and discover all the levers that are at your disposal, it suddenly takes on the appearance of something far more complex. Your target audience has higher expectations, yet lower attention spans. They demand an experience; to be entertained, and to feel an emotional connection. Corporate messaging can fall wide of the mark, and poorly written content will make people switch off. Couple this with increased competition in every industry, and you’ve got to work harder, and think smarter, to cut through the noise and rise above it all.

But don’t let this get you down. Many companies thrive, not only because they have their messaging nailed down, but also because the majority of their competitors do not.

So what are they doing differently to achieve such success? The answer is that they have as strategic plan that encompasses many different methods.

Different industries require different strategies, which is why you can’t approach lead generation as a “one size fits all” approach. The tools you use are mostly the same, but the methods you adopt are bespoke to your business. Ultimately, compelling content can lead to higher conversion rates and will win more customers, but the distance between the two is like walking up a long and winding path. So – let’s show you where your journey begins.



Understanding Your Audience

There’s no better place to start than understanding your target audience. How else are you going to define your tone of voice and the content they would expect to see? Your content strategy can’t be considered until you know your demographic, so you therefore need to undertake some competitor research. Ask yourself who you consider to be your nearest competitors, and what are they saying and doing on their social media channels? On which social channels are they experiencing the highest volume of likes, shares and comments? Can you find any commonalities amongst the people who are interacting with them?


Compelling Content

Content comes in different forms – written, imagery and video. What type of content might your preferred audience expect?

Videos can be animated, in addition to using real people, so if you’re looking to provide more character to your business identity, one option you could take is to create Explainer Videos. These are a mix of animation with a “how we work” style of message. This can be much more effective than a real person Question and Answer session. (We’ve seen a few of these, and because the interview is performed by staff members or business owners, they can be rather cringeworthy!) If you’re going to use real people, you either need to find staff who are comfortable with the camera, or hire actors to convey your message in a more compelling way.

One video promotion we did recently was for a skateboard company. With the use of night lights, and a lot of movement with stunts and trickery, the video was then placed on YouTube for brand awareness purposes. The effort undertaken to produce it was rewarded with a high engagement rate, and a low average cost-per-click.

Use of images is always better than purely using the written word – you’ve probably heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If you have a business where your end result is visually superior to how something looked originally, then before-and-after pictures would be ideal here. We recently spoke to a business owner who offers hair loss treatments, so you can imagine the power of the imagery when you see someone with no hair, then that same person with a full head of hair. The visual impact here is so strong, that people immediately know what it is that you do (or what problem you solve) and this resonates more quickly with them. The same can be said for many industries – property renovation, car repair, garden landscaping… the list is almost endless.

Written content can provide context where imagery alone, cannot. Professional services industries often fall into this category, such as lawyers and accountants. It would be difficult to convey your message through an image if say, you had just arranged a divorce settlement, or completed a client’s tax return. This is where you can instead explain your processes. From start to finish, from point of contact to the end result, what does this look like for one of your clients? Does each service or product you offer require an individual approach?

Here’s a brief Case Study – we worked with a picture framing company, whose website informed people as to what they did, but not how they did it. If you’re going to leave a valuable picture for someone to frame, wouldn’t you want to know whether it is in safe keeping, or whether the framing process may somehow discolour the picture through use of chemicals being nearby?How long does this process take, and do I need to drop it off, or will you come and collect? Imagine the amount of extra enquiries you’d receive because all this is laid out transparently, rather than thinking you’d have to pick up the phone to find out all of this information from the business owner?

OK, so you can see that although you might think that we’re starting to pull away a little from the topic of this page, we are in fact we’re talking about some genuinely key components here that help to generate leads. So now that we’ve started to touch on some of the techniques that help encourage lead generation, let’s tell you about our Lead Generation Course, in terms of what it entails, and why you should join.

Lead Generation Process Overview


Determine What Lead Generation Skills You Need To Improve To Increase Sale

Examples of lead generation skills include keyword research techniques, conversion rate optimisation, SEO lead generation, pay per click (PPC) lead generation, padi social lead gen, business planning and email lead generation


What Training Service Would You Prefer?

At Growthlytics we provide training in-house, online (30% off) or alternatively in your offices.


Let’s Get Started

Enroll onto your lead generation training program here.


Course Details

Why Take This Course?

You can take it as read that we are a friendly, knowledgeable and charismatic bunch of people, who are passionate about our industry! So aside from enjoying everything that brings, you will learn how to;

  • Build on the leads you’re currently generating
  • Double down on the approach that is working well for you
  • Scale up safely
  • Create content your audience craves
  • Understand how to qualify your leads
  • Review your data in order to optimise user journeys
  • Discover which part of the sales funnel people are dropping out

Who Is This Lead Generation Course For?

This course is for any business who is genuinely interested in scaling up. You could be a solopreneur, or a well established corporation. No matter the size of your business, you’ll learn how and where to generate better qualified leads that have a higher chance of converting website traffic into new and returning customers.

What Will You Learn?

Keyword Research Techniques

Find out how to unearth new leads using long tail keywords
Discover new high intent-based keywords and phrases
Learn how to use keyword tools that help to build a defined audience

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Techniques for A/B testing of your landing pages
Learn which tools will help convert more of your website visitors
Power words to use within your calls to action

SEO Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimisation will create a sustainable, long lasting and affordable approach to generating leads. We’ll show you how to target high performing keywords that will earn you a place higher up in the search results, and will yield greater returns.
We’ll show you some tools that identify how you’re doing with keyword ranking positions, and how they change month on month.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Lead Generation

Maximise the potency of your adverts with compelling ad copy
Link your adverts with the landing pages that have the highest likelihood of conversions
Highlight all your promotions and encourage people to click
Increase your click through rates to help lower your costs

Paid Social Lead Gen

  • Learn how to create adverts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more
  • Nurture your relationships with potential and existing customers
  • Find new audiences that are most likely to engage with your adverts
  • Grow your brand awareness

Business Planning

  • Define your sales targets on the different customer touchpoints
  • Separate our your brand awareness campaigns from those that convert and understand the difference
  • Learn how to fill your sales funnel and how to drive people towards making a purchase
  • Create a structured and measured approach to work out your return on investment over time

Email Lead Generation

  • Develop and build your email lists
  • How to segment them in order to provide greater relevance to specific customers
  • Encourage the user journey
  • Personalise your message
  • Create an annual plan in order to prepare in advance for seasonal peaks
  • Learn how to stay GDPR compliant

Summary – How You Will Benefit?

Course Delivery

Growthlytics is always looking to help business grow cost effectively, because a healthy return on investment is our ultimate goal for your business. Our passionate and knowledgeable team of trainers will show you how to define a strategy that is applicable directly to your business and your industry.

This Lead Generation course is designed with you in mind, and you’ll emerge from it with a clear plan of action. We cover a range of topics that will help prioritise your next steps.

If you would like further in depth training for any of the subjects that we cover, we can book you in for those too.

Contact us now for more information, and book with confidence.


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Project 3

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leading companies we have worked with

“Growthlytics strength is in his knowledge and processes of digital tasks – there’s not a question you can ask them that they doesn’t know the answer to. Focused and driven by passion for the industry, they truly are Subject Matter Experts, from whom I’ve learned a lot. First, they gains depth of insight from business owners to determine “What does success look like for you?”, then they create a strategy that best supports the business goals bespoke to that business, to help accelerate growth.
They been in the industry for many years, and covered a wide variety of industries”

Matthew Fowell

MNA Digital (Midland News Association)




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