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Training course for PPC

In marketing, one of the most competitive branches is pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising. When entering the world of PPC is it vital you have industry appropriate top of the range training to stand a chance against competitors that have been in the game for 20+ years.

Finding a job in PPC

In order to find a role in PPC you will first need a basis of understanding on the main disciplines, in particular keyword research using Google Ads. Then, for a more senior role in PPC you would need to understand more on account budgeting and optimising different outlets.

Here at Growthlytics we make sure you are fully qualified in each of these skills after the training. The Google Ads training specifically will ensure you can create more targeted business ads in turn ensuring you receive the most traffic.


About Us

What are the benefits of PPC?

Arguably, PPC is the most modern and far reaching form of advertising. A campaign that is well designed and executed can help your business completely cut through any other noise in the industry and reach your target audience. This will ensure the maximum possible level of conversion in turn maximising your sales.

It goes without saying, but PPC is closely related to search engines as a whole. This means when any major changes take place online, PPC will be affected directly and at the forefront of these changes. Your ability to be adaptable is crucial and makes this discipline an exciting channel to be a part of.

PPC Process Overview


Determine What PPC Skills You Need To Improve To Increase Sale

Examples of PPC skills include understanding the effectiveness of ppc, structuring a ppc campaign that is successful, keyword match type understanding and their use, understanding negative keywords, minimising budget and click wastage, understanding landing pages and their importance, using landing pages to increase conversions, creative ad copy writing, ad copy writing for increased click through rate (ctr), keyword optimisation for targeted conversions, conversion analysis and tracking and campaign improvement from previous performance.


What Training Service Would You Prefer?

At Growthlytics we provide training in-house, online (30% off) or alternatively in your offices.


Let’s Get Started

Enroll onto your PPC training program here.


PPC Course

How our PPC course can help you

Overall this course will teach you a multiple of skills and techniques as well as giving you the basics of this discipline. These are the necessary skills you will learn during this training: PPC jargon, write ad copy, PPC result tracking and PPC strategy development.

Jargon & Copy

PPC jargon: this discipline is particularly heavy on terminology, therefore our experts will be able to help you understand the basics and explain anything that’s not clear.

Write ad copy: PPC can be a creative discipline particularly in terms of writing. This is often something that is overlooked… following this training you will be able to write PPC ad copy that is effective.

Tracking & Strategy

PPC result tracking: in order to understand the most and least effective aspects of your PPC campaign you must be able to report on this efficiently.

PPC strategy development: understanding a business’s objectives to the point where each target is being met, this grows your skills and makes you a valuable resource.

Our Google Adwords training can be held at your workplace!

PPC training with Growthlytics aims to demystify running successful campaigns in Adwords or Bing. We aim to provide you with a fundamental understanding of PPC which provides the basis of actionable knowledge, which can be applied to your current businesses PPC activity.

Throughout this PPC training with Growthlytics you will also be given insider knowledge to avoid common traps and pitfalls when setting up and subsequently managing a campaign.



Why is PPC effective?

PPC advertising campaigns, through Google Adwords, are one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring a targeted selection of potential customers to your website with a clear cost per click (CPC). Search engine optimisation (SEO) on the other hand is a much lengthier process.

PPC adverts also appear above any organic ranking through SEO in the search engine results page (SERPs). Therefore, these types of campaigns can give new visibility to your site when particularly effective. This highlights how PPC can be a powerful tool in marketing.

Growthlytics have managed literally millions of pounds worth of Google Ads on a monthly basis. This expert knowledge has also been spread across a multitude of sectors. This highlights how we can use realistic keywords and optimise the agreed budget to deliver results!

Your tailored PPC training course.

Each of our PPC training sessions run over an entire day from a central training hub in Crewe, Cheshire. Our training hub is in a convenient location based immediately next to the railway station. However, if this isn’t convenient for you, we can arrange to do training sessions for groups at your business premises.

We have put together a list of the main topics covered in our training course, however this is flexible around the needs of yourself or your group. We can tailor the topics to your current level of understanding. These topics include:

  • The effectiveness of PPC
  • Structuring a PPC campaign that is successful
  • Keyword match type understanding and their use
  • Understanding negative keywords
  • Minimising budget and click wastage
  • Understanding landing pages and their importance
  • Using landing pages to increase conversions
  • Creative ad copy writing
  • Ad copy writing for increased click through rate (CTR)
  • Keyword optimisation for targeted conversions
  • Conversion analysis and tracking
  • Campaign improvement from previous performance

SEO Training

Advanced PPC training course

This course is a more in depth review for those with more than some existing PPC knowledge. It is most suited to those looking to further increase their PPC knowledge. With actionable and insightful tips and tricks you can be sure to further develop your knowledge and implement strategic differences when back in the office.

PPC training course overview

This course works systematically to help develop and execute new strategies that will help you business see results through optimised PPC campaigns. Being such a pivotal media platform, Google AdWords is frequently updated as literally hundreds of changes are made every year. Unless you are in the AdWords interface each and every day it would be impossible to keep up with all of these changes!


PPC Course

The PPC course itself

The full and thorough agenda that is packed into a single day, consists of hands-on activities as well as talks. The experts will guide you through the set up of an AdWords Campaign, reviewing campaigns and help on implementing the range of skills taught in the course.

Before the course commences, you will be asked to complete a short survey so we can better understand your level of knowledge. This also provides you with the opportunity to ask initial questions and give us your insight as to what you think the training needs to be most focused on.

During the course of the day the following areas and topics will be covered and tailored towards your personal or business needs:

PPC strategy development

  • Measurable goals from business objectives
  • The differences between AdWords and Analytics data
  • Conversion path analysis using attribution
  • Bidding strategies
  • Competitor research
  • In-depth keyword research
  • The ins and outs of SEMrush
  • Action insights
  • Intelligence on Bind Ads
  • Best practices of landing pages
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Seasonal and regional difference in search

Structure, Setup and Optimisation of PPC campaigns

  • Understanding the structure most suited to you
  • Campaign targeting improvement strategies
  • Improving campaign performance through AdWords extensions
  • Tracking improving and reporting on Quality Scores
  • Report builder in AdWords

Reporting and advanced features

  • Dynamic search Ads
  • Countdown Ads
  • RLSA (Search remarketing strategies)
  • Matching customers
  • Look alike or ‘similar’ audiences
  • DFSA (Search Ads demographics)
  • Using Google’s data studio
  • Understanding all functionalities in Adwords
  • Understanding when to use each functionality in Adwords
  • Meeting goals with advanced campaigns
  • How advanced ad extensions enhance ads and how to implement them
  • Understanding Google Adwords remarketing
  • Implementing Google AdWords remarketing
  • Using Analytics to analyse your customer journey
  • Using Analytics to improve conversions

Why should your PPC training be tailored?

Anyone even with a minimal level of PPC knowledge will have noticed that there are hundreds of guides and tutorials available online which can be useful. However, these types of guides tend to leave out the crucial information needed to be a successful PPC expert – how to action their advice.

With PPC training at Growthlytics, you will be able to carry out an effective PPC campaign immediately following the session without wasting your budget! Training that is tailored to your level of knowledge and needs will ensure you gain insight into current campaign performance in addition to maximising your knowledge to apply this on future campaigns. These are only some of the benefits you will receive when opting for a PPC training course that is tailored to your with Growlytics. Get in touch for more.


PPC Training DAY

Keyword Research Deep Dive

mprove your SEO & PPC campaigns and beat your competitors. How to find and prioritise keywords by “intent” to build qualified traffic that results in more conversions.

Digital Marketing Mix

Digital marketing strategy: How to structure a plan? a solid plan that helps your business achieve specific digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels

Team Training Sessions that Work

Discover our training courses to support your company’s strategy.


leading companies we have worked with

I first encountered Steve & the team  whilst working for DFH/Moneynet where under his expert guidance, we achieved some phenomenal results in some highly competitive financial markets. Not only did I find him to be incredibly driven to achieve, I found his passion for SEO to be incredibly infectious making working with the team an absolute pleasure. I would consider them to be on the very cutting edge of SEO marketing in the UK as both his expert knowledge on the subject as well as their unbelievable results have shown.

James Sinclair

Wealth Manager Professional Financial Advice



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