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Wellbeing at work

Positive wellbeing in the workplace is vital to overall well being. Often people spend a large proportion of their day at work, so it is crucial that staff are happy at work whether this be at an office or different environment. There are several contributing factors that can contribute to wellbeing in a workplace including; workload, relationships between colleagues and management style. Developing a positive company culture where wellbeing is prioritised can help organisations make progress, retain staff and perform better. 

At Growthlytics, wellbeing is a core focus within the office. We pride ourselves on ensuring our employees are happy in the office and supported. 

So, you want to know more about us? Growthlytics is a complete service marketing agency focusing on maximising clients ROI and reaching their goals. Here at Growthlytics, we utilise a strong ethos within the company that is made up of five core principles. These principles lead us through all of our work and everything that we do. Following such core values ensures our work is of a high standard and your business has the best possible digital journey. Our core values are;


CollaborationWe offer very high quality services throughout the entire digital platform and follow the Growthlytics ethos. This can range from just one page on a website to a entire agency service, ensuring all of the work we complete is to a high standard and dedicated to business growth online. 


At Growthlytics we are honest and transparent and this is reflected in all of our work that we complete. This applies to each individual project and successes, as well as providing clarity if something goes wrong. We will communicate efficiently and promptly if there are any complications, as sometimes things are not as easy as they may originally seem.  


We understand that people live busy lives, both professionally and personally. Hence why at Growthlytics we offer flexibility with deadlines and meetings to fit around your brands schedule. 


Growthlytics promote sustainability and longevity across all of the work we complete. This applies to the online visibility of your brand, as well as building and supporting authority within your business industry. 


Sometimes the meaning of the word value can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Growthlytics aim to add value along every step of your brand’s journey. With us your brand will receive a digital marketing package at a high standard with an efficient and friendly service. Our employees also pride themselves on sustainability, flexibility, integrity and quality whilst ensuring a rate which is fair.   

The Growthlytics atmosphere places an emphasis on developing employees both professionally and personally. We offer career progression, training opportunities and experience within a vast range of sectors. 

What benefits do we offer?

  • Holiday accruement
  • Regular team and social events
  • Friendly and relaxed working environment
  • Pension schemes


Workplace culture is considered the personality and character within your organisation. This consists of your organisation’s beliefs, traditions, values and leadership, as well as the attitudes and beliefs of the employees. A positive culture in the workplace is crucial to delivering high quality support and care. Here at Growthlytics, our workplace culture is important to us. Our culture consists of teamwork, trust, friendliness and goal orientation. 

We provide a friendly and comfortable environment for our employees. The office is colour co-ordinated to fit in with our branding and personality. Each desk space is in a different colour with their own colour coordinated notepad, pens, mug, cutlery and chair. This helps keep our branding seamless as well as ensuring the office is covid safe. By everyone having their own coloured property there is less risk of employees mixing up and sharing equipment thus, lessening the chances of people passing on covid. We also attempt to reduce the chances of this happening by ensuring all desks are around two meters away from each. We also check the temperature of employees everyday and make a note of this. In addition, at Growthlytics we provide free sweets, snacks and refreshments, this fits in with our brand personality and uniqueness.

Culture is so important as part of any business strategy as it helps to strengthen objectives. Positive culture is beneficial because it impacts satisfaction and happiness, attracts talent, drives retention and engagement and affects performance. 

Office dog

Another big part of our culture and wellbeing in the workplace comes in the form of an office dog named Cooper. Stress at work is inevitable however, studies highlight that dogs can reduce stress and boost job satisfaction. They also help to boost mood and morale, when a dog excitedly comes up to you during the work day it can instantly uplift you making you feel happier.

In addition, workplaces which are dog friendly help to boost productivity, as taking a short break to stroke a dog can make employees feel more rejuvenated when they get back to work. Furthermore, office dogs help to improve communication within a workplace and can encourage team building which also leads to productivity. There are so many other benefits of having an office dog this includes;

  • Office dogs help to encourage a healthier lifestyle at work: Dogs need to be walked and taken outside regularly, this also helps to energise employees.
  • Improves employee retention: due to having a less stressed office, employees will not be absent as often and elevate satisfaction within the job.
  • A more attractive workplace to potential employees: having an office dog is a huge incentive along with happier employees.
  • Sociable dogs: the dogs will not be left at home making them sociable animals. The owners will also not have to pay out for expensive dog sitters.
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